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Wife Pays for Husband’s Shortcomings – Chapter 7

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Chapter 6… Jane’s listless arm dangled at her side as she dragged her robe along the floor. She was naked, except for her bra which somehow had remained on. Her legs felt like rubber and her mind was dazed as she staggered back to her bedroom. Jane was sweaty, with her wet hair stringy and sticking to her face; and her son’s sperm was dripping down the inside of her thigh. It wasn’t until she entered her bedroom and saw Mr. Jones smiling that the enormity of what she had done sunk in.

“That was the hottest thing I ever saw,” Mr. Jones said.

“My god, what did you make me do?”

“I’m not sure I can take all the credit. I really liked that last blowjob you gave your son. That was all you. No one told you or asked you to do it.” Jane turned red when she realized Mr. Jones was correct. Somehow she had gotten carried away. “And it was a nice touch to leave your panties for your son to sniff.”


Jane’s eyes dropped to her crotch and then automatically to her hand. Letting go of her robe, she discovered it was the only garment she had been holding. Jane didn’t know where her panties were.

“You look confused,” Mr. Jones said. “Here, maybe this will help you remember.”

Jane watched Mr. Jones push some buttons on her VCR and she heard the brief sound of a tape rewinding. When he pressed “play,” the end of the last blowjob she had given Mark appeared on the TV, including the obvious swallowing of his sperm. Then she saw herself pick up her discarded clothes and place her panties next to her son’s head before walking out of his bedroom.

“My god, you taped what we did?” Jane cried out. “Oh my god… oh my god!”

“We can watch it if you want.”

“No! For god’s sake, no! I can’t believe we did it… that I did it. Oh my god… oh my god.”

“Why don’t you take a shower,” Mr. Jones said. “You look… and smell like you need one.”

Confused and upset, Jane went to her bathroom and turned on the shower. She let the water splash against her face and hair for a while and then she began soaping up. It wasn’t until that point that she realized she had forgotten to remove her bra, which she then did. Jane thought she was losing her mind.

When Jane emerged from the bathroom, Mr. Jones was waiting. He was sitting on the bed with his back against the headboard, naked from the waist down and his legs wide apart. The TV was playing so Jane glanced at it. She stopped breathing when she saw what he was watching — Jane and her son. Mr. Jones’ cock was hard and he pointed to it. Jane got onto the bed and obediently put his cock into her mouth. She glanced up and noticed Mr. Jones wasn’t paying any attention to her. He was looking beyond her at the TV. Jane sucked Mr. Jones off until he too filled her mouth and belly with sperm, all the while listening to the sounds she and her son had made earlier.

After Mr. Jones reopened his eyes, he clicked the VCR and TV off and tossed the remote aside. He looked at Jane’s frail face while she kept swallowing to rid the taste of his sperm. As the back of her hand wiped her mouth and chin, her face looked like a lost child’s. Jane was staring into space with lifeless eyes, not seemingly aware of her surroundings. Mr. Jones pulled the bedcover back and managed to maneuver Jane’s almost comatose body under it. He brought the cover to her chin and kissed her gently on the forehead. Jane’s eyes slowly closed and soon her breathing became shallow.

Mr. Jones sat at the small desk in the Marlow’s bedroom doing some work he had brought with him. The only light came from the small lamp on the desk. From time to time he looked over at the bed, at Jane sleeping, to make sure she was still breathing. She had looked so fragile earlier and he feared he may have pushed her too far — broken her — and that her mind would tell her body to shut down… for good!

It was at one of the times he was staring at Jane that he heard a noise in the house. Mr. Jones got up and stretched, rubbing his eyes which were strained from working under the low light. He went to the bedroom door and cracked it, peeking out. Mr. Jones waited until he saw Jane’s daughter, Jenny, and then silently shut the door. He went to the foot of the bed and turned on the TV, lowering the volume to the minimum setting. He then turned on the other equipment that he had installed and kept flicking switches. Room after room appeared on the TV screen until he saw Jenny walking in the hall. Mr. Jones admired the girl’s young, firm body.

When Jenny entered the hall bathroom, Mr. Jones quickly pressed another button and the TV screen blinked for a moment and then showed Jenny again. He watched as she looked at herself in the mirror and yawned. Then Jenny walked to the toilet, turned, opened her pants and pulled them down before sitting on the toilet seat. Mr. Jones saw her green panties stretched across her thighs just above her knees — her jeans had slipped to her feet. When Jenny leaned forward, resting her elbows on her thighs, Mr. Jones quickly increased the volume on the TV and heard the splashing of her piss hitting the water. It continued for a while but eventually turned into sporadic tinkles as she squeezed the last drops out of her bladder. Mr. Jones grabbed his cock and began pumping it when the young girl sat upright, got a handful of toilet paper, spread her knees as much as her panties would permit, and shoved her hand between her legs. Jenny rubbed slowly, wiping herself by rote. But then her hand paused for a moment, and then it began moving again. Jenny’s expression changed and she leaned back.

Mr. Jones’ eyes were locked on the back of Jenny’s hand. It seemed to be moving differently, and then he saw more of it. There was no toilet paper in her hand. Jenny had dropped the used paper into the bowl but continued to rub her cunt. With the volume up, Jenny’s sighs were heard through the TV’s speakers.

Mr. Jones looked over his shoulder at Jane. She was sleeping peacefully. When he turned back to the TV he saw that Jenny had lifted her tee-shirt over her breasts and was fondling her little mounds. She evidently didn’t need to wear a bra. While Jenny pinched and pulled her nipple, causing it to elongate, her other hand continued to move between her legs. Mr. Jones saw a long finger sliding between her pussy-lips and then disappear as it sunk into her hole. The young girl was now finger-fucking herself while squeezing her tits. The sensitive microphone that he had installed even picked up the squishy sounds her finger made as it slid in and out of her wet pussy. Then Jenny’s hips began moving and her sighs turned to moans. Her wet finger slipped out of her cunt and found her clit. The hand that had been playing with her breasts joined her other hand between her legs and pried her labia apart. As soon as the pearl shaped button became exposed, Jenny rubbed it with her wet finger. The stimulation on her clit soon brought on