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Linda and her daughter

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Fucking Linda is great and so is fucking her 11-year-old daughter. Fiction, young

I met Linda online and asked her out.

Our first date was just coffee at a local coffee shop where we both got to see each other and get a quick idea of what the other was like. Linda was cute with an equally cute face, an even nicer body and a bubbly and funny personality. I knew I liked her and asked her for her phone number. She must have liked me, too because she gave it to me.

I called her the next day and asked her out to dinner a couple evenings later. She said that she would enjoy that.

I took her to an Italian place that I liked. We had wine, salad, lasagna and then more wine. After we had finished, she accepted my invitation to come to my place for a little bit. We weren’t there very long before we were going 69 and then I was pounding her pussy. That, after all, was the primary reason I asked her out in the first place. I was looking to get laid and did not care if it was a one-night stand or lead to many repeat performances. Linda had a hot body and sex with her was as hot as her body.

Our third date was a week later. I stopped at KFC and we went to the beach for a picnic. We learned much more about each other then. I found out that she was twenty-six and has an eleven-year-old daughter. She learned that I am not quite twenty-four. I learned that she has a two-year degree and was a store clerk and she learned that I did not go to college and work as a new home construction framer. That time her babysitter could not stay late so I did not get to enjoy her sexual pleasures.

On date number four she asked if she could bring her daughter and I said sure. Jennifer was a small copy of her mother. She was also cute and had a similar personality. She said that she liked to be called Jen and that her eleventh birthday had been three months before.

That evening, after dinner we went to Linda’s apartment. Jen asked if I had ever watched ‘The Little Mermaid’? I said no and she suggested that we watch it. Her mom said that I probably would not enjoy it, but I said I would be happy to watch it if that was what she wanted. Linda rolled her eyes and mouthed the work, sorry.

As we watched the movie, Jen hopped up and sat on my lap. I am sure that Linda did not notice but every once in a while, Jen would wiggle get butt in my lap. She had to notice that I got hard.

When the movie ended, her mom sent her to her room to go to bed. Linda and I cuddled on the couch and petted as we watch a more adult movie. When the movie ended, Linda said, “Jen must be sleeping now so we can go to my bed and have sex. We just need to be quiet because her bed is just on the other side of the wall from my bed.”

”As much as I am looking forward to fucking you again, I want to make you really noisy, so let’s wait till we are alone. But let’s not wait very long.”

Linda pouted and then smiled, “I can at least suck you off.” I was not about to say no to a blowjob. She got off the couch and unfastened my slacks. I raised my butt, and she pulled my pants and shorts down. It took a little effort to get them over my already hard cock. She did a spectacular job and swallowed every drop of my male offering and then licked her lips. “Next time we won’t have my little tag-a-long.”

A couple nights later, Linda got an overnight sitter and she stayed at my place till early morning. I lost track of how many times we fucked or in how many different positions. She literally wore me out till I could not get it up anymore.

The following weekend, we went to the beach. We all had fun swimming and splashing each other in the warm water. Jen swam between my legs several times, and each time she bumped into my package as she did it. I wondered if it was intentional.

After we exited the water, we settled down on the big blanket that we brought. “I’ve gotta’ poop. I’ll be back. Jen, do you want to come with me?”

“No Mom. I don’t need to go. I’ll stay here with Tony.”

The toilets were quite a way down the beach, so Linda headed that way. Jen cuddled up next to me. “I don’t know who my father is because Mom doesn’t know.”

“I don’t need to know those things, Jen.”

“It’s OK. Do you know why Mom broke up with her last boyfriend? They were together for a few months. One day He came over before Mom got home. I let him in. He grabbed me and took my clothes off. I told him to stop but he pushed me down on the floor, pulled down his pants, got between my legs and pushed his penis in me. It hurt and I cried but he didn’t stop. Then it stopped hurting and started to feel good. He pulled out and squirted his stuff all over my chest.”

“Jen, I don’t want to hear this.”

“After that, every time he could come over when Mom was not home, he would come and fuck me. I really liked it. We probably did it a dozen times before Mom caught us and chased him away. He did go to a doctor friend of his and got me the pill, so he did not have to pull out. He said he hated to use a rubber. I liked the feel of his stuff shooting in me, too. He also taught me how to suck his cock. He really liked that. I like you and I want you to fuck me too, but we have to be careful that Mom does not catch us.”

“Jen, that’s not going to happen. I like you a lot, but I am not going to have sex with you.”

“Yes, you will.” She reached over and grabbed me, “See, you’re hard just thinking about it.” I was. Then we say Linde coming back up the beach. Jen rolled away from me.

Jen was right, I couldn’t fight it. A week later I was at Linda’s house after school got out, fucking Jen before her mother got home from work. Jen was about 5’1” and could not have weighed much more than ninety pounds. Her boobs weren’t much bigger than a tangerine half and she only had a half dozen pubic hairs. Her young pussy was super tight, and she really wanted it.

“You’re bigger than Rick. I like it. Fuck me hard. It makes my pussy feel really good.”

“It was hard to keep both of them satisfied but I was enjoying trying.” One evening, I was at Linda’s apartment when she and Jen got into a fight. They were face to face yelling at each other. Suddenly Jen shouted out, “Tony is fucking me. I bet he fucks me more often than he fucks you, and I love it.”

Linda gave me a look that would kill and pointed at the door. I was gone in seconds. Two days later, the phone rang. It was Linda. “Jen and I made up and talked. I know that she came on to you and you said no but she kept at it till no man could have resisted. I’m sorry and we want you to come over for supper tomorrow. Plan to spend the night. We both want you.”

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