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Childs’ Play

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I was 12, when I found out that there’s different kinds of sex…

My brother and I were spending the night at a friend’s house, but his friend, was a boy, his age. So, I didn’t have anyone to play with at first, and I ran back home for a doll, or something.

That’s when I saw mommy, and daddy in the kitchen, and mommy picked up a knife. “No, mommy, no!” I thought she was going to stab him, but instead, she stuck it in the table, where he could reach it, and came to talk to me.

I was so scared, but eventually she calmed me down, and explained it as good as she could while daddy cut the tape off, so he could get up. I didn’t understand it at first, but then I ran right back over to Everett’s house.

He lived around the corner from us, and I never really thought about him that way. He was my brother’s friend, and while he was nice, he was more worried about playing video games, and stuff. They were friends for a long long time, best friends, really.

So, then I started giggling, and laughing so hard that they had to ask me what was so funny. So, I told them, “Mommy, and daddy were doing it, but they made up this weird game. Mommy said that when I’m married long enough, eventually my love life might get boring, so you have to get more creative in bed.

Only they weren’t in bed, they’re in the dining room, and daddy was taped to the chair. His chair, with the arms, but he wasn’t at the head of the table. He was backed into the corner, and she had a knife, she stuck in the table top so he could cut the tape, and she talked to me in the living room. That wasn’t the funny part, though.

When I asked her what kinds of games, because of the knife, she told me all kinds of games. For instance, she was play acting a burglar, and she had a mask on, but it was just a stocking.”

Everett just nodded, with his mouth hanging on every word. Then, he crossed his legs, but not like a boy, like a girl. I giggled a little. “She wanted to know where he hid the jewels. He got her something from the jewelry store, for her birthday, but he wouldn’t tell her where he put it. So, she had to threaten him until he told, but it was just play acting.

The funniest part was she said that sometimes she plays the man, and daddy gets to be the girl. A young girl, like me.” I thought, “Huh! Because then he wouldn’t have boobies, like me?”

Everett nodded, and looked down at my chest. “Huh!” I felt them through the front of my dress.

Then, my brother asked if he had his dick out, so I just giggled, and shook my head. “I bet it was hard, though.” Everett said. I think he snapped out of it, but then I jumped when my brother pulled the chair out.

We’re downstairs in the basement, because Everett didn’t have a bed big enough for the three of us. He set up the bed under the couch for us to sleep over, but then my brother sat down. There was a desk, over by the back door, but if you knew where to look, it had a sewing machine hidden inside it.

“Where you going?” He said when he sat down, but Everett stopped at the door to the stairs.

“A kitchen knife?”

“Yeah, but. I don’t want to play with knives, I mean, I’m not supposed to either, but. I didn’t want to cut anybody, and that would just make it scary, instead of sexy.”

“Why don’t we make up our own game, then.” my brother said, “But since there’s 3 of us, I’ll be your husband, and you.” He pointed at Everett, “Get to be the bad guy. You have any duck tape?”

“No, but I think my dad has some invisible tape in here.” He dug it out of a closet, but it wasn’t like a clothes closet, or a linen closet. It was full of tools, and bandages, and stuff. “Yeah,’ he got it out, “Will this work?” Instead of the little curly plastic dispensers, it had a handle, and the roll was 2 inches wide, for taping up boxes?”

“Yeah, put some of it over my mouth, but tear it off.” He eyed it suspiciously, “I don’t want you cutting my cheek with that, be careful.”

“We don’t want anybody to get hurt.” I nodded, but this whole time, I was thinking about playing sex games, with Everett, and my brother, when I never really thought about Everett that way, before. Then, I remembered mommy said we’re supposed to be married, for a long time. I guess that’s at least 10 years, but it’s just playacting, right?

My brother was going to play my husband, and the bad guy tied him up, but he didn’t beat him up, or threaten him with anything, like a gun, or knife. I sure was happy that I talked him out of going to get a knife from the kitchen, but my brother said Everett got to be the bad guy, when mommy, and daddy both hate being the bad-guy.

