my sister the masseuse

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My 25 year old sister works as a masseuse at one of the big saunas in town , she’s a real looker , with a body to die for , long dark hair big tits and legs right up to her arse , most of my mates just drool over her when they see her , and to be honest I had often jerked off thinking about fucking her myself .
one day last week i thought I’m going to have her so i called the sauna and booked a shower and massage with her , not using my proper name , i went to the sauna and was greeted by a really good looking receptionist who took my cash and showed me into the massage room handed me a couple of towels and told me to take a shower and sue would be with me shortly , i took my shower dried off and lay face down on the massage table , wondering what her reaction would be when she saw it was her big brother laying here waiting for her , after about ten minutes the door opened and in she came , not being able to see who was on the massage table she said hi good evening I’m sue how are you today , her face was a picture as i turned over and she saw her brother lying there naked with a hard on , oh my god what are you doing here she asked , and i said ive come for a massage off my little sis , she said i cant do it ill get you one of the other girls to do you , i said no , it’s you i want and i have for a long time , since you were about sixteen actually , when we lived with mom and dad i used to jerk off with your panties , and she then admitted that she had seen me jerking off in my bedroom one evening when i had left my door a jar and that she had seen me shoot my load . Then she said we’ll you look keen as she looked at my hard cock , and then said if we do this no one can know . Lie on your stomach ill do your back first , i rolled over and she poured oil on my back and began to massage , she moved her hands all over my back from my shoulders down to my arse , she moved down to my thighs , and each time her oily hands were at the top she lightly brushed her finger tips over my balls , it felt so good .
When she had done with my back i heard a zip being u done and when she told me to turn over she had removed her uniform and was stood there in her undies , a white half cup lacy bra that lifted her tits and pushed them together a pair of white lacy panties that already were showing a wet patch , white suspenders and black stockings , and she said now for the front , i asked her to take off her panties and give them to me which she did , and as she oiled and massaged my front I sucked on her panties , she tasted so good , when she had finished the massage she said would sir like anything else , i sat up and told her to get her tits out so she took off the bra , her tits were big and firm , her nipples already hard , i pulled her to a took one nipple in my mouth and sucked on it and teased it with my tongue , i reached down between her legs , her neatly trimmed pussy was soaking , she parted her legs and i slipped a finger in , then two fingers and she moaned softly , i fingered her and sucked on her tits till she orgasmed , her juices ran all over my hand and dow my arm , i took my fingers out of her and licked them clean , i stood up and she dropped to her knees and started to suck my cock , her warm silky lips felt amazing as they slid along my shaft , her tongue rolling around the head , it wast to long before i was pumping stream after stream of hot cum down her throat , she was loving it , when she stood up i bent her over the end of the massage couch and knealt behind her , i parted her arse cheeks and licked her tight arseole before burying my tongue deep in her pussy , i lapped at her pussy and drank her juices , they tasted so good , i tongue fucked her whole and clapped at her clit till she orgasmed again , i stood up and slammed my cock into her from behind , she was loving it , every time i slammed into her she pushed back onto me , i fucked her long and hard till we both cum , i filled her hot pussy with my seed , and she sucked every last drop of our juices from my cock .
Afterwards we took a shower together we dressed and i left , later that evening she rang me and suggested i should have at least one massage a week , but at her flat not the sauna , who am I to refuse .

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    i want someone to fuck me

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      Can I see pic of you

  • Reply Timothy Williams ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    Great story I would love to know if you got your mother pregnant yet would really like to know for real

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    You are a very fortunate brother. I fuck my masseuse after I get a nice massage. But I have to pay her for the nice time.