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Amy Tale/s – Ken’s Sister

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I start licking and going down on Kat’s pussy, and I can tell this girl also has some hygiene problems with her ass too, so, no 69 for Kat.

Clair and I were lounging in the bed on a Saturday morning after going out with Ken and Greg last night. The boys were gone this morning on one of their sport outings, and I was watching the TV while Clair played candy crush or other games on her phone. We were naked, and I was rubbing Clair with my toes, and Clair was turned the other way and rubbing me with her toes with our legs interlocked.

Sometimes, we would just stretch our leg out on the other person, and they would rub your foot. I was sitting against the headboard and Clair had her head on a couple of pillows. We were just lightly caressing with our toes or rubbing each other and chilling. We were not trying to get aroused, we just enjoyed touching and rubbing each other’s naked body. Clair is probably the most understanding person for me to lean on in all my relationships, because we are about the same age.

All of the sudden I hear, “What the fuck is this?” I look, and Katrina (Ken’s sister) is standing in the bedroom door looking at us naked and rubbing our feet on each other. Clair looks, I look, but we don’t move an inch or stop what we are doing. I say, who doesn’t have a key to this apartment? And I say, hey Kat. Their parents were stuck on “K” when naming their two kids. They named them Kenneth and Katrina, and most of their family or friends call them Ken and Kat. I met Kat the first time I went out with Ken to a corporate party (see Amy Tale/s – Sugar Daddy Pt. 1), and I have interacted with her several times at functions involving their family. This is not Kat’s first time coming here for something, but it is the first time Ken was not here, and I did not know Kat had a key. Kat has always been sort of snobby toward me, probably thinking I am a gold digger (fuck, maybe I am).

Kat says, it’s Katrina! I say, okay Katrina, Kenneth is not here (I was sarcastically speaking)! She says, well, when will he be back, he is not answering his phone? I say, maybe Kenneth doesn’t want to talk to you, and why do you need him? She says, Ken always answers for me, and it’s none of your business what I need. Now Katrina moved from the doorway and was standing next to the bed with her arms crossed. She was looking at us intently, and she never said, why don’t you two get dressed, she just looked at us. I said, well, what if Kenneth thought it was none of my business to tell me when he would be back? Katrina huffs, and sits on the bed, and she says, I will just wait if you don’t know when he will be back.

Me and Clair sort of look at each other like, what is this chick’s deal, is she some sort of voyeur? So, I decided to fuck with her, and I say to Katrina, what do you need, is it time for your annual brother sister fuck? Katrina has this weird look and immediately crosses her arms to her chest again, like I hit the nail on the head. She says, no, gross, I need him to help me move the boat…there (but she said it real fast). It was too late, I was looking at Clair and she was looking at me, and we knew there was something fishy about her reaction.

I remembered how I introduced Greg to Clair, because he needed a date [see Amy Tale/s – Sugar Daddy Pt. 2 (Double Date) for details]. The reason they needed a date to Ken’s dad’s birthday party for Greg, was because Ken’s dad thought Ken and Greg were butt buddies after Ken’s mom walked in on Greg fucking a girl, and Ken fucking Greg in the ass when they were in high school. After thinking about Katrina having her own key to the apartment, and seeing her reaction, I thought I would take a shot in the dark. I said to Katrina, well, maybe Kenneth can bring Gregory, and they can both fuck you again?

Katrina stood up, put her hands on her hips, and she said, I can’t believe Ken told you about this! Me and Clair started laughing because we were actually shocked that Katrina just flat out confessed it. I mean, I was just gambling. Katrina said “this” and not “that,” which meant to me this has been ongoing even after they got caught by Ken’s mom. Katrina is married to a guy who is about 12 years older than her (she is 31). He is balding, fat, boring, and he works a district for the corporation Ken, Ken’s dad, and with the department store, I work for too. I am thinking, Katrina has probably been getting fucked maybe 3 or 4 times a year by Ken and Greg on the regular. I know now that she knows they are butt buddies, and they love doing kinky shit together, so this makes sense to me.

