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Yuri’s Sexual Diaries Pt 5 Chapter 4, Slowly Changing from Sexual Desires

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Gaping your pussy is like training, it takes a lot of work and a lot of time. In the end it would be worth it and that was the case for Yuri.

February 27, 2019

Dear Diary,
No changes on my virgin pussy yet but I am still having the time of my life with big objects. Today I’ve masturbated seven times today with big objects. One in the morning shower with the shampoo bottle, three during my time at my job with my soft ball and some lotion *mostly did this on my lunch break*, one while jogging in the forest while naked with stones inside me, one in my room while using the vacuum tube, and finally the one that I am doing right now before going to bed.
With you I enjoy doing this and it reminds me of how horny I am. If you were a person Diary I would love to give my virginity to you. Sadly you’re not alive and I just have to still keep doing this by myself. I am still happy to have you though.

February 28, 2019

Dear Diary,
Same thing as yesterday. No changes, seven times today with the same objects and places, and still horny for more. I did look on the internet today to find out more about gaping. It is a process that requires times and is depended on how stretchy someone can be. Apparently I’m very elastic even though I’ve masturbated and fisted my virgin pussy many times a day over periods of hours. It is still possible for me, I just have to keep trying.

March 7, 2019

Dear Diary,
Finally had some changes happened. My virgin pussy became even more sensitive to anything that touches its insides. Not only that but I can also put my fists in with ease. I need to switch with that shampoo bottle now but I am still gonna fist myself.
My pussy still looks tight as my virgin reflection but it feels a bit looser then it did before March. I felt like I am accomplishing something in my life and I also feel like I am staying true to saving myself for a person I like. To me you would be that person if you were alive. I felt happy; very happy to do this.
In other good news I’ve gotten a raise at my job today on how well I improve over the last month. My boss was happy with the progress I made when completing evey task I was given before it reached the evening. I think do to this masturbation I think it is giving me more of a leveled head and a relief to my stress.
After I got home I wanted to see how much a bad dragon cost form their own website. I went online and looked at what they offered and man, there were so many sizes. I’ve bought a green dildo that had a purple and blue tint and it was 11 inches long and 2.5 inches thick. And when I mean thick, I mean THICC! I hope to have it soon, this would be a lot of fun.
I do need to state something. When I looked for for Bad Dragon I found this group that called themselves furries. What are furries exactly and what are they like. I heard that term before many times from my friends and the memes on the internet but i don’t really know what they are. Maybe I’ll look during my spare time, if I remember.

March 8, 2019

Dear Diary,
Found out what a furry was and my god, are they as perverted as me. In the beginning of this they looked very wholesome with being kind, and when I looked more into it there were sexualized version of it.
Big furries, thicc furries, animalistic furries, fluffy furries, and so much more. And the word yiff turns out to be furry sex. Never thought I would have that word in my life and I can see why they would want Bad Dragon dildos and toys. Then I gotten curious as I remember Bad Dragons. When I type on Female Furries with Gaping Pussies in the search bar, I found many fan art of furries and their gaping pussies.
I don’t know why but this made me so horny. So much so that I started to fist my virgin pussy to this. Their big cocks in their stretched out cunts, there desires on there faces. I’ve couldn’t get enough of this. Soon I’ve came from the last pic that was shown. It was a cat girl with a blue glowing gaping pussy and it looked liked me. I think this new discovery of mine I would like to look into more.

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    Are you going to be a furry now. I hope so.

    • The Pussy Gaper ID:fx7itbv9a

      I like how you enjoy Yuri’s life story of her gaping pussy. If you want toe read more about her then we have more of her diary to tell from chapter 1 to now. And if you want to make a request for a furry story that I can do that to. – The Pussy Gaper

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    You got my interest love. Keep fisting. One day I hope I can have you riding my lips.

    • The Pussy Gaper ID:fx7itbv9a

      I’m happy that you want my gaping virgin pussy but I am not ready to give myself away yet. If you make a requested though I would love to stretch my pussy with the item you chose for me. – Yuri

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    Hey guys, I forgot to leave my message in this for anyone who is interested. So apparently no one has left any comics during the past few entries and I just want to say please leave a comment. Ask about Yuri, ask about the fetish, tell about how you feel. There are no bad comments. I want to hear what all of you have to say.