Accidental encounter

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In South Africa, Eskom ( Electric power supplier own by Government) implented load shedding. Lemme me introduce myself. I am known as Rider from my soccer playing days. The name stuck. Working in the health sector, there I often knock off around dark. I came back from work work very late on the 15/03/2020. On my arrival it was dark ( pitch black). Had to walk +- 1 km from the public transportation to my place. Unfortunately I was robbed of my Phone, Identity documents and was stabbed on my lower back. Well I took it light and went straight home. The following day was difficult to walk. The robbery incovinienced me a lot, as I was used to call my sister and step daughter from my previous relationship. Well I went to the public hospital where I was treated as outpatient. I was not aware that the interrupted routine would trigger panick. My sister called my step daughter to check on me. My step daughter was a grown fully figured young girl of 19 years. Let’s call her Ariana. She came to my place on the 19/03/2020 and found me struggling with pain. I hated Tramadol as the hospital put me on it. I asked her to give me my meds from the master bedroom and she brought me Tramadol. I took because I was in pain. Ten minutes later the pain was gone. I stood up to rush to the bathroom as I knew I will soon be drowsy. On my return she was in the sitting room preparing plates for supper. I tried to give her a hug as a token of appreciation, not aware that I was semi aroused. Because she was in mini-skirt, my dick brushed against her panties. I immidiately retrieved hoping she didn’t notice. We continued talking like nothing happened until it was time for her to leave. Due to prior incident I just said my goodbyes and sat down. She probed me with a concerned face because normally I will hug her or kiss her on the chin. She asked if the pain was worse? I had to lie because was scared that my dick was not flaccid yet. She stood and kissed me on the forehead. If betrayal was an organ, I would call my dick betrayal. Being under the influence of Tramadol and the desire not to break the tradition, I stood up and hugged her tight and long. My dick was throbbing. She stood there not surprised but speechless. It hurts so bad that my dick probed near her golden hole. I blame it on the moment of crazy and horny. I started passionately kissing her lips. She kissed back and one thing led to the next. The next thing I knew she was naked and undressing me. She accidentally touched my wound which drove my 12 inch cock in the state of desperate hunger. I went down on her and started slowly kissing, softly biting her inner thighs and the tip of her inviting buttocks. When doing something you shouldn’t be doing, conscious will always kick in. Before I stopped I decided to lick the baby powder with a tint of sex odor. She was really wet. I looked up and apologized stating how inappropriate it is. She struggled for breath as she moaned and sad ” Daddy, I want you to continue, please don’t stop”. Those words drove me to the edge. I worked on her Clit and She orgasmed hard. Told myself that if I give her a chance to regain strength she will come to her senses. I gently and slowly started penetrating her. Because I was in discomfort I couldn’t cum despite her being so tight. I went on for something like 15 minutes which she came twice. After which she felt my dick was as hard as a rod. I asked her to be on top because of the pain I was feeling. She came once more before I could release a huge load of semen at which she convulsed uncontrollably. She whispered ” I love you Daddy, and thanks for making me a woman”. She decided to sleep over and we repeatedly fucked and made love. Don’t get me wrong. Normally I am a two rounds guy, but it was the best repeated sexual encounter I ever had. We decided she will dump her boyfriend and she sleeps at my place daily. We fell in love with each more than ever. Abomination or not we enjoy it while it last because in South Africa what we do is forbidden. The only scare I have is not being sure whether she is on contraception or not.

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  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:fzq5op20i

    dad and daughter sex, I hope daughter don’t get pregnant and hopefully don’t get caught?