Hyperactive niece

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Back in the mid 70’s, I was 15 at the time and always horny. My older sister had a daughter that was 8 years old and very hyper. I believe now they call that it ADHD. My sister and my niece would come visit my mom, my nieces grandma, every weekend. And as always, she would run into my room, without knocking, and would get into anything and everything without saying a word. One day, me being the horny kid that I was, decided to expose my dick to see what she would do. The next weekend they came to visit I put on some basketball shorts without any whitey tightys on and laid on my bed with my knees bent and exposing my flaccid pecker under my shorts.
Just like clockwork my niece comes running into my room and she’s running and jumping getting into my closet, drawers and toys. I had a pillow on my lap where I couldn’t see my exposed dick and I would adjust myself to if I could get her attention.
She kept running in front of my bed as I pretended to be reading a magazine when all of sudden she came to a stop and was leaning at the edge of my bed. I noticed at the corner of my eyes that she was looking straight at my dick and I started getting aroused so I adjusted one leg flat while my other leg stayed bent at the knee. I started to get an erection and I noticed my niece leaning closer to get a better look. For the first time my niece was speechless and just sing and hum a nursery rhyme while her eyes were glued to my dick. She was really soaking up the view and it almost appeared that she wanted to touch it. A month went by and it was the end of the school year so my sister would drop off my niece during the week while she went to work and I was ready to expose my dick to my now curious niece. As soon as my niece walked into the house she would run into my room like a bolt of lightning and I was ready for her, so I thought. She was wearing a short summer dress that almost didn’t cover her panties. I was still under the covers and just in my briefs and out of the blue my niece straddles my groin and lays down on my stomach and wraps her little arms around my neck and I ask, “are you ok” and she responds, “yeah” and says “I love you uncle” and I said, “I love you too” then she lays her head under my chin and takes a deep breath. As she lays on me I could feel my dick getting an erection and she straightens her legs over mine and I could feel the tip of my dick rubbing onto her tiny pubic bone and was getting really aroused by then. It felt sooo good that I slowly thrusted my hip now rubbing up and down her pubic bone really slow. She still had her head on my chest facing out the window where the sun gleamed on her face. I put my arms around her little waist and with my hands I pressed on her lower back ever so gently at the same time as I slowly thrusted my waist and I know that she could feel the hardness of my dick because she too was pressing down into my groin but very unnoticeable. By now I was feeling precum oozing out the tip of my dick and I could feel it soaking onto my briefs. All of a sudden she puts her hands on my chest and pushes herself up actually sitting on my erection and she is looking straight into my eyes as she slowly starts rocking back and forth, side to side for almost 2 to 3 minutes and I can feel my balls ready to explode and release a gush of cum soaking my niece’s panties when all of sudden she jumps off and runs out of the room so I had no choice but to masturbate to relieve myself. I blew a load like I’ve never had. That was the beginning of me and my niece’s sexual adventures.

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  • Reply Anonymous ID:7zv3ebbdqm

    I would love to eat her Pussy while she sits on my face!

  • Reply Steve ID:2a74p02kzk

    I think you should have done her right there made her love you enough and kept doing her until she had your a baby’s

  • Reply Perver Uncle ID:60almsd9b

    I wonder if i can get my niece pregnant if i fuck her 12 years old pussy

    • Steve ID:2a74p02kzk

      Yes you can if you fill her with cum

  • Reply Boner ID:2v2x46sem0

    My little sister started dry humping the arm of our sofa aged about 8.mum shouted at her to stop it.
    I was 11 and had been getting her to straddle me on my bed and I’d hold her hands up and play horse riding with her
    I’d bounce her on my cock making horse noises
    She loved it and would ride her horse for ages

  • Reply Dave ID:fx7itbeql

    Did you fuck her?

    • 70's kid ID:n4ks5w42

      No Dave……Not at that time but things progressed when she was in 6th grade and I was a senior in high school. I dated at the time and I believe my niece was a little jealous of that. But that’s a different story.

  • Reply Wesley ID:30rzguer8m

    Mmmmm fuck I came three times

  • Reply Janine ID:2vkjmtm3

    Part 2!

    • 70's kid ID:bkae2y49c

      I posted part 2 a couple of days ago. Its under (Hyperactive niece part 2)