They fought over it a lot, who made us go to our room, or grounded us, without TV, phone privilege, or Nintendo when we’re bad kids. That makes them the bad guy, but this was just pretend. Everett wasn’t really a bad guy, or my brother wouldn’t hang out with him, but then he held up his hands, and looked back and forth.

“There’s no arms on this chair.”

So, I got an Idea and said: “Just hold them down on the sides,” and sat down on his legs, so I could hold his hands with his knees.

Then Everett came up behind me and said, “So, he can’t play with himself, or touch you like this?” He held my arms, and felt my nipples through my shirt. “You’re not flat, not too flat. You have a little bit.”

“Huh!” I just let my head fall back, on his shoulder. “Uh huh? My nipples are really very swollen, and. They feel good, when you rub them like that.”

“Like this?”

“Huh, yeah. Just keep rubbing them like that.” I guess i kinda felt like my brother did, with his hands trapped against the wall, and the sides of the chair. The cold metal pipes, and the little hinge to fold it up. My knees, and the hem of my skirt rode up my legs. I wanted to pull it back down, but I couldn’t, with my elbows trapped in Everett’s arms, and all I could think of was a line from a romantic story:

Then, he took me in his arms, and… “Kiss me?”

He took my in his arms, and…

“Huh!” His lips felt warm on my cheek, his nose brushed my cheek bone, and then mt jaw. He licked my neck, and sniffed loud, right by my ear. I could feel my legs, though. Just rub the folds of my skirt, back and forth on my thighs, and that felt good, but then I crumpled it up. Pulling it out of the way, so I could feel the goose bumps, and the tiny hairs sticking out with my fingers, and rub them with my thumb.

“Huh! This is real!”

“You know it is. You’re so pretty, and sexy, I always thought so, but I never thought you let me get my hands on your body, let alone right in front of your husband, so I knew that I’d have to tie him up, and make him watch.”

“Huh?” I forgot all about my brother, and then his eyes went wide, and he licked his lips through the tape. The clear plastic tape, so I could see his tongue through it, like a weird shaped window. Pinched to points on the sides, like a squinting eye, or.

That place between my legs, only turned sideways, and starting to open up. I could feel myself getting looser? Or maybe it was just my imagination, because I hadn’t even had anything in my underwear, let alone inside my love tunnel. I’d gotten the talk, with my period, and I guess pantie liners, but those don’t count.

“HUH?” Mom standing up, with the knife, and instead of thunking it down in the corner of the dining room table. I thought all of a sudden what it would look like when she pulled it out. Of where, i don’t know, but skin. Definitely skin, and a deep cut, just welling up with blood to roll down hot, and red, and sticky. “HhuhH! Touch me down there. In my underwear. God, touch me now!”


“Oh!” It felt even better then I imagined, and my hips started humping all on there own, but the wall got in the way, and my knees bumped it, like a headboard gently swinging back and forth, with the rocking motion, of.

“Oh! Oomh?”

“Sh!” He held my mouth.

“MHN! Hmn!” With the other hand, but his main one. His right hand went back to rubbing me the right way. Through my panties, and he rammed my knees hard into the wall, humping my butt through the skirt, and i didn’t know it at the time, but before he came up behind me, and took me in his arms…

“Uh! Uh fuck, huh! HhuhHhuhuhuhuh!”

His grip relaxed, and his fingers slowed down. He just breathed on my shoulder, and shuddered behind me, then he sat down, hard. I heard him hit the floor, heavy, and when I looked back. He still had his pants open, his balls hanging out, and his penis drooping. Leaking, and dripping on the floor.

“Huh?” My hand’s free, I could feel back, and pull up my dress to feel the wet mess he’d shot in it. It soaked through he back of my underwear too.

“Whew!” he grinned, shaking his head, “Good one!”

“Sh!” I got up, and I felt a little dizzy. “Uh!” I caught myself on the sewing table, and felt the crack down the middle. To fold it out, and pull up the sewing machine underneath, but I didn’t.

“Here’ let my help you.” Everett got up, and took my arm. Around his waist, he held me under the other arm, and walked me over to the bed. Lay me down, but he didn’t even sit next to me.

“I feel,” faint? “No, Wonderful.”

