Two girls a boy and his dogs

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this is the true story of me my sister and her girlfriend, when I was young she took photos of me fucking my dog and from then on I was forced to do any kinky thing she wanted.

A boy 2 girls and 2 dogs

The continuing story of a boy his sister and her best friend, so last time I was taken to my sister’s friends house and made to suck and fuck her huge Rotwilder, this dog was at least 100lb had a huge cock and the biggest knot I had ever taken. There was a lot of other kinky shit as well that ended with my sister sucking me till I squirted cum into her mouth,


It was my 17th birthday like normal my folks were working the late shift at the jobs, I don’t normally mind as it gives me the nights to myself, I can have over friends or whatever I wanted and they didn’t know what I was up to, but it was my birthday and I was all alone.

I sat there watching some silly show on TV when the door opened and there was my sister with her friend Sue, I wasn’t sure what was going on but it was nice not to be alone. Sue came over gave me a big wet kiss and said happy birthday, then Carol my sister did the same, we are talking big wet with lots of tongue. They had both been drinking and seemed to be in a very good mood.

My sister went out to the kitchen and came back with 3 more beers, she gave me one and said happy birthday again, we ended up drinking 3 or 4 more before Sue said I want to meet these dogs of yours, the dogs were in my room I told her so she got up and headed down the hall, once in my room she lay on my bed and said I want then to lick my pussy, my sister said she’s been talking about it ever since the night at her place, well I said let’s see if we can help her out, I told her to take off her jeans and panties and sit in the chair, I left and returned with some honey, rubbed it inside her pussy and had to put Sandy in the bathroom so Micky could get at her cunt, Mickey had an extra long tongue and was by far the best licker, Sue was having a good time, moaning and pushing he pussy at him then she asked me to rub her clit while he was licking her, as I did I was pulling her lips open wide for the dog and then she went off, she screamed like she was being killed or something, she grabbed my hand and his head and yelled no more I can’t take it. She closed her legs and just sat there shaking, it must have been a good cum.

My sister and I were smiling and then I said I guess you want me to fuck the dogs for you again? But Sue sat up and said no, we want you to help the dogs fuck us. What I said, both of you, my sister told me it’s all she has been talking about getting her pussy licked and then fucked,, she made me promise I would also do it if she did, I told her I would if I could fuck the smaller dog,

I was smiling from ear to ear, my mind was running wild and I instantly looked around room for my camera, if my sister locked with the dog I was so going to get a photo of it, Sue looked at me and said so what do we need to do first? I said you want to make sure your pussies are nice and lose first or it might hurt you, my sister looked at me and said well you’re not gonna fist my pussy if you’re thinking of that, I smiled at her and said as nice as that idea was maybe some dildos would work.

Sue said I’m ok with being fisted but I want Carol to try and do it, then OK I said let’s play, I told the girls this time I want everyone naked, it’s not going to be just me this time, after we we’re all naked I took out the lube and a few of my dildos, you have to remember this is the 70s and these girls had lots of pubic hair, oh I miss those days. Sue asked what she needed to do so my sister could fistfuck her, I told her it would be easier if she was on the bed up on her hands and knees, Sue got ready and my sister took one of the larger dildos and lubed it up and started pushing it into Sue’s pussy, once it was nice and lubed I gave her a latex gloves and said this makes it easier and your nails won’t scratch her

Carol put on the glove and I lubed it up, then she started to work on Sue’s pussy, she was working in fingers one after the other and finally she was up to the knuckles, it’s always the knuckles that are the problem, I felt under Sue and started to rub her clit so she would get excited and relax, she started to moan then she pushed back against my sister’s hand and in it went, Sue grabbed her hand and said just wait a sec it feels like I’m completely full inside, after a few minutes she said ok start fistfucking me slowly, Carol pulled out her fist and slowly pushed it back in, after a few times doing that Sue loosened up and Carol’s hand was sliding in and out with no problems.

While my sister was fisting Sue I went to the bathroom and got Micky the larger of the dogs and led him over to the bed, I took Carol’s hand and wiped it on Micky’s nose, the dog was sniffing around her pussy, then he found Sue’s what he was looking for and jumped right up on her, the dog wrapped his front legs around Sue’s hips and was pumping at her pussy, I reached under pulled the skin back so his cock was out and pointed it at Sue’s cunt, once it was in Sue started to scream it was a good scream and Micky was driving it into her hard and fast, I was feeling around and could tell the knot was growing, I said he is about to lock in you are you sure? I want it all let him lock she said, so I let him go and in another minute he was locked.

