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My Excursion !

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Recently I visited Japan, Mongolia, and a few other countries of Southeast Asia where sex tourism flourishes. I am a 59-year old sexy male with sound health, and of course with ample wealth as well. I am a Lolita Lover, or, Loli-lover.When I searched the Facebook and some sex chat sites I found many males similar to my taste.
First of all I visited, Bangkok ( Thailand ). Bangkok is famous for its Asian Street ”meat”. But I never visited Asian Street as I was not interested in fucking whores. Instead i visited countrysides and far off villages with my special interest. Here a friend, a genuine friend who was never a pimp, offered me a 13-year girl.The girl was poor, but very healthy. I played with her for sometime. then I offered her real lollipop, and some other sweetmeats which she relished. Then I disclosed my real intentions, and asked her to suck my Cock; I put real honey all over my Cock. She began to suck ; my Cock jumped soon to its greater height, but she was still sucking innocently as her duty.She was looking too innocent. It was her first-ever Suck of a male Cock. I paid a heavy price for that. Suddenly I became violent, and tore away her clothes, and I too became stark naked. I am of a heavy built. i first push a finger in her naked asshole. she screamed! Then I rode over her belly and penetrated my Cock into her little but tight vagina. it was my the very first experience.
In Mongolia I found prevalence of child prostitution.Here too, I managed not to fuck a child prostitute; instead I searched a real virgin, and found with great difficulty a nine-years kid for my carnal pleasure. I just fondled her. I kissed her. But as I could not control my carnal desire I suddenly made the child naked and put my Cock in between the little ass globes of the nine-years kid. I did not ass fucked her, honestly.
when I visited Japan I was mesmerized. School girls, genuine school girls were freely available. I think in the age range 13 or above. But too sexy to tell. Very much trained! I enjoyed a 14-years school girl with big tits. His face was too innocent, and inviting.
In japan I came to know about simulated rape, real rape, and rape games. i wanted to attempt real rape! My host arranged for me a newly wed girl. she was 18-years old but looking much younger. My host did not given a hint to the poor girl that she will be raped. My host bought the girl and pushed up her in a narrower room where I was waiting to rape my prey. The room was narrower and there was a lavatory in the room. I dragged the girl in the lavatory. I pissed over her mouth and slapped her face cheeks.i badly rolled over her and controlled her. She was helpless but crying. i unheard her pray. I rode over her a while but lately chosen to ass fuck her. I patently pushed a finger in her ass hole, then two fingers; finally I penetrated my Cock into her ass hole.
In the end of my journey I was very much satisfied as I enjoyed much.

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  • Reply Mikel ID:7d2wr0km9k

    Another story with horrible English. Probably a paid with pennies writer.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

    bet her tight ass felt so good!

  • Reply Lucien ID:fzq5qe3d3

    The sexual awakening of women and girls has always fascinated me. I have encountered girls as young as 4 who masturbate regularly and women in their 40’s who, with a little coaxing and exploration, have turned into sex fiends. Girls and women should never be made to hide or repress their sexuality! Not always the easiest encounters where I live although the society is oversexualized but remain repressed. Yes. young girls should never be denied that special experience the secretly dream about.

    Spent a lot of time in Asia and explored more than my share of young girls anywhere from 8 to 14. I found that Thai and Filipino girls and women were the best. Chinese were Ok and never got into that squealing Japanese girls do.

    [email protected]

  • Reply princess ID:1be7w178rd

    this so unbelievably hot. i’m 16 and i need to be fucked by you. i want you to have my virginity

    • Lauren ID:5u1ci0soid

      Hey princess

    • Joe ID:1bfepuyz49j

      I would fuck you

  • Reply Funnyboi2 ID:7pqjfftkzk

    What the fuck you sick psychotic asshole.