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how Ninni was fucked by me and a Hindustani Seth

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On a dating site, I befriended two women. One is 24-years old, and the other 30-years now. This is the story of 30-years old lady. Her name is Garima. She is having two children, both girls. The eldest is Ninni, the youngest is only three years old. Ninni is currently 11-years old. When Garima was 27-years old, one elderly Uncle was fucking her and caring for Ninni in various ways. Like me, he was also a loli lover. His main interest was to fuck Ninni. He was fondling Ninni since she was a 7-year kid. For over a year that Uncle is not seen. I have replaced him. I have an eye to fuck Ninni.
Garima is living independently with her two children and a younger sister Rakhi, 19-years. More money is needed for the wellbeing and welfare of these four. Money is lacking so I advised Garima to part-time work in a porn film. She consented and signed an agreement with a porn producer. The arrangement went well and Garima recently performed in a gang bang porn video. Three persons ”raped” her joyfully: one Italian, one African negro, and a Hindustani Seth. This Hindustani Seth has financed the shooted porn film in which Garima was systematically raped. He now made a proposal to fuck Ninni [ not to be raped ]. since I am a close friend of the said Hindustani Seth. He invited me to fuck Ninni along with him. This is not a bad proposal. this means Garima will get extra money.
Ninni at eleven years of age is having a flat chest that incites my libido. fortunately, she has sound buttocks and well-shaped thighs. Her little pussy is pure sexy and the crack of it is too small. I told Garima that we both people will fuck her in a secluded place without her presence. She consented to our proposal. Once that done, Ninni is a fuck toy between two of us. Since I am a heavy built I uplifted her on my soldiers and dragged in the back seat of a big car. We reached a hotel where a special arrangement was made to fuck her. I again dragged her.
The hall was too big. She has to stand in the middle of the hall while i and Seth will disrobe her systamatically. She was wearing Jeans-and-tops.I removed her tops with my teeth and the Hindustani Seth removed her tight Jeans. We told her that she should stand still, her legs wide aprt. We both examined her flesh and bones from the below while she was stark naked. We both also removed our clothes and now standing and roaming stark naked in front of the sexy child. The seth and i grabbed her buttocks and kneaed the flesh of it. Then we touched her little pussy but fucked it not
Our main instruction to the child was that she should suck our cocks for long; not just Cocks but our Balls as well. we owned fat cocks and fatter balls. Ninni was sucking them in all her fours. I pushed my palm in her mouth to widen the throat. we wanted that she must push two cocks simaltaniously in her mouth and throat. It was very difficult but we somehow accomplished that.
apar from that we did nothing. We did not fuck either her ass hole nor her pussy hole. however we rubbed our cocks on the flesh of both the buttocks and around pussy area. we rubbed our erected hot cocks all over her body; every inch of her pretty smooth skin.
In this manner we two abused her childhood , and enjoyed our carnal desires.
Thank You all for reading this .

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y20k

    The abuse probably fucked her up a bit, but generally you treated Ninni very well. Maybe she’s now ready to be in a rape porn film like her mother.

  • Reply Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0a

    Mein Schwanz war beim Lesen Stein hart ich wäre gern dabei gewesen und hätte sie mit euch zusammen genossen

  • Reply Molly ID:5rb3bgzj

    Should have fucked her.