I took two studs in one night…

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One night out in the barn I took on two big studs…

My husband and I retired from teaching in the Washington, DC area and bought a 40 acre farm in the shadows of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. We had several horses of our on and we from time to time would board a horse or two for friends. One couple we knew had bought a former show jumper who was retired due to an injury. ” Dusty’s Pride” was a big grey stallion and we had hoped to breed him with one of our mares.

We kept our mares in a corral at night just outside the barn and “Dusty” was kept in one of the two stalls in the barn. One night about 12:00, Dusty started making a lot of racket out in the barn. We could hear him kicking against the gate and whinnying loudly.

Papa and I got up and I grabbed a flashlight and he grabbed his pistol and we went out to see if there was a bear or some other critter prowling about. Come to find out as we looked around, my mare Penny appeared to be coming in to season . Dusty had gotten her scent and was getting worked up. Papa laughed and said If we didn’t do something to calm him down until morning, nobody would get much sleep.

I knew just what ole Dusty needed, I opened the big wooden box where we kept our medical supplies for the animals and pulled out a pair of plastic gloves and grabbed a handful of vaseline.
I reached in and began to run my hands over Dusty’s balls and sheath and Papa but a lead around his head to keep him from moving too much.

Dusty snorted and stomped his foot and his cock sprang out about 2 feet and I began to stroke his cock. In just a minute or so, his cock grew even bigger and was rock hard. His cockhead was big and swollen in a mushroom shape. When I let go of his cock it twitched up and down maybe 6 inches or so with every heart beat ( Talk about a throbbing cock).

Papa laughed and said that he thought I had Dusty’s attention now. Papa had tied Dusty’s head tight to the ring in the barn wall and was now standing beside me. Dusty’ started to stomp his feet and snort again. So I reached in and started to stroke his huge cock and a little juice started to dribble out.

Papa slipped behind me and lifted up my nightgown as I stroked Dusty’s hard 30″ cock. He dropped his PJs and slipped his cock between my ass cheeks as Dusty began to make thrusting motions against my hand He then reached over and grabbed a gob of vaseline and slipped his hard 7 inch cock up my ass as I held on to the side of the stall.

Papa kept working his cock in and out of my ass slowly as I stroked Dusty’s cock . Then Dusty gave a big snort and a shake and blasted several big streams of cum about 3-4 feet. Papa was pumping away and I lost control of the horse cock and he sprayed cum everywhere including my face and chest. He must have shot at least a pint of hot horse cum.

Papa was till pumping his cock up my ass and he blew a load of cum as he snorted and stomped his foot. LOL. Dusty was still about half erect and his cock was still dripping cum. Papa turned me around and I breathlessly kissed him as my heart pounded. When I looked down his cock was about half erect and still dripped a few drops of cum.

For the first time in my life, I had sex with two big studs in one night.

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    Would lobe to chat with you about playing with horse cock my wife loves it
    river hand @wicker

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    I Enjoyed Reading your story About you and your DAD and The Horse and if you Have Any More story’s About you and your DAD and The Horse I would Like to know About Those story’s as well or if you have any story’s about you and the horse I would like to know about those story’s as well and you can send me an invite on Hangout My Hangout information is [email protected] I will be waiting for your invite

    • Ed ID:1ghm3x7hd9d

      Papa is clearly a nickname. Clearly states it’s her husband. Get your daddy fetish out of here 😂

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    That’s so hot please share more stories

  • Reply Mike ID:fzqnlkm9i

    very nice