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Breaking Kylie

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Kylie’s bestfriend Steven fantasizes about raping her. He plans out a meticulous date and goes about breaking her in.

At 17, Kylie had nice cute perky tits at 32C with a firm ass. She knew she was attractive and she didn’t play it down. Boys drooled over her and she winked and smiled, enjoying the attention. Older men fell for the “jail bait” and fantasized of fucking her tight little teen pussy – holding her down as she fought against their oversized cocks. The jocks dreamt of passing her around as she struggled to take all their cocks at once and girls thought of how her sweet juices may taste.

Kylie was not only one of the most attractive girls she was also incredibly smart, boasting a 4.0 GPA while being dual-enrolled in college classes. She excelled in English and technical classes. At her college, she was admired by the older men and women as she passed above them and even tutored them.

In one of her engineering classes, a man of age 23 fell for the teenage heartthrob and messaged her on the daily, seeking her attention despite the fact that her boyfriend glared daggers at him whenever he came by. Kylie reveled in the attention – she knew she was attractive but no older boy ever told her how they wanted to ravage her.

Steven fantasized of the teenage girl. “Kylie could be broken”, he thought – oh, and how he dreamt of it. He dreamt of holding her little figure down as she trashed in his arms, heavy tears rolling down her perfect skin. He dreamt of his cock impaling her, making her erupt in screams and whimpers. Most of all though, he dreamt of this girl falling for him as well. He believed she would be the perfect wife for him, his forever cumslut.

He would break her, and she would love every second of it.

Steven finally made a move on Kylie one day when he gave her his number and then began stalking her on her social medias. He would compliment her, stroking her ego, and would follow her every virtual move. Finally, Kylie began talking back to him, messaging him as well, until those messages turned to daily calls, then facetimes and eventually going out together on the usual.

Kylie’s boyfriend was not happy with this. They regularly fought over her relationship with Steven but she knew things about Steven that drew her in, that excited and turned her on. She would not stop talking to him until she was satisfied, until she had complete control over Steven or he had complete control over her.

Kylie always loved rough sex, she liked to be fucked senselessly and violently. Her boyfriend liked to give in to her whims and fucked her how she wanted until he began to love it as well. He’d choke, bite, and scratch her as her pussy clenched and quivered over his 7” cock.

So when she heard that Steven had rape fantasies, she was intrigued. She had never met anyone who was as dominant and as violent as that. It turned her on. She wanted more. Eventually, she found out who most of his fantasies were directed towards and boy was she happy. Steven told Kylie how he fantasized about making her cry in pain as he pounded the living shit out of her. He told her how he wanted to tie her up and drill into her holes while she fought and struggled in vain. He asked her not to leave him after confessing his dark fantasies for he didn’t know that she was as invested as him. Kylie’s pussy had never been wetter.

She wanted to cry while being raped. She wanted to feel pure dominance.

About a month after of Kylie and Steven regularly talking they met up to go out. Steven, being of driving age, drove her around to go shopping with his money, for dinner, and on a hike. She was so tired after a full day but was most excited to go hiking with him. He drove them to a secluded trail in the middle of a national forest and began to unload some blankets and the such to lay down after the hike- or so she thought.

Steven carried a large backpack with his supplies while Kylie carried her phone in her back pocket. They began to walk on the trail as they talked and she poked fun at him.

Steven had never been more excited in his life. Today was the day he would finally give in to his fantasy and ruin his princess even more than she already was. She never left him despite what he admitted to her and she stuck around after he kissed her. This must mean she was just as if not more fucked up than him. He would destroy her mentally and physically and she would come to accept it.

It was getting late and Steven couldn’t wait to accomplish his mission. They hiked for a while longer until reaching the peak of a hill. They were overlooked by tall trees, the shining stars, and the moon. Although he wanted to violate her, he wanted her to be in a place of beauty as he did it. He did love her, but he wished to ruin her more than anything. Kylie looked around, her chocolate eyes shined as the moonlight hit them, her perfectly polished lipgloss glittered with the stars and she laughed when he noticed he was staring at her. He set up the blankets and the projector with the movies. When he was done, Kylie was sitting on the blankets, with her long legs crossed. He stared at her a while longer then looked at his backpack full of torturing devices for the young tease. He walked towards her then quickly clamped his hand down over her mouth. Her eyes widened as muffled screams erupted from her full lips. She was terrified.

Kylie didn’t know what to do. Yes, she had found his fantasies hot, and yes she fantasized about him doing it – but she wasn’t expecting it today and she was more scared than ever at how evil this boy might actually be. How much would he hurt her and where?

Steven pushed her tiny body down onto the plush blankets then quickly grabbed duct tape from the bag and clamped it over her mouth. He wasn’t worried about her screams because he knew no one would hear them anyway but he needed insurance just in case. Kylie was thrashing under him and kicked at him. He was trained in self defense as well as mixed martial arts and laughed at how her attempts to escape were all in vain.

“Stop kicking me. You’re not going anywhere. I’m going to do this Kylie!” He yelled at her. Her constant kicks began to be annoying and he needed to grab some other stuff from the bag without her interrupting him.

