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Two Women on the go

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I started College in 2017 and I saw a girl my age that would change my life, I’m Ethan and I’m 16 years old and in September 2017 I met Amber who was the same age as me and we started dating.

Two weeks later, we went to her place where it was home alone and headed to her room where she gave me a blowjob and we took our clothes off, i played with her boobs which was amazing and we had sex, I told her “I will make you sexy and horny” and she said “Cum inside me” which I said “I will do it for you”.

For most of it, I played with Amber’s boobs because they were really soft and I wanted to make her as horny as possible, she asked “when are you going to cum”, I said “soon”.

Then I went “ugh, ughh, ughhhh, I’m cumming inside you and it feels so good” and Amber enjoyed it, we had sex three more times with me giving her a creampie every time.

I stayed the night and showered the following morning but Amber’s 14 year old sister Zoe walked in on me showering and she walked in on me naked. Since it was just me and Zoe, she asked “can I have sex with you” and I said “Yeah”.

We went to Zoe’s bed and gave me a blowjob but I came on her prematurely so she had to her clothes off which I saw her body which was amazing. I could not hold my load and I came inside her pussy in 5 minutes which felt amazing and I came inside her three more times that day.

For the next three months, I had sex with Amber mostly but I knew Zoe wanted to have sex with me so I stayed there at Christmas and I had sex with both girls during Christmas which neither girl knew about the other.

In January, both Zoe and Amber discovered they were both pregnant and life has been lovely ever since having sex with both girls.

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  • Reply lol ID:2wzbanou8j

    dogshit story

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    You need details, great you bred the sisters but your story did nothing else