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My sister has a members only account

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My sister has a members only account, not knowing what it is, at night i sneak to her room and investigates and finds her sleeping.

While the whole world was in the state of lockdown, everything was affected. Before we knew it we were poor. Our father lost his job, my mother couldn’t work anymore. Before we knew it all of us were sitting together thinking about how we were going to pay the bills this month and what would we do after that.
We really had no money, then something really happened. My elder sister got up and said that she have enough money to pay every bill and a lot of other things. No one knew what was happening, then she explained to everyone what a members only account is. While i still didn’t knew what was happening, my father and mother were furious. My mother told me to go to my room and my sister was arguing with my parents.
It was at night when everything got quiet. Last i heard my father said “go do whatever you want to do” and after that nothing.
When it felt right, i went outside and tried to know what was happening, but there was no one in the house. My father and mother had locked their room.
I didn’t liked my sister and doesn’t even talked to her much but i had to check up on her.
I went to her room and tried to find her. There was no one except her crying. I wanted to see what was happening, i knew that she would kick me out as soon as she would know that i was in her room, so i hide myself under her bed.
Waiting to see what i would find, i got really bored. I realised that i don’t have my phone and i can’t do anything here.
As i decided to go out of her room, i saw her coming out of the bathroom. She wasn’t wearing anything.
While we were kids, we had seen each other naked, she more than me. I had also seen her naked a lot but it all dissapered when she grew up. Now as she was 18 and i was 15, i was seeing her without clother after a lot of time.
I never felt attracted to her ever in my life but this time was an exception. Her boobs were looking exceptional. While she was little, they were flat like mine but now i can really see the curves and the nipples.
While on conputer i had searched it in the past but now looking at her pink nipples, i recieved the biggest boner of my life.
She checked herself out in the mirror and then took some photos too. Then she got on the bed, and i lost vision. After 3 hours i was still under her bed, having fun while thinking back at the image of my naked sister.
Making sure that she was sleeping i got out and began to get out of her room. Risking another glimpse, i turned again and saw her again. This time she was under the sheets. With her mobile still in her hand, she was in her full sleep. Making sure that she wouldn’t wake up, i took off her sheets and saw her again.
She was still naked. I ran my hands through her body.
Pinching at her nipples and touching boobs first time in my life i decided to spread her legs.
While i was always facinated and shocked by pussies, i was even more amazed by looking at them. It had hair on it, running my hands through it, made my boner harder than ever.
At last i removed my clothes and i was stroking my cock and finguring her pussy. Everything i was doing to her body was to see if she would wake up or not. Then finally i got on the bed and put my cock on her pussy.
What i was about to do was really dangerous, if she were to woke up, there would be a lot of problems for me, but my mind wasn’t working then. All i wanted to do was to put my dick in her and have sex with my sleeping sister.
Her pussy hadn’t gotten wet, it was not possible for me to fuck her. I removed my hand from my dick. Spreading her legs and taking a better look at her pussy, i tried to eat her pussy. In porn films, it is a highly underrated concept, but in real life it is a real game changer. As i kept sucking on her clit and rubbing her pussy, she was getting turned on in her sleep.
What she was feeling was visible to me, it got to that point where i feared that she will woke up. I was having too much fun but it was time to take a step back and put my dick forward. Sliding my dick in her, made me feel something which was enough to go to bed, but i wanted to go for more. All the heat from her pussy, and the tightness was making me feel like something i an’t even describe.
As i kept fucking her, she was also having a good time in her sleep. He moans were turning me on and her body was also responding to me fucking her. I still feared that she might woke up soon. Fucking her i also lost my mind, and cummed in her.
Me cumming in someone was the best thing to experience, but that cum was in my sister and that scared me.
She could get pregnent from it, i had no other option than to take it out. Finally i put my mouth on her pussy and started sucking on it. It was the best thing to happen to me but she was enjoying it more than me. After sucking on her pussy for 5 minutes i was sure that no damage is done.
Before going back i decided to cover her so when she would woke up, it would be normal for me. Covering her i made a mistake and touched her a little more than i should.
Waking up she had no idea what was happening. It was still dark so it gave me enough time to hide again under the bed. Not knowing what was happening, i was scared. She might have toughed her pussy. I heard her saying “what the fuck”. I was scared beyond anything under her bed. I though that she would cream and call mom and dad, but that didn’t happen. “I might be masturbating in my sleep again”, she told her self.
After that she started masturbating again. I couldn’t see what was happening, i could only hearher moans which were really good. As she was masturbating, it made me do it too. Then as she was done she finally spelt again, and it gave me an opening to get out of her room and go back to mine.
I had the best sleep that day.

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