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Liked the wrong guy

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Let. Wanted to be his girlfriend and thought I was.

When I was 15 I had a crush on a guy who worked cutting our lawn. I would always get him a drink and talk to him he was 22. One day he ask if he could us our bathroom I let him. When he came out we talked for a minute then he kissed me. I was so happy I told him he should come by sometime. He said he couldn’t he was to old he might get into trouble. I told him we could meet somewhere I would tell. So he picked me up in his car down the street from my home. We kissed and more. I lost my virginity that day. I didn’t mind I thought I was in love. This went on for about two weeks I had lots of sex I gave head. That was a surprise when he came he told me to swallow.

Then he told me he was having some guy’s over and they would love to meet me and he was sure I’ll like them would I come over. I couldn’t say yes fast enough my bf wanted me to meet his friends. So he picked me up we went to a apartment and it was just guy’s 6 of them. One gave me a drink said cheers it was hard liquor I had had beer before but nothing like this. I stayed close to my bf he gave me a couple more drinks I told him this wasn’t the party I thought it was going to be. He told me to relax it was going to be fun then he kissed me and lead me into the bedroom. He wanted sex now I told maybe we should do it later. But no he wanted it now he told me how good I had become at sex and I should have alot more of it. After he was done he told me to stay there I wasn’t finished. He put on his pants and grabbed his and my clothes then walked out. Then I heard him tell a guy your next and a guy came in I didn’t know him. And started getting undressed. I said no he better get Jose he just told me Jose said I was a great fuck and got in bed with me. He got on top of me I told him no I wanted to go. He told me to relax I would be going home soon. The I felt him entering me I cried did no good every guy at the party fucked me at least once some more. Then my bf took me home told me how happy I made everyone. He told me he made a killing tonight pulled out a bunch of money and gave me a 100 dollars. Told me to stop crying I did so great and he was so proud of me. Then he let me out at the end of the road and I walked home. I was tired and confused I didn’t no what to think. The next day I called him he talked normal like last night never happened I ask him if I was going to see him today he told me not today he had to do something. The next day he didn’t call or text when I called his phone it was disconnected. When it was yard work day he wasn’t there I ask the guy’s where he was they said he quit. I got pregnant I hope it is his baby but I am not sure. I told my parents I had a affair with him. They couldn’t find out anything about him either. Anyway I now have a little girl.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

    hope he fucked your ass too!

  • Reply Zerlinda ID:2kyee16thi

    Seemed as if you are desparate

  • Reply Anomalously ID:bpcjnotv3

    What are your bra and panty sizes and what kind of panties do you wear?

    • Zerlinda ID:2kyee16thi

      Do you really have to be asking this everytime

    • Anomalously ID:bpcjnotv3

      I just like to know what kind of panties do girls wear these days and how big your boobs are.

  • Reply Le ID:fzq35kt0d

    I liked my boyfriend and wanted to make him happy. He would always tell me how exciting it was

    • Chris ID:82egaq1b0a

      hey i would like to talk with you snap me chris_6491

    • Le ID:7zv3fpxxi9

      No I am good

  • Reply Mike ID:vzg6b544

    Sounds like you kinda wanted it. You could of yelled for help. And you kept fucking them

  • Reply Ben ID:bpcjnotv3

    I can say is you got your brains fuck by a asshole now who’s going to rise the kid

    • Le ID:7zv1ks5qra

      Well I am.