I cheated on my husband

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When I was 23 my parents married to a business man and we were leading a happy family I love trucking a lot because of my marriage I lost my freedom and 1year complete I was bored in home and I hardly had 10 to 15 times sex past from 1 year I was not satisfied with him he was busy always in his work I was a lonly housewife expect my husband I never had sex with anyone when my husband said he want to other countries on his business meeting for 1 month I asked him I will also join him but he said no so I asked him shall I go for a trucking and he agreed to that and I asked my friend will u join but they did not join me because of they were busy so I went to the trucking office and with a group of 2 couples and I and a guide we went to trucking and when we climbed half we were lost in the mountain forest and I single was searching for them but I could not find them so I continue to move on after 2 hours I met a stranger who was also lost his group and I was happy because I got a human so we start to speak where r we from and alll then we continue traveling he was not married but he said that he is going to get married next month and he asked me I told I am married it’s been 1 year I got married and we continue trucking and we reached the top and it’s was nearly 6 clock and my plan was to stay till morning and then I can go to Home and his plan was also Same and so we planned over tent because of wind both the tent ⛺ flew away we were tent less so let it be and we put an fire camp and had over food and I wanted to change my dress so I went and changed my dress and slept and I want to pee badly I woke up and went near fire camp and started peeing and he was seeing me I ignored it … And after that I asked for tissue he came and gave me and he started to fingering my pussy and ass I was surprised and I was not able to control that feeling and it’s been so many days I had no sex so I thought it’s hard time to enjoy so I stood up and remove my dress and his pant and started sucking his cock and 69 position we nearly had 2 hr sex and without nowing he cum me in my pussy and we have a great time it was my first time in my life I cheated on my husband and at the morning he forced me again so again we had the sex and again he cum me in my pussy after that we went to over places and after some months I was pregnant because of the starnger I informed my husband I am pregnant he was happy because he thought it was his baby but it was a stranger baby and I gave birth to baby boy and after that I enjoyed each and every day with different people in trucking and fuck book site people it’s been 2 year I got married and 1 year of stranger and my son birth till today I nearly got fucked by more than 50 different people…… I thank all stranger who helped me to get satisfaction….,……………..and now also I am cheating my husband When my son become 10 year old I get fucked from him also ….

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    Jesus learn to use punctuation