I said, well Kat, how long has it been this time since your last threesome with the boys, you must be horny? Kat is glaring at me, and me and Clair are laughing, and she just keeps her hands on her hips and says, why would he tell you (but she no longer tells me to call her Katrina)? I try my best to stop laughing, but it is hard because Clair will make me start again if she does. I turn and ease over to where Kat is standing beside the bed, and I lie back on my elbows, and she can see my nakedness better. My trim hairy pussy, soft supple tits, and I reach up with one leg and use my toes to rub one of her fucking “F” cups through her shirt and bra. I say, well, maybe Ken thought I could help you.

Kat does not know what to say or do, no doubt Ken and Greg is the only strange she has known. I watch her stand there thunderstruck for about two minutes as I rub her melons with my foot, and she stares at my trim hairy pussy and tits. I say, my leg is getting tired, can you hold my foot? Kat takes hold of my foot while I continue to rub her boobs through her clothes. I look back at Clair, and Clair knows it is game on again. I say, why don’t you get undressed Kat, and lay on the bed with us? Clair says, yes kitty Kat, we will pet you real good. Kat gets undressed. I am just going to describe Kat now.

Kat probably weighs about 150 to 160 lbs. I would say fat, but no rolls, more like plus sized girl. She is about 5’ 7” or 8” tall, black straight hair just below her shoulders. She has a subtle attractiveness. Kat’s breasts are maybe in the 38” range and “E” or “F” cups. They are big ass titties with stretched out areola and distinctive nipples that are pinkish red. Kat probably has a 30” waist, in fact, she probably has the “O” mama measurements of 40-30-40. She has hair on her pussy that is black and not thick, and she shaves the lower part. Kat actually looks kind of hot with her plus figure, and her pussy looks good too.

Clair and I get Kat on her back naked in the bed. We take turns French kissing her and she is shaking with excitement. This is no doubt her first lesbian experience, and she has probably only slept with Ken, Greg, her husband, and maybe one or two other guys (in high school) her whole life. We work down to those jugs of hers and one boob is a plenty for each of us. I move down in between Kat’s legs and start kissing her big thighs. I work close to her pussy and I can tell that Kat must have pissed 10 times today already. Clair is on the side of Kat next to the nightstand, and I say, hand me the pina colada (which is a lube). I squirt some on Kat’s pussy and rub it around and towel her off.

I start licking and going down on Kat’s pussy, and I can tell this girl also has some hygiene problems with her ass too, so, no 69 for Kat. Clair decides to gamble and straddles Kat’s face with her pussy, and I watch as Kat rubs it. Kat makes some curious kisses on Clair’s thighs and pussy; and Clair starts fingering herself, and eventually she coaxes Kat into giving her pussy a taste. I muff dive on into Kat’s pussy after flavoring it up with the pina colada lube. After the amateur show, I have Kat vibrating out of her mind in an orgasm in about 5 minutes. Clair completes her finger bang on top of Kat’s face, and we sit her up.

Kat is high, she loved it. I take Kat’s hand and Clair follows, and we go to the shower as I grab both kinds of douches. Some girls may pass on the deep wash of their orifices, and guys don’t mind. Hell, even first-time lesbians like Tiffany and Sherry learned from us washing them, and them watching us wash to know how to be clean. I wash Kat, even her asshole, and douche her pussy, and her asshole, even though she does not want me to stick it in her ass. Clair and I show her how to clean herself with washes, which is probably where we should have started anyway. If Kat looks around the bathroom, she will find more than just toilet paper, such as wet wipes, creams, lubes, douches, washes, etc. So, I hope this lesson of how to clean your pussy and ass will stick.

We get out and I have enough hair dryers, and we take Kat back to bed, and now she is ready for a rocking experience from me and Clair. When she gets off this time, she realizes how much better it was than the last time. Kat is now hooked on pussy too after going down on me, but she needs a lot of practice. After we go a bit more, we wore big Kat out, and she is now laying naked with us on the bed. I am watching TV again and rubbing Clair and she is playing her phone games again rubbing me, and Kat is rubbing both of us.

Ken and Greg come home, and Ken finds his sister naked beside me in the bed and fucking flips. I say, what’s wrong honey, you and Greg have slept with her too? It turns into a he said, she said, and I watch Ken and Kat (and Greg) argue while me and Clair laugh at them. When Kat figures out that me and Clair discovered her incest secret though conjecture, she hates herself for being gullible, but soon forgets it because of her first lesbian experience. It turns out that Ken and Greg continued to fuck Kat through the years, and I will decide if any of the occasions I saw, are tale worthy for another time.

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