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My clueless sister-in-law Donna

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Donna attends another company meeting out of town with me again.

Three weeks have gone by since I last had sex with my 14-year-old niece, Paula. My wife, Kath has been on the road off and on because of work. My job has taken me away also, so our sex life together has suffered. I am on the way to pick up Donna, Kath’s sister, for our company meeting out of town. I have preregistered us at my favorite motel where the two of us stay. Donna is so clueless, she believes me when I tell her that there are so few rooms available, that we have to take what we get. Just like all the times before we share one with only one king size bed. It has surprised me that she has not gotten wise to it. She has not told anyone that she shares a room with me except her girls and sister. But no one knows that the room has only one bed and that we have slept together in it.
It was a little awkward talking with Paula at their house before leaving. Donna seemed to sense the tension between her daughter and myself. It was a long ride to the motel, so I worked at changing the subject getting her off track on something else. When we got there, I checked in and we took our suitcases to our room. We both freshened up and made it to our first meetings. After lunch and more meetings, we finally got back to our room to change for a late dinner and cocktails.
Donna looked amazing in this dark blue wrap around silky dress. It tied in the front around her slender waist with a plunging neckline that exposed the fact she wasn’t wearing a bra. My sister-in-law was quite the sexual creature. Just like always I had to I had to fend off the other guys that were there. To many tried to take her back to their rooms. Donna got drunk towards the nights end and I managed to slip her the Ambien before heading to the motel. Once there I had to help Donna to our room as she stumbled swaying back and forth walking to the room. I dumped her on the bed as she babbled on senselessly. I undid the bow to her dress and pulled it open. Donna had no bra and bikini’s on, she had removed all her pubic hair from her cunt. I instantly got hard and got out of my clothes then removed Donna’s dress. I crawled up and dragged her toward the middle of the bed pushing both her thighs wide apart. She started to shake and squeal as I began to suck and lick her hot pussy. No, no, no, sputtered from her opened mouth while she tried closing her legs. Her huge clit became hard and erect as I sucked and sucked on it. I slipped my fingers into her hot wet vagina and worked them in and out until my sister-in-law started coming. Oh, fuck no, she cried as hot fluids sprayed out of her cunt. I grabbed under her legs and lifted them up towards her crest. My cock found her wet entrance and I pushed in. Donna let out a loud cry as she felt her opening stretch and my thick large head pop into her. Oh god, oh god, Donna cried out as I thrusted hard. A good two inches of my cock stretch her tight vagina open. Again, I thrusted hard sinking another two inches. Donna was twisting and turning as she felt the pressure inside her painfully expand. I began kissing her mouth while I pulled back and thrusted again. Donna struggled in my grip and soon lost as I felt her kiss back.
I began to fuck her harder and soon felt my head hitting her hard cervix. Fuck, fuck, fuck, Donna cried as I went in and out of her. I grabbed a hold of both her ankles stretching her long legs above her head lifting her ass slightly off the sheet. I then bore down like I was drilling for oil until Donna was taking all of my 8 plus inches inside her. I fucked and fucked her with my full balls slapping her wet ass cheeks as I went. Donna was breathing hard and moaning as my sperm started to spray deep into her womb. I kept up fucking her until I had come two more times, then collapsed down on top of her unconscious body. I fucked Donna’s lifeless body two more times that night. I fell asleep with her naked body cuddled tight to me.
As morning came Donna began to stir. She sat up holding her head and looked confused as she looked around the room. She slid of the bed and could barely walk to the bathroom. I soon heard the shower start so got up and straightened our room then slipped on my boxes. Donna was in the shower for quite a long time. She came out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around herself. She looked at me with this confused look and apologized for taking so long in the shower. I said that was ok and then went in and took one two. That gave Donna enough time to get dressed. When I finished, I to came out with a towel wrapped around me. Then Donna went by me towards the bathroom, she scooted by brushing up against me causing my towel to drop to the floor. Donna’s face became beet red as she stared at my huge cock dangling in front of me. Slowly it started to get hard, she could not take her eyes off of it. Sorry, sorry, Donna squealed and took off into the bathroom. I finished get dressed then we went to breakfast before our meetings today. Donna was quiet with not much to say, her mind was elsewhere. After all the meeting today the two of us went back to the motel. I talked Donna into going down to the pool for a swim. She had wanted to start back home but I convinced her that a swim would unwind us both. Donna put on her bikini and I my trunks then we wandered down to the pool. She looked great in that suit, me staring at her made her self-conscious and she became embarrassed as she felt my eyes undressing her.