But he walked back over to my brother, and said, “You know, that if she didn’t even have it out of his pants, she didn’t get to put it in her mouth, either.” He tucked it in, and shook his butt. Holding the front, so his belt clinked, and my brother’s eyes went wide. He shook his head.

“Oh, no. Your wife took care of this. Don’t worry about that, but you must have the worst case of blueballs ever, huh? You know I’m not jealous of you , and your wife, when I can come over, and nail her any time, but what I’m really jealous is your big hard dick.”

“Huh?” I looked at my brother, but his mouth was as wide as his eyes, even with his lips flat, and stuck to the tape. “No.” It was muffled, but he said “No.” So clear I could even see it from the bed.

“Well, it’s true. Huh,” he touched him, Everett touched my brother’s knees, and got down on one of his to pull them open. “I always wanted to get my hands on it, too.” He stuck his hips in between them, and I remembered my brother’s hands, pinned between mine. “In my mouth, and taste your sweet sweet load on my tongue.”

“Huh, who knew you’re such a sweet talker?” But the back of my dress was still stuck to the seat of my panties, and my hands don’t feel as big, rough, and strong as his, but they’re not trapped in his arms any more. So, they’re free to feel the inside of my legs, between them, my hot damp crotch, and the little piping around the legs so I can pick them up with my nails. Feel how sweaty I am between the insides of my thighs, and the hot meaty bulges of my hungry sex.

“Oh, huh! Ohhh!”

“Smuip!” My brother’s penis slipped out of Everett’s lips, and flopped down, on the inside of his pants, but then it swelled. And straightened out out. Filling with blood, lust, and sperm for his best friend’s mouth. His hungry mouth.

“Oh, huh! Yeah, suck him, suck him hard. Suck him harder, and faster. Suck him off!”

“NGH hm!” My brother’s lips peeled back, still stuck to the tape, so I could see his teeth clenched, and he just breathed hard, and fast through his nose, but Everett’s head kept going up and down, so fast, and my brother was able to get his hands up, high enough to hold his boyfriend’s shoulders.

Now they were boyfriends, I bet. Maybe we could share, and maybe not, but I remembered my puss. Pinched between my fingers, and all I had to do was rub them back and forth, so pleasure shocked my legs, and up my tummy to strike my nipples like sparks, and all I could do was squirm. “Uh ah hah! MHN?”


“Hmn!” It was just Everett. “You want my parent’s to hear?”

“Mh hm.” I shook my head, but then he grabbed my crotch, pinched it out of the way, and felt around, until his fingers found the hole, and invaded me. “MH! Ihn!”

“You like that?”


“It doesn’t hurt?”

“Hm hm!”

“You want me to stop?” I finally just turned, and shook his hand off.

“No, don’t stop, uh! Fuck mhn! IN IN IN IN IN!” I just squeaked through his hands, in time with every thrust of his fingers inside me. “iNnNnNnNnNnN!” Faster, harder, and deeper without even having to tell him anything. He knew what to do, and yeah it hurt, but all I could think about was the knife. The kitchen knife, and for some reason the wooden thunk of it in the table as it came down, over and over again.

“SNH!” I smelled blood, but he stopped, as soon as my eyes flew open in surprise, and he looked up. His eyes locked mine open, and he stared into me. Finally, I could’t keep them open any longer, but he pulled his fingers out before that.

Then he kissed me, and felt my face. his thumb under my jaw, but his fingers sticking to my cheek, and the sharp metallic tang of fresh blood mixed with the musky sweat of lust. I think I actaully fainted, that time.

The next thing I knew, I heard the tape ripping, and my brother say “AH!” He shook his head. “Where’d you learn to suck cock like that?”

“Right here, just now. You know, I was just saying all that stuff, I didn’t mean it.”

“About always wanting my cock.”

“Huh, yeah. I knew she couldn’t do it, being your sister, instead of your wife, but I didn’t want to leave you hanging.”

“Huh, well. You did great, for your first blowjob.”

“Well, it wasn’t really my first, I mean. I guess I learned it from girls.”

“Oh yeah, which girls?”

I just rolled over, and scrunched the pillow up under my cheek. Feeling the blood dry on the other one, and listened to them talk, while I slowly fell asleep…

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