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since I was 15 I love going on online chat rooms and sexting random older men. Though I have a boyfriend now I love very much I still very much enjoy sexting with other people on the weekends. This one time about four months ago it got pretty crazy though. I was going on my favorite chatroom, already naked and super wet, and started talking to this one guy. He was 57, and I was 16. It was getting pretty hot pretty fast and soon we decided to start video chatting. My favorite thing to do when sexting is just to be told what to do, and by the time i’m super horny, i will do anything anyone asks. after a minute he had me get my belt and I was choking myself with it while smacking my pussy. I was making me so freaking wet, to choke myself till my vision started to get black. and then let go and start over again. I could see he was getting crazy hard and leaking pre cum. He was telling me what a slut I was and how I was his little cum whore, and I was dying i was so horny. then he started telling me to push four fingers into my pussy, which is more then I had ever done at that point. he was getting me to stretch my pussy, and i loved it. once I was fucking my four fingers he had me add my thumb. i was squirting over and over, my entire body shaking, and after about 45 minutes of this got my entire hand into myself. I couldn’t even move, and he was yelling at my calling me a dumb bitch, and useless cum whore. I could barely breathe. I didn’t even move my hand for 20 minutes, my pussy stretched so wide. soon he was yelling telling me to fuck my fist and I did. i started thrusting my fist in and out of me, cumming and squirting every time my fist entered back in. we videoed for 2 hours, both of us cumming over and over, I was completely pushed beyond my limits. by the end i couldn’t move, and he eventually left. And I was left lying in my bed, covered in my own cum. a few days after my bf started talking about having sex with him, and I got scared of stretching my self out to much for him, and I haven’t been fisted since. I still think about it all the time, how amazing it felt, though I love sex, especially with my bf, I have never felt anything like being fisted since.

This was a little bit of a shorter story from my life then last time but hopefully ill write more soon. writing about my past experiences online for whatever reason gets me so freaking horny lol.

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    Boring asf

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      Looking for a good listener of true erotic stories of my ex and me

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    If you still like to chat I’ve got a few message that you might enjoy not stretching or choking or humiliation definitely more exciting than any of those you or anybody else interested in chatting hit me up

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      Leave email

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      Yeah let’s have a chat 😉

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    Just now read. Very interesting. Fisting is a lot of fun. But if the bf not into it. And you want to keep him. You’ll have to hold off on feeling all the pleasure. Till he’s gone. But if you like chatting about it to get off. I’m game. Send me your wicker me and ill hit u

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    • Sdddf ID:1ed4x5t16p9y

      Girl there

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    Cool story.

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    Can we be friends? What’s ur fb even dummy account

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    So freaking make me hot

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    Do you shave your nether region ?

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      Yes I shave my cock and ass

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    What type of panties do you wear and what is your size?

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    How old are you now and what is your bra size

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      hey, im 17 now, and b cup

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      Hi there

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    I’d love to see you chocking on something, but not a belt, rope, etc. I’d love to chat and tell you what I have in mind. And must say just thinking about it has me rock hard. [email protected]

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    Hello of a texter. One day perhaps I will text you and see how freaky we can go in our freakyness.

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    How old are you now? Do you chatting still somewhere?

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    I kinda wanna do this too cx my name on here is my Kik.. 13 f..

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      Added u babe

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      You are on kik? Tell your user name Please

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    You got me so hard whit your stories can we maybe talk and do sexting?

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      I can

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    Hmmm! It sounds like i need to go to your chat rooms! Altho i wouldnt have ever even thought about asking a sweet young thang to do that- but i damn sure woulda watched! You are very interesting lady and i will be waiting to hear more, right now im slowly cutting my way out of this box of a life im in. Its old school box with rivets- not tape- but your story has my rudder hung up in the fold! Im waiting to here alot more when u have the time dear! Oh, and lets just say im over 60….

    • hi ID:21c6ts6rv2

      mmm I love chatting & playing with older & wiser gentlemen!

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