Steven then pulled out a shibari bondage suit. His cock got hard as he imagined her naked body in it. He grabbed his blade and ripped off her clothes. She whimpered as the blade scratched against her soft skin. He unclasped her bra and threw it aside. Her supple tits bounced out and begged attention as her little nipples turned hard from the air.

He began to put the shibari on her. This time she fought harder, there’s no doubt that she knew exactly how restrained she’d be and the little brat couldn’t stand losing control. He slapped her, hard. She cried out and tears began to well at the corners of her eyes. He felt bad at that one but knew it had to be done. He kissed her red cheek then began tying her up again. She cried harder.

Steven spent months trying to perfect the shibari on random sluts that threw themselves at him. He learned to constrain the arms behind the back and make it so the rope would squeeze the nipples. He learned how to make a handle for himself to pull on so that the rope pressed on her sensitive areas so she’d push herself up against him.

Kylie was in a world of hurt. No one had ever hit her and it was clear by the pained expression on her face. She really was scared and she didn’t want to go through with this. Steven was tying her up and that means she’d have even less control than now.

Steven finished tying her up and looked at his masterpiece. Her cheek was still red from him slapping her and he looked satisfied as he thought of how her ass would look by the end of this. Steven pushed Kylie onto all fours and pulled down his pants. This was it.

Kylie’s heart beat as fast as possible as she felt herself losing control. She was tied up so that her shoulders were on the floor and her butt was sticking up into the air.

Steven grabbed ahold of her hips and positioned his 9” cock at the entrance of her pussy. He didn’t care if she was wet or not. She would be a sopping wet mess by the end of this and he was sure of that. He pulled back then thrust in with all his power. He could feel the friction quickly then go away as he slipped into her tight canal. Kylie screamed in pain, actual pain, and tensed up under him. She was now wailing and crying. He got harder inside of her as he witnessed this then began rocking back and forth, hard. He grabbed the rope handle and pulled back – the rope pulled on her arms and neck, put friction on her nipples, and buried into her cunt. She unwillingly pushed back onto him and he continued this for a while. Steven grabbed a large vibrator from his bag and clamped it onto her clit. It was a remote vibrator and he switched it on to full power while he pounded her tight little hole. There was blood on his cock, from his early brutality and he smirked.

Kylie was in complete and utter pain, she had never been violated so cruelly. A part of her however, was welling up inside with ecstasy and pleasure. She was happy to be serving him. She was happy that her holes were being used so thoroughly.

As soon as the vibrator was switched on, Kylie twitched under him. She moaned loudly through her tears and shook. Little did she know that the projector was doubling up as a camera and her pain and humiliation was being recorded by the older man. She was cumming already and he knew he’d be able to blackmail her into submitting to him until she was broken enough for him. She screamed as she came, shocked by her orgasm. Steven pounded her even harder and shoved a finger up her asshole without lube. She yelped and continued to shake under him. Steven then grabbed a bottle of lube and rubbed it all over her ass and asshole, making sure to properly finger fuck her asshole. He could feel the tension around his fingers and knew it would hurt her but she had anal before and knew that she’d be fine. Without warning, he quickly pulled out of her raw pussy and slammed it into her tight ass. He ripped off the duct tape just in time to hear her scream and yell out in pain. She cried harder than ever before and he began to thrust deeply and quickly in and out of her rectum. She cried louder everytime he buried his meat deeper into her. Steven knew exactly how to hurt her and he made sure to. He would pull out then slam back in with all his force to hit her stomach and intestines. He turned the vibrator up. She moaned and cried. He grabbed a hold of her neck and choked her as she began to cum all over his cock. She had already cum twice and he was just getting started.

Kylie’s mind didn’t want to but her body urged her to cum and she did. Her tight little asshole was raw, burning, and getting sore from being fucked so roughly and she felt so stretched out by Steven’s thick cock.

Steven then wanted to fuck her even harder. He pulled out a 10” dildo from his bag and lubed it up. He positioned it at the entrance of her pussy and slammed it in. Kylie’s entire body wrenched up and she screamed out again. Loudly. She cried and cried as the dildo was pulled in and out of her sopping wet cunt and slammed back in at the same time that Steven rammed his cock into her stomach.

Kylie had had enough. This was too painful and she couldn’t take it. She didn’t know how to get him to stop but she was so turned on.

Soon, Kylie began to push her hips back onto Steven and the dildo. The breaking had begun. She squealed and welped everytime they hit her cervix and stomach. She began to shake and twitch again. This time in an even stronger orgasm. She was cumming and Steven only got rougher. She continued to twitch for a good minute and Steven thought her orgasm would never end. Watching her cum and break under him took him to the edge and he shoved his seed deep into her ass, he came a large load and pulled his cock out of her ass so that his cum would drip out. He stopped fucking her with the dildo then began to drill into her pussy and switched the dildo into her ass. She cried out as he shoved it in and then began to rock against Steven again. Her back arched and her breathing got heavier. She was cumming again, harder than ever. At this sight, Steven came into her pussy, breeding her. He pulled out and threw her onto the sheets and watched her twitch from orgasm. When she had come down, he began to take the shibari off her. She looked so sad and defeated that he couldn’t help but get more turned on.

He’d done it. He had fucked Kylie and now he would continue to break her.

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