Teaching a student in private

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Hey, my name is Jessica Springfield. I’m a full time teacher who likes her students. I’m a married woman. But I like to fuck one of my students.

This is basically me.

Ok let’s get to the story.

“Ok get your books out and read chapter 22 and 23 ten we’ll do something fun!” I shouted. “Eh Mrs. Springfield?” A student says. “Yea?” I respond. “Can I use the restroom?” He asks and waves his hand. This is the student I’m fucking. And him asking for the rest room and then waving his hand is our code for “Meet me in the restroom and let’s fuck.”.

“Sure” I respond, and he is out pretty fast. I wait for maybe 3 or so minutes and say “Ok class I’m going to go and get some papers. I’ll be back in a bit.” As I walk out. I am literally jogging to the restroom.

The second I come in he pulls me into one of the stalls and starts making out with me. He spins me around, pulls my jeans of and puts his dick in my ass. So now I’m in a bathroom stall getting rammed anal. It feels so damn good. “You’re so big. You’re just 14. You’re bigger then most adults” “Hah I know” he responds. He rams me for about 10 minutes then he cums into my ass. Largest load he has ever had.

Then we just return to class. And after the day when school is over I go over to his place and “helps him with his homework”. And now it’s weekend, his parents aren’t home and my husband is out in a business trip……

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  • Reply Johny ID:2x0gwlybqra

    Pleas i want sex am a man

  • Reply GPV20 ID:2kyee16vm4

    whoa dat gud

  • Reply Adoro ID:1c25cx7lzrd

    That are the right for me. If you want i am from Germany you can contact me.

  • Reply Catchall ID:7zv39tad9a

    That about sized that up-uh the rest of the class wonders why and where are the papersand the rest if them little boys already know-and they’ll be next in line- betcha!