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My first dick

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My growing libido was beginning to take over.

I had just turned 13. We still lived in the same 3 bedroom apartment but my grandfather had recently passed away so the 3rd bedroom was now mine and my 12 year old cousin’s. Despite being cousins, we acted like brothers. We fought like brothers and we got along like brothers. Derek was a year younger but his sexual curiosity was almost at the same level as mine. His mom wasn’t very sexually active, but now that my mom had a room to herself again, she was back at it with whatever guy she met at the bar that particular night.

It was a Friday night and Derek and I were up late playing video games when I heard mom stumble in. She was with some guy I had never seen before and never saw again afterward. She was 41 and she was bringing home guys in their 20’s and 30’s. They went straight to her bedroom and closed the door. Earlier that night Derek and I were talking about girls and masturbation. He told me all about the stuff his mom when she thought he was sleeping and I told him the stuff my mom did. We both talked about how we rubbed our dicks and how awesome it felt. Seems to be typical things boys our age talk about privately.

“Wanna see something cool?” I asked Derek.

“Always!” he replied.

As soon as I opened our bedroom door I heard Mom moaning. We crept down the hallway to her room. I placed my index finger over my lips, “Shhhh. Whatever you do, don’t make a sound.” I whispered to him.

Derek had a huge grin on his face as he nodded back at me. I opened the door as quietly as I possibly could and peeked thru the cracked opening. Mom was on all fours with her face buried in a pillow she was using to muffle her screams. The much younger man was behind her really giving it to her good. I motioned for Derek to come take a look. As soon as he looked in his hand instinctively went to his dick. I only noticed because I was softly rubbing mine thru my pajama pants as well. Derek backed away from the door and motioned excitedly for me to see what was happening. I peeked in and got a perfect view of Mom sucking this man’s dick. I quietly closed the door and we retreated back to our room.

When we got back to our bedroom we both had noticeable hard ons and we were both discreetly rubbing them. A few quiet moments passed before I broke the silence.

“We should rub our dicks”

“No way, that would make us gay.” he responded.

“No, I rub mine and you rub yours. Besides, its not gay if you’re related.” I had nothing to base that on but it sounded believable. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. They probably look the same anyways” I went on.

Derek agreed and took his pants off. His dick was hard as a rock but not very big. 4″ tops if I had to guess. I followed by pulling my pants down. Derek giggled when he saw mine. “That’s WAY bigger than mine.” he said with a chuckle

I had grown a lot the previous couple years, as puberty had come ahead of schedule. I was a full 6″ taller than Derek and started getting my early man muscles while he was still waiting for puberty to do its magic.Probably explains why his erection wasn’t as big as mine. My dick, just like the rest of my body, was growing like an uncontrollable weed.

Derek’s giggling stopped and he stood stunned at my cock swinging back and forth. It was twice the size as his. We both laid down on our beds and began stroking. It only took 15 seconds or so before he orgasmed. “Does your’s do this?” he asked me pointing to the few trickles of cum he had.

“Yeah. Watch this.” I picked up the pace a bit and shot a healthy dose of cum in the air and back down omy stomach. Derek sat and watched amazed. Even giggling again. I let out a huge sigh. “That felt great.” I added.

A few days later our moms had both gone to work and being summer break, we had the house to ourselves. After breakfast Derek said he had something to show me. We went to his mom’s room and he pulled something out of her sock drawer and handed it to me.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Its a massager. But my mom uses it on her pussy.”

“Really? Follow me, I’ve got something to show you too.” I said with a grin.

We went to my mom’s room and I pulled out her dildo. The same rubber dildo she’d been using for years now. I handed it to him. “This is what my mom uses on her pussy.”

He looked shocked. “It’s even bigger than yours.” he said. “Remember when your mom had his dick in mouth that night? I wonder how good that feels.”

“It’s gotta be better than our hands. Every time I watch my mom, she’s always doing that.” I told him.

What he did next shocked me. He put as much of my mom’s 10″ dildo as he could into his mouth and pretended to suck it. “What are you doing?!” I yelled out.

“Just seeing what its like. Its not so bad.”

“Put it away, we got chores to get done.” I said

That night we were up late again. Our moms had gone to bed having to get up for work the next morning. We were both laying in our beds trying to fall asleep but were unable.

“I cant stop thinking about your mom and what we did after.”

“It’s all I ever think about. My dick is hard all the time.” I explained “Wanna rub them again?”

We both jumped out of bed and yanked our pants down, got back in bed to start playing with ourselves. Except Derek got into my bed with me. My initial reaction was to kick him out but my eagerness to watch him kind of sounded good. We laid on our backs next to each other and started stroking. After a minute or so I feel Derek’s hand cross over my leg. He pushed my hand away and took my dick with his. It felt awkward at first but I decided to go with it. I grabbed his dick and began stroking him as well.

“This feels great!” Derek whispered

“Do you want to use our mouths?” I asked

“I dont know.”

“You were sucking my moms dildo and said it wasn’t that bad.” I explained.

Derek reluctantly agreed and got into position. “I dont know.” he repeated

“Just kiss it and lick it. Ifyou dont like it you dont have to put it in your mouth. If you do, I’ll do it for you back.”

He agreed and began to pucker his lips. He gave it a quick peck on my tip. I told him to try licking it now. He slowly stuck his tongue out and gave it a lick. Without any further encouragement he opened his mouth and put my cock in his mouth. Immediately I felt like cumming. After 30 seconds I popped off in his mouth. Derek jumped up and was gagging. “You should’ve told me you were going to do that.”

I apologized, “Sorry. Did it taste bad? What was it like?”

“It didn’t taste bad, I just wasn’t expecting it.” he explained “Your turn” he added

We switch positions. I was on all fours between his legs. I took his cock and put it in my mouth. Ever since we masturbated together a few nights prior, I had wanted to try sucking his dick. I grabbed the base of his shaft and started bobbing my head up and down. His dick was warm and smooth. I could feel it getting bigger and harder in my mouth. I feel a tap on my shoulder. “Its coming” he said

Lost in moment I continued to suck. Then I felt a small squirt hit the roof of my mouth and down the back of my throat. There wasn’t much there but I swallowed every bit of it. I loved sucking his dick. I loved it when he came in my mouth. And I couldn’t wait to try it again.

There’s more stories coming from my sex life…

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