Dog park

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I love going too the dog park maybe a little too much…

I loved going to the dog park seeing all the dog’s. One day I saw a group of dog owners talking I saw them pay a some girl and then they walked into the woods. Near the park, I followed them until they stopped walking, then the girl got on her knees and started jerking one of the dogs after he came. I slipped and they saw me I was scared but they told me to help the girl. I went to one of the dog and jerked it then the girl said to put it in my mouth. So I did and it fucked my face I was having so much fun, It came in my mouth I swallowed it as fast as I could. One of the dogs started humming me so I pulled my pants down and I fucked my wet pussy. I looked and the owner they were jerking off too me and one by one they came in my mouth and I swallowed every last drop. After that day a came to the park more and more too see those guys again so I was the girl they were paying.

I hope you like my story and it’s 100% true same with my last story “young love

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  • Reply Henry ID:42p3wut0a

    Wow hope you enjoy it. My mom makes me have her 3 dogs all take turns fucking me and filling my ass with their cum. After she makes me suck there cock and swallow every drop of there delicious cum. I want my mom to make my little sister join me so I can have sex with her while the dogs are taking turns fucking me. My mom said it is a good idea. She said that I have to l first have to let her have me fuck her and let her feel my hot sweet cum filling her pussy. She told me that my dad doesn’t have sex with her anymore so she wants me to have sex with her. I said I would love to as long as she let’s me have sex with my little sister to. She smiled and said yes but under one condition that I let her 3 dogs all fuck me as well. It’s been 3 months now and we all have sex together about 4 to 6 times a day. Sometimes I ask my mom to tie me down and let the dogs fuck me all day as much as possible. I actually had 2 dogs get there cock inside my ass at the same time and they both knotted me together and I was stuck with them both for an hour and a half.

  • Reply Cumgulper ID:muivmg0hl

    Bless you love. I am behind you all the way(so are the dogs). You saw an opportunity to satisfy your lust for profitability and you grabbed it. I love your story. Please share more. (Snapchat Cumgulper 1)

  • Reply dogwatcherc ID:6z5q7kabv2

    write more dog park storys. Tell us all [email protected]

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