After horsing around at the pool, Donna relaxed, we went back to our room then to dress for dinner. I had talked her into staying over tonight because of having this room paid for. We would then be all rested up in the morning for the long ride home. I wanted one my night alone with my sexy sister-in-law and was not going to be denied. At diner I got Donna to relax more with a few drinks. She was concerned with our sharing a bed at our company meetings. She did not like hiding this fact from her sister and was afraid that she could find out. Though the thought of not being here with me was confusing to her. I had wine for us back at the motel, so we left for our room. Once there I opened the wine and filled our glasses. As it became later and after I had drugged her last glass with the Ambien, Donna went in the bathroom to change for bed. When she came out, she had on a short knee length satin night shirt. I could see through the thin material that she was naked under. I was already in bed under the covers, Donna shyly slipped under the sheets at the side. She finished her wine and tried to bring up a conversation to breakup this awkwardness she was feeling. She had no idea that I was naked until I moved next to her wrapping my arm around her shoulders. Donna was starting to feel the effects of wine and drug, her conscious guard was down letting me to move in on her. I pulled her tight against my side, her bare thigh moved up and rested on my leg. Donna’s breathing had quickened as she felt my cock begin to erect. No Kent, we can’t do this, you can’t do this please, Donna moaned. My sisters-in-law’s head was spinning out of control as I pulled her mouth to mine. Donna kissed back as I pulled her on top so that her thighs straddled me. She felt my hard cock press against her tummy, she moved up until her wet cunt rested against my cock’s huge head. The drug was doing its job, all her defenses were down, all she could think of was my huge cock. I felt the head of my cock start to sink into her hot wet vagina. I thrusted and Donna cunt became embedded with half my length. She had lost control of her body as I started to fuck her hard and fast. Donna moaned and cried senselessly as my cock hammered her hard cervix. Soon a hot load of my sperm gushed way up into her womb, as I kept fucking her it would drain out. I came in her two more times before exhausting myself.
My sister-in-law was totally passed out now, so I got her gown off rolled her over on the stomach and mounted her. With a pillow under her stomach, I fucked her in her cunt and then her tight ass for the next few hours. Then I rolled her back over then with her long slender legs resting on my shoulders buried all over 8 inches of my cock deep into her raw vagina. I came so many times that my balls hurt from overuse. I slipped Donna’s nightshirt back on then I slipped on my boxers and fell to sleep until morning. Donna woke confused then looked around. her hands felt me next to her and she sat straight up again. I don’t think she knew where she was or who was in bed next to her. She tried to get up but then rubbing her head she dropped back down to the pillow. I could hear the soft moans coming from her. She turned to me, I felt her hand touch my chest then arm and stomach. She slowly went down feeling the waist band of my boxers she stopped. Then moved lower resting her hand on my crotch. I started to get hard and as it grew, she quickly moved her hand away. She slowly sat up then collapsed back down laying there quiet. Soon I felt her hand on my stomach then it slowly slid under my waist band until I felt her small hand around my cock. My cock became totally erect as she exploded its feel and size. I wondered how far my sister-in-law was going to go. As my cock throbbed in her hand, I rolled over catching her off guard and was between her legs very quickly. Donna started to speak but I kissed her hungerly, my cock was pressing against the thin fabrics that kept me from her cunt. Donna struggled until she managed to break it off. She apologized and begged me to believe her in this drunken confused state. She did not know what she was doing and that things started to get out of control. I rolled off of Donna and let her get to the bathroom. She took a long shower and then came out dressed.
It was a quiet and long drive to Donna’s house. I could see that she had a lot on her mine. The lack of a male companion and sex has been wearing hard on my wife’s sister. I wondered how many times she could take being alone with me before she would give in and fuck me. I am not sure how I would handle that. I so much enjoy just having her clueless and to be able to do whatever I wanted to her unconscious body. When we got to her house, I dropped her off and said hello to both girls. Paula had got me alone and pushed for a time when she could visit. She could have Megan drive her up since Megan now had her license. I told her that we had to be careful and wait for a perfect time.
I headed back home and worried about how complicated my life was becoming. I did not want to hurt my wife, but I was addicted to having sex with as many partners as I could get. From the time I was a teenager I could not get my sexual fill, first my cousin then all her friends and any girl that I could get in high school. Then college change everything to where things are now. So when I get home Kath well asked me how things are, and then we well fuck like rabbits till she is on the road again….

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