how i fucked my mother with her permission

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mr koota was about to start the massage to his coustomer ,he slowly grabbed his saree strated pulling ,now the petticoat and blouse with a lace bra was the only thing
left ,his antenna started rising like a crane and lady was cooperating like a prostitute.her petticoat was like mountain range with gentle slopes,woman now was laying
facing the ceilling, i started to untie her petticoat with my hands shevering ,this was noticed by woman ,she said don’t feel shy your like my son,so feel free to massage
mr koota asked her where she feels the pain she said it is excatly between my assshole and vagina.
mr koota knowing her intention he decided to do massage using hand as well as using his dick.

mr koota told his coustomer that we have a new method to cure your pain,but it will very enjoyable and you should follow certain rule,she said ok without even asking.
mr koota was very happy,he then inserted his head inside her petticoat and using a tourch light he located the pain spot and started touching it this made her to moan
mr koota using his long toung started massage the spot.but the same spot happens to be a hotspot.this has lead the situation to unspeakable one.

mr koota being very proffessional he licked her vagina lips like a dog.then he moved to the next level he noticed that her petticoat was becoming wet.coustomer said it is
her juice take a sip if you like.then there was a power cut the room got more hotter costoumer got even more hotter with her sweating.i decided to remove her wet petticoat
removing it slowly to reveal her underworld.it was dark it couldn’t she her properties clearly there came her husband i told him to get in and seeing his wife lying
like a whore he got aroused,but mr koota didn’t allowed him he gave a lamp in his hand told to hold it like a pointer.he obeyed ,mr koota started the massage by using
his finger ,he inserted the finger inbetween the spot ,but the he missed it by few millimeters ,that his finger were now in vagina this aroused his costomer.her husband
was watching this without saying anything,mr koota next was the ultimate one he told her to close her eyes. then he removed his shirt and pant,then comes the his moms panty
he couldn’t afford to loose.he gently removed his moms sacred panty and placed on to her husbands head.then he placed his mighty antenna in places were she wanted it
was like heaven to every present in the room.vaginal massage took 30 mins and the asshole took 10 mins.she was already tired of this,then mr told her husband to switch
off the lamp,he obeyed then mr koota slept on her blouse ,it was like a warm and soft pillow of highest quality.he then quised it and removed the blouse and bra.he started
licking and sucking her nipples she got aroused more and more before reaching the climax the power was restored.he saw the parlour worker standing around the him,then coustmer
got out of the bed she without wearing her dressing started walking towards billing area,no one told her that she was nude like porn star.
she paid the bill and asked her husband to come out of the room.he gave the panty back he saw his wife in bathsuit he suddenly got aroused and fucked his wife on the reception area
without any hesitation.

i got aplauded by my coworkers,for my service ,i got the promotion and pay hike.i was still naked but i managed to hug my coworkers and left parlour like a hero to my house.
on the way everyone was staring at me like anything.then i reached home,there i saw my cleaing the carpet without wearing anything below her waist i rushed near to hug
but things went out wrongly,fisrt i was still nude with my antenna in horizontal postion without realising this i hugged her from the back,i felt the pleasure of fucking.
but really i wasn’t ,then i saw my penis was in my moms asshole,she couldn’t avoid the moment,she decided to move back and forth to reach the climax.then i called my mom,that i got
promotion and pay hike,seeing me and my dick she felt disappointed,that dick she is having felt like her father-in-laws.

then she asked me ,why you are nude.i said nothing and moved into the room and got dressed up.

my mom came inside the room and sat on my lap and she wishper in ears that i we were going to a competion tomorrow and she left the room without doing anything.i slept
till the early morning and heared some strange sound and i got out of the bed wearing my moms monstorous panty and i saw my sister lying naked her dildo in the couch.
then i went to moms rooms were she was standing near the cuboard searching something,she was wearing a towel covering her boobs and cunt.i went near to her and hugged
her slowly then i placed my hands on her boobs ,she didn’t react for sometime,then she turned towards me and saw dick,she saw her lucky panty she gently removed from his wiast using her
mouth.i got aroused.

she then told me get ready for the competion.i was ready within minutes.me and mom left the house at 9 am.reached the venue within 10 am.there i saw my friends and their parents.
my told me that today it is mother’s day.i wished her and gave kiss on her lips.she smiled and moved towards the venue where she discussed about the competion and she came back after some

then she said the prize amount was 1 million dollar.the first round is fashion show.then we started designing our dress.my mom told that she wear a sexy transparent saree.
so that everyone could see her body clearly and get meserised by it and they will give us good marks. but i had other ideas,i started noticing other participants and their dress.

my close got her mom to wear a mini skirt,another friend got her mom to wear a two piece,another friends mom was wearing a transparent top,another friends mo was wearing a full skirt and
no top,she was topless.they i saw my close friend dressing her mom with pain and she was completely naked.

round one started everyone got into the stage and started walking in ramp.judges were all men without their panty wearing a lungi.mark was given based on dickmeter.
my mom was the last participant,i saw my mom in saree covering her body compeletly like a typical indian women.but i realised that to win the competition we need to be creative,i called my mom
and started removing her petticoat with a scissor i left only the top portion which hold the saree and removed her lucky panty and i removed her blouse and bra. now she was covering her top with her transaprent saree
pallu. she was like a diva and all her parts were visible for everyone present their when started walking in the ramp she was shining like a star,boobs where bouncing,
her waist moving in and out like a wave.the judges were aroused to their limit and dickmeter got busted.they all gave full marks.

she own the first round with exceptional marks.

then came the second round

this round name made me shocked to my penis.i was stunded by the rules.

the name of the round was aka mother fucker no1..!!

i told my mom the rules and regulation of the round.

in this round all the mothers were to be stripped violently and there eyes to ties with a cloth and there hands were to be tied and they were made to sit in arm less chair and their legs were wide open.

then there sons stripped of their clothes.then they were made insert their penis,toung and finger into all the mothers sitting in the chair.the mother who finds there son first will be awarded prize.i made my rock
hard by looking my moms asserts.then the round started with a bell sound,my mom was sitting in a last chair.so i have to fuck all the mothers one by one ,with each fuck i lost my energy slowly.
atlast i made it to my mom and i have the advantage that i fucked and sucked my mother earlier,so it will be easier for her to find his son.but the problem was i have to energy left to fuck my mother.
so i decided to have the tablet that i got from my grandfathers room.then after having it my dick was like a crane boom,so with the might i pounded my dick in my moms cunt.she said uh ahaaaaaaaah.
she shouted i found my son.the judges gave the prize and we were made fuck in the stage in front of every one and other standing were made to masturbate in and rain in their cum to celebrate.

then me and my got home with prize money and we forgot wear anything.i was hold my moms oneside boobs and walking together into my bed room.by seeing us my sister came running to us and she kissed my penis.i celebration
i fucked her and mom several times….!!!

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    wow, after reading this story i felt relaxed.it inspired me to show my penis in front of my sister and mother,they loved instantly.

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    as mother of a son i feel this story should happen in my life.my 18 year old son has rock hard dick and my husband is very much dead fellow with very short penis.i love my son very much and in feature he should be a very motherfucker.i wish my son would soon lift my petticoat!!!!

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    Boring,no lusty details to the story.not good at all.did not even rub my pussy to this at all.did not even touch my pussy for that matter.

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      Kim I would love to touch your pussy if you want to chat let me know

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