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The Ideal Indian Bride (part : 4)

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My father in law made me fuck every night with unknown men. All day and night I fucked men I did not know. The servants fucked me too. I was every body’s wife. They fucked me very hardly and cum in my pussy.

One day my father in law told me that we should go to the village and live with our relatives for some days because there was a pooja festivle in the village.

We went to a train and my father in law took seats for us. I sat between my father in law and the two uncles from the village who will go to village again. My mother in law sat far away.

I noticed that the whole train room was filled with only men. I was too confused.

At night my father in law took my bra and pulled it away. The two village uncles took away my pallu and I was naked on my breasts and belly. They were squeezing my breasts very hardly and pulling my nipples. They kissed my cheek, lips, throats and breasts. After that they sucked my nipples and kissed my belly button.

My father in law took my hair and took me to one of the village uncle’s penis. I sucked it very hardly and cum was coming out of his penis. I sucked and ate it.

Suddenly I noticed that every body in the train room was looking at me. My mother in law too. She was woken up.

I was shy and said my father in law “What are you doing bapuji? There is unknown men in the train room. Please leave me.”

He laughed and said “No no. Tonight you are every body’s wife.

Then, everyone was coming towards me. They took me on their shoulders and threw my naked body on the seat of my mother in law’s seat. ” Come here beta!” my mother in law said to me smiling. I knew what to do. I laid my head on my mother in laws lap and spread my pussy wide.
Everybody came to me to fuck me. I was laying on my father in law. He put his penis inside my pussy and another man came on top us. He put his penis in too. ahhh… I screamed. But he did it even then.
Two men were massaging my breast and one man put his penis inside my mouth. I started sucking it hardly.Then two men came to me to get their penis massage. I took them in my hand and massage.
They came again and again. Some left and other came but my father in law never left my pussy. When everybody finished cuming, I had semen on my whole body and inside my pussy too. My mother in law washed my body with my blouse and my pussy with my panty.
I thought it was finished but the ticket checker came to the train room put torch light on my body. I was laying naked with wide open pussy. He showed a evil smile and said to my father in law “Is she a prostitute? It looks like that everybody ate her. Let me eat her too or you will all go to jail.”
I was scared so I quickly went to his feet and took his leg on my chest “Please don’t do that. Fuck me.” I took out his penis then and started sucking it. He began to sound horny and I was happy. I fucked him very nicely. He was happy so he left.
When I came down from the train I was wearing only sari. Not any bra or blouse with it. The sons of the elder brother of my father in law received us from the Railway. They looked horny when they looked at me.
When I went to the house a old man was sitting on the chair in the Front side of the house. Two middle aged fat tall men with big mustache were standing two sides of him.
My mother in law told me to go and touch his feet. “But I am topless” I said to my mother in law. “Not a matter beta. He will like so.” I did what she told me. My father in law started introducing me to him. It was his elder brother and his two sons.
They gave me a dirty looks and licked their lips showing me. I understood what type of man they were and I felt shy.
At night, my mother in law called me to her room and made me take off my sari. All the men in the house came in and started to touch my body. “What a great daughter in law you have” said my Uncle in law to my father in law and pushed his penis inside my pussy suddenly. He pulled my nipples and sqeezed my breasts very hardly. Then his two sons fucked me too. They fucked me in my mouth, butt and pussy.
They fucked me all night very hardly and left too much semen inside my pussy. I kept laying naked. My mother in law woke me and told me to go to the village pond and take a bath. She gave me only a small thin sari and told me not to wear bra and blouses because village woman don’t wear bra and thinks they are naughty thing.
So I went to the pond but everyone besides me were men. I did not know then that Village woman don’t bath in public. My mother in law knew and sent me.
After wetting myself in pond water, every men was looking at my body in naughty ways. I liked it very much and took off my pallu. I took soap foam in my hand and massaged it on my breasts and navel showing them.
After wetting myself finally, I went home with my pallu tied on my waist. Five or six men was following me and suddenly near a Bamboo jungle, they forced me inside and fucked me really hardly. I became unconscious and when I woke up it was already night.
I came to home and there was semen on my lips, thighs, breasts and neck. Everyone understood what happened and even so they fucked me again all night.
Next day at evening, my uncle in law called all men in the village to his house. The saint man came too. When he heard everything, he said to my in laws to make me fucked by everyone in the village. I am dirty and only that will clean my body.
So they built a Temple where I was going to seat all day naked, spreading my legs while village men came anytime and fucked me. Sometimes they gave money to my father in law or the saint man.
After five or six months I knew I was pregnant. My father in law called my husband and he told that he will never take me to America with someone’s else’s baby.
I was sad but this is the life of women. Now I am the Ideal Bride of everybody of the village.

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