Offer a few minutes Mickey stopped pumping and just lay across Sue’s back and I held his ass pushing him in so he wouldn’t try and pull out early, my sister was watching and really enjoyed it, she said, I can’t believe you have him in you, how’s it feel? Is it hurting? Sue said it didn’t hurt but she felt very full, more than she had ever felt, Sue looked at me and said she wanted me to lay under her and licked her pussy, I guess that’s fair I said with a smile, I slid under her so I could reach her clit, I told my sister to hold up his nuts so I could get to her, it was a little hard to get to the clit but I did the best I could do, after working on it Sue let out a screen and I guess she had another good cum.

I decided to just lay there so I could watch the cock come out and I know she wanted me to let the cum flow all over my face when that happened, it was only fair, my sister decided that since I was just laying there and Sue wasn’t going anywhere fast, she would give me a blow job, what a nice sister, I was thinking this would have been a great photo, a dog stuck in Sue’s cunt, me laying under her and my sister on her knees with her ass in the air sucking my cock, I held off as long as I could then I shot what felt like a huge load into her mouth, again she drank it all down, no one could ask for a better sister.

I could see the knot was going soft and I closed my eyes and opened my mouth ready for the flood of dog cum and pussy juices, then it popped out and my face was covered, I drank down the cum with joy. Sue rolled off me as she wanted to see the come all over me, how do you like it she said?I love it but I must admit it didn’t come out of your ass, fuck you, she said.

My sister asked her how it was and sue told her she had never felt so hot, when fucking a guy it was all about them, there cum, there pleasure, she sometimes felt like she was just there to fuck them and hold there cum. This time it was all about her and she loved it. Sue said she now wanted to try the Rottweiler next chance she got to dog sit him.

I washed my face and returned to find my sister on her hands and knees with Sue pushing a dildo into her waiting pussy, my sister said, I want you to get the biggest one you used on yourself, I want to see if I can take a cock as big as you take, I went and got the big one, it was 24″ long and as fat as my school friends (I have a guy from school the girls won’t touch as his cock is so big, we get together on the down low as he thinks he is straight, since I suck him off and he fucks my ass?)
Anyway it’s about 2″ wide and on a good day I can take all of it till my ass clamps shut when it slides inside me, Carol’s pussy so not that deep, so I was interested in seeing how much she could take, it went in fine but about 9″s was all her pussy was good for, still not bad and the dogs are not that long so she will be fine.

She told me it felt all wet and stretched so bring on the dog and lets get to the fucking, I reminded her that once the knot was inside her it was going to stay so don’t do anything stupid and try to pull it out, I’m ready she said so I went and got Sandy, he was all hot he could smell all the dog cum and pussy juices so he was on Carol and pounding her, this time Sue reached under and slid the cock into my sister’s waiting cunt, Sandy was driving it into her and she screamed,it’s so big and I can feel the knot growing, it feels huge inside me. Sue said just relax and once he stops fucking you he will start to pump his hot cum in your pussy, it feels amazing you’ll see.

In a few minutes, that’s what happened, sandy draped over her back and you could see his ass hole pucker each time her squirted I shot of cum in her, Sue said I want to see it from underneath like I did with you, I told her, she’ll pour cum all over you when he pulls out, she said I know but it’s pussy cum and I want to taste it from her pussy, so when Sue was licking my sister’s clit I went down on Sue and worked her pussy, we had this 3 was thing down and nobody got left out,

When Sandy pulled out of Carol a huge gush of cum flowed into Sue’s open mouth, she drank it all up then she grabbed Carol’s ass and pulled it down so my sister was sitting on her face and she licked ever drop of dog cum from inside her cunt and around it, she was as big a cum slut as I was, sue rolled my sister over onto her back so she could lay between her legs and keep working her pussy, I got Sue to her knees with her face in Carol’s pussy, then I went around behind her and slid my cock into her, she said, what are you doing? I’m going to fuck you like a dog is that ok, there was a look between girls a nod and she said ok that’s fine,

When the girls were done and I had cum all up in her pussy, this time filling Sue’s pussy with man cum, both the girls got on the knees and came up to me, so we were all on our knees and they started to kiss me, kiss each other and then all three of us were kissing at one time,

We all rushed off and showered dressed just in time because when we all sat down and turned the TV on my mom walked in from work,

I have a lot more true stories I want to share but if anyone would like to ask a question I’m at [email protected]

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