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Finding out guys give good head too

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Over the years though I’ve always considered myself straight I’ve had experiences where guys have sucked my cock. And I must admit I enjoyed it.

For those not familiar with my other experiences, my wife and I got married at 18 and almost immediately got into swinging. The majority of our experiences were MFM threesomes, but we also swapped with other couples, had some gangbangs, and tried all sorts of other things. Where most of the experiences I’ve shared up to this point were primarily about my hot wife exposing herself to others and having sex with other guys. Over the years there were some experiences where I allowed other guys to suck my cock.

My first such experience was well before I got married at 18 when a friend made a bet with me and said if he lost he’d suck my dick. I’d taken it as a figure of speech like if you say I’ll kiss your ass. You say it but everyone involved knows it was just a figure of speech. And this bet was something there was no doubt that I’d win. And when I did I just laughed and forgot all about it. Then later that night when my friend was spending the night as he’d done many times when I turned the light off he says he guesses its time for him to pay off the bet. I’m still thinking he’s joking until I feel his hand sliding inside my underwear. At first, I’m thinking I’m going to call his bluff and see just how far he’ll take it. Still thinking its all a big joke.

Then I feel his hand wrapping around my cock, the manipulation causing it to start to get hard. Then I feel his weight shift in the bed and feel my underwear being slid down my legs. I’m starting to realize this seems like more than a joke. Still, neither of us has said a word as his hand is stroking my now hard cock again. And feeling his weight shift in the bed again I feel his hot wet mouth wrap around the head of my now rock hard cock. I’m in a state of shock as I’d never had my cock touched by another person, nor had I ever expected to have another guy doing something like this. And especially my young friend everyone thought was my brother. And though I was young I’d known there were guys people called queers who liked to have sex with other guys. And I’d always thought of them as older creepy-looking strangers. I’d told myself I’d run away from screaming from if I ever encountered one of them.

Now I’d found myself in my own bed with another young boy my own age with his mouth moving over the head of my cock as he had his hand wrapped around the shaft. And I just laid there frozen as he starts stroking the shaft as he sucks on it and still neither of us saying a word as he’s taking more & more of my cock in his hot mouth. And he licks up and down the shaft and around the head as he plays with my balls. Then he finally breaks the silence only saying he’d seen me naked before and knew I had a nice dick but had no idea it was that big. Then just goes back to sucking & stroking it. Finally, I feel the pressure building up and I explode in his mouth as he swallows every huge squirt of my cum. Then when I’m finished he starts licking every drop of my hot cum left.

He rolls over as if nothing at all had happened as I pull up my underwear. The next day neither of us mentions what had happened and we go on as usual. I wonder to myself if he just took a bet that serious and try and put it out of my mind. Then a few weeks later we’re having another sleepover. And once things have quieted down and it sounds like my parents are asleep my friend breaks the silence and just says, I know what you’re thinking and I feel his hand once again moving inside my underwear. This soon becomes a regular thing where every time he spends the night all he’ll say is I know what you’re thinking or sometimes says nothing at all. But each time he sucks my cock until I give him a mouth full of cum. And we never discuss it. This went on for a couple of years until we started dating girls and got our driver’s licenses. Then if just stopped happening.

While I’m dating I find several girls who liked sucking cock and fucking so I’m very content sexually. And at 18 I get married to a girl I’d dated for a couple of years. An though by all outward appearance she was very prim & propper being a preacher’s daughter. She still behind closed doors loved sex and especially enjoyed sucking my thick nine-inch cock. She dressed very conservatively and did a good job in hiding her hot 5-8, 110lb, 34D-24-35 body and kept her long silky red hair pulled up. But I knew how sexy she was even if no one else did. And soon after we got married at 18 yrs old lots of others would too.

I’ve shared several stories about our experiences where my sexy wife Lynn would expose her hot body to others. As well as how we were into wife swapping, many mfm threesomes, gangbangs etc. But must admit some of the experiences I’ve not discussed as much were those involving my getting my cock sucked by other guys. And it’s funny because they were all initiated by my hot wife’s desire to see me having my cock sucked by another guy. And I’d go along as a way to repay her for any kinky thing she might have done for me she wasn’t particularly interested in. But though I never told her I actually got off on most of them. I’ve never sucked another guy off and have no intent to. But must admit I’ve enjoyed having guys go down on me as my sexy wife watched.

