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Get even with wife

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getting even with cheating wife. she had cheated on me three times that I had knew of for sure and it was time to get even.

This was years back when my wife was in her mid 30’s. Very attractive with a great body and she loved the attention men gave her. I should have left her the first time I caught her cheating but just could not. She was so hot and a great fuck. Over a few year time period I caught her cheating several times she really did not even try to hide it. After the 3rd time I was starting to get pissed and decided to get even. My wife drinks alot and was getting worse often passing out on the weekends after much to drink. I decided to use this to get my revenge. On a Saturday night when my daughter was spending the night at a friends I started to make my wife some stiff drinks. After a few hours I could tell she was getting tipsy. I decided to try my plan and crushed up some sleeping pills and added them to her next drink. It took another hour and a few more drinks but she soon was asleep. I carried her to the bed wanting to see how out she was. I slapped her a few times but got no reaction from her she was sound asleep and out of it. She was wearing a t shirt bra shorts and panties. I thought about taking them off but left them on. I posted an ad on craigslist saying the wife wanted a threesome. I got numerous responses but I told each of them that she was passed out now but I was still open to it. A few were game mostly older heavy guys that would never have a chance with my wife in real life. This was the perfect way to get even so I invited 3 guys over. One in his 60s two others in their 40s all not in the best of shape and by no means good looking. Nothing my wife would ever go for. One by one they came over I could tell that they were a little nervous. After a few drinks I brought them to our bedroom and once they saw my wife they all got excited realizing this was for real. I told them they could do whatever they wanted I was just going to watch. The first guy in his 60s went over and pulled up her shirt feeling her nice tits over her bra. The other two joined in and all hands were on her. They started to feel more comfortable when they realized she was not waking up. They were having trouble trying to get her t shirt off. One of the guys pulled out a pocket knife and gave me a look. I just sat there and he took the knife and cut the shirt. The other guy started to rip it off her. He then took the knife and cut the middle of her bra and pulled it off exposing her tits. I was excited as hell not only was this revenge but it was a huge turn on for me. They started licking her tits and forcing her mouth open to insert their cocks. By this time they all had their clothes off and the older guy pulled her shorts and panties down. I could see his hard dick under his big stomach. He then spread her legs apart and put his dick on her dry pussy. I could tell he was having trouble so I walked over with lube and squirted it on her pussy. His dick was soon in my wifes hot pussy pounding hard. His big stomach pounding against her tight body. It was fucking hot as hell and he soon unloaded his cum deep in her. The other two guys then had their turns fucking her holding her legs above her head each of the cumming in her. They were soon done and all left. I went to bed and the next day she never knew anything was wrong thinking it was me that had fucked her. It was revenge but a major turn on for me big time!

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  • Reply Bob ID:h0pij6tql

    My wife told me the only way I could have sloppy seconds was if she got drunk and passed out well it happened several times and I have many pictures of different strangers feeling her pussy and ass with cum One time we went to the bar and she asked me am I trying to get her drunk and I told her do you know what’s going to happen when you do and she said that one day she would like to try it so when we got I showed her the pictures and she could not believe all the different men that have fucked her and now this weekend she’s going to experience her first gangbang

  • Reply Doug ID:2zicu2bim2

    Al – My wife is Linda and she is a cock sucker as her first choice but will let everyone use her cunt after they dump the first load in her mouth – she cums off sucking cock. Her favorite trick is to show her mouth full of cum before she swallows and then open her mouth with it empty. I like to see her cunt completely full of cum and then fuck her myself. Once she got started – well she actually got started in high schools – being a slut she has gone hog wild. We have lots of fun even though it sometimes gets boring to me watching her suck so much cock and fuck at the same time but that’s what she wants so be it. If this guy would give his wife the chance she would be the same way. Have you noticed the number of sluts they are when given the chance to do what they have always wanted. There are 2 kinds of cunts, those that do and those that would like to. Biggest problem is too many guys can’t handle watching wife get cocks in every hole and loving it. A lot try it and find out they don’t like it anymore but the wife is hooked once she does it. Dumb bastards don’t realize you can never go back so they need to accept and enjoy it. I know you do and I do and our wives do to

  • Reply AL ID:2zicu2bim3

    Doug – I am also interested in if he just liked to stroke his cock as he watched or did a little cunt licking after the boys had finished with her. I like doing that but only if she is awake and begging me to clean her up. He may be one that only can enjoy it if he thinks he is putting one over on her. If he has caught her that many times, how many times did he not catch her and you are right, she would love being a slut with an open mouth and cunt to lots of guys. He also would enjoy it all the more just letting guys stop by anytime they want. Nothing good as coming home to a dirty cunt and mouth smelling of cum. 100 to 1 says she would become a slut at the drop of a hat if given the chance. Did your wife get all she wanted doing the 27 or was she still wanting more. My wife has done 17 at one setting and a dozen 15+ times. She like to get spread eagle and let everyone do her all they want – cumming off like a machine gun. I get lot’s of good pictures of her double fucking and every hole filled with cum running out. Big may be bashful but I bet she is not. Let’s see if he answers……………….

  • Reply Doug ID:2zicu2bim3

    BIG – so I take it she did start being a slut for you and you getting to watch the action. Just wondering – did you lick her cunt clean after the guys finished with her – it was not my thing but a lot of guys like to do that. Also did you just watch or join in – I always wanted to fuck my wifes cunt after wards when it was full of cum – started this on high school gang bangs. I also into getting my cock sucked while others pound her cunt – have you tried this, How many are the most she has sucked/fucked at one time – 27 was my wifes number. Did you let the guys stop by anytime they wanted to enjoy her cunt and mouth and then coming home finding out she had being enjoying herself – I always liked this as it made her cunt ready for me to fuck the way I liked it. How did you switch from her being drunk and passed out to being awake?????????

  • Reply Doug ID:1hr6f15o8rb

    It’s obvious you wanted to watch her get fucked and enjoyed it. The next time she needs to be awake but you can bet she will be more than willing to fuck someone for you to watch. Have her suck your cock while she gets fucked and then fuck her as she sucks the other guy or guys off. Keep adding more guys and don’t worry, she will go for it in a minute. Once you get her to gang banging you will get to watch it all. Once she gets the double fuck put to her mouth and cunt at the same time, she will do anything you want. You are in for a lot of fun………….

    • Big ID:3055jdrd9i

      She would only fuck hot guys it was fun to watch some less than average fuck her