Checking the swimming pool

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I was a construction surveyor who investigated construction faults and at the time thirty years old. I had arranged to visit a private house who had made an insurance claim regarding a leaking swimming pool.

I arrived at this large country house in large grounds and pressed the bell on the entry gate. A women voice answered and said drive up to the main door. I arrived and she met me dressed in a robe she asked me if I minded but she was having a sun morning around pool with four friends.

On entering the pool area the four all on loungers said hello and my eyes were fixed on the four very fit milf,s with only very small bikinis and then joined by the owner who was now only in her bikini and they all had glass of wine. She asked me if I would like one and I said just a small one as I was driving.

I then went to the plant room investigated problem for about half an hour before returning to say I had found the trouble and would send in the report. She smiled thanked me and said sit down which I did they all laughed and said I could put on a pair of swim shorts and join them in pool. I explained I needed to get on when one stood up took of her bikini standing with her tits swinging and nipples rock hard. She said to me you are not going to turn down five horny bitches are you and at the same time slid her finger into her clit.

As I sat stunned at the remark the rest all did the same and lined up in front of me displaying their sex and by now the first one was clearly coming squirting her juices onto the paving. Another then said to me how big is your hard cock as she moved over and started to remove my shirt and trousers with my cock springing into view I should say I am about ten inches and very thick. I was then pushed flat on the lounger with my cock sticking upward as one sat on my monster lowering slowly another positioned over my tongue and the others had grabbed their vibrators and worked their clits.

My tongue must have done well because as I shot my load into the one I felt a flow of hot juice from the other and they screamed with joy. During the next two hours I managed to service all five clits and ended well and truly fucked by the experience. When I left they all asked if i would be able to call again I gave the owner my e mail and said just let me know as I left they all stood waving their tits as i drove off. I hope to call again soon when I check out the pool repair

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