The times that turned me on the most were when it was guys who claimed to be straight. But given the chance to fuck my hot wife they’d put their sexual preferences aside. And my most favorite was a couple of times when it was younger guys she’d seen checking her out and she’d put on a little show for them. After getting them really turned on she’d offer them an opportunity to come to our hotel room for wild sex with her. The only condition was, she’d tell them they’d have to suck my cock first to prove they wouldn’t tell anyone about the experience. The boys were so turned on by her they agreed. She brought them to our room and stripped to let them see their prize. Each boy was reluctant at 1st and I pretended to be but said I’d go along with it for her.

But having these teenage boys take my cock in their mouth brought back the thrill of that first time my friend sucked me off. Feeling my cock harden in their hand as they are first considering taking another guys cock in their mouth. Then watching them finally wrap their lips around it. And each time I’ve noticed that at first they hesitate but it seemed once they got started they began to get excited and we’re getting into running their tongue up & down my long thick shaft & around the head and sucking on my balls. As well as learning how to swallow more and more of my cock down their throat. And start to look like they can’t wait to taste my hot thick cum in their mouth. By the time they finish sucking my cock they’re ready to devour my sexy wife they’ve become so excited.

And it’s as if watching another man suck my dick is an aphrodisiac to her. Because after watching this she looks like she’s trying to fuck their brains out. On a couple of occasions, I’ve let guys suck my cock in adult theaters while watching my wife being gangbanged by a group of strangers. But aside from that and the guys, my wife has wanted to suck me off I’ve never sought out a guy to blow me. But must admit having enjoyed those that have. And though I still have no interest in so much as touching another guy’s cock. I have enjoyed those who serviced mine.

Hope you enjoyed, comments are welcome but please don’t request photos. [email protected]

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  • Reply Iva ID:1dhmznlilbng

    I enjoy sucking a cock. But I have had several guys that I have squirted in their mouths and some of them even suck my dick several times in a night. One guy swallowed my sperm over 7 times one holiday. I have also had a young lady suck my dick over 10 times one night!

    • A couple times ID:1e8gp50vwlxv

      I would like suck a man and have him cum in my mouth

  • Reply Ass Trapper ID:8ldli0lv9a

    Great story. Even though I prefer females, I have on numerous occasions, had my cocked sucked a dude. During the pandemic I was away from home for 3 months and since all the bars were closed, it was hard to find chicks. I turned to Grinder ( not sure if that’s the right spelling). I went through 15 different guys, all between the ages of 18 – 21 ( and at least two I was pretty sure, were not close to 18 ). Anyway, they all gave great head and loved sucking on my daddy cock. I had repeats all the time and pretty much had a dude every night, for three months. John was was my favorite. He’d suck my cock even after I blew and he swallowed. I liked that kid. I liked him so much, his cock was the first one I ever sucked. And the fifth dude I ever banged. Wasn’t sure how I was going to react, but I sucked his cock how I like mine sucked. He shot a huge load into my mouth, hitting the back of my mouth with force. Got him to shoot in under 3 minutes. Then I fucked the hell out his 18 year old ass.

  • Reply Iva ID:17cdv1opm4vd

    I have sucked and swallowed a lot of cum. Nothing better than making a young guy squirt it in your mouth.

  • Reply anthony ID:6ewq7ufu42

    wow liked it a lot

  • Reply Anonymous Sissy boy ID:28b7apvk0k

    At 15 I dressed as a girl an to my surprise my uncle seen me an made me suck him off. He cum in my mouth an I swallowed an enjoyed it. The next day I let him fuck me an he pumped his load in my ass. I enjoyed it. My uncle moved to a different town an he ask me to live with him an I could dress as a girl all the time. I so much enjoyed sex with him an he always bought me sexy thing to wear. We together for twenty years till he passed away. I still enjoy West women’s cloth an sucking an have analdone on me.