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Bad idea

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My three dogs ruined me!! I was 17 when this happened I’m now 19 and I still do beastlality it’s very enjoyable

Hi so I’m gonna tell you a little story about what happened today I’m 19 years old I’m pretty petite 34 c breast and a nice but, well that’s what I hear anyways lol. So it all started one day I was bored because of this Corona virus I recently lost my virginity to a guy that was no bigger then a tampon. I was surfing the web and came across a picture of a girl and her dog so I did some more research on the whole dog sex thing lol.i have 3 rottweilers all of them are males and not cut my parents lease em to people for breeders. There names are diesel, gus, and Rosco this will be important so remember those names. I was watching some dog porn and playing with myself mind you I’m still pretty tight so I’m home all alone so I figured I’ll let one of them lick my pussy why not so I let diesel in hes my favorite one out of and he starts licking away at my pussy it feels so good I cant remember how many times I have orgasmed that day it all start when I took him back outside to the dog pen and he kept trying to knock me down and of course I open the pen and the other 2 run out there not interested just yet. Finally diesel gets me down and I feel him searching for my pussy as he stabs my ass and my thigh but hes gets it in on the 3rd try and no he was NOT taking his time before he even started to grow he was already gripping my pussy he started slamming home at this point his knot was already in me and was not really that big about the size of a small egg so I didn’t think it was gonna be horrible but I was wrong he was growing so large my pussy was pretty much tearing I could feel the tip of his dick it was bottomed out I could feel him cumming straight into my cervix he was still pounding me for 5 min with his knot stuck in me I cant tell you how much of his cum was in me because before I could even put my finger in to see the damage gus was right behind me a d he licked twice and he mounted me hes about the same as diesel as in size. Gus started fucking ne even harder I could already feel diesels cum inside me moving around with every thrust gus was locked to me for a little less time them diesel was but now rosco was the biggest of out dogs and he cane right be hind me and was licking my pussy as me and gus was locked together gus came out with a pop and rosco was ready no more licking and he mounted now his dick is a little bigger then the other 2 when he locked with me it hurt and felt so fucking good my pussy was barely able to hold his knot and the tip of his dick forsure went inside of my cervix his me and him was tied for over 25 minutes when he pulled out I tried pushing there cum out of me but barely any came out my pussy is alot more used today I’ve done alot of beastlality since after that but that’s a different story still today this day I think when my pussy juice is clear and kinda milky i still think some of there cum is inside me sometimes

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      No I let it heal it’s still about where it was before

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    Thank you guys for liking the story I will write some more for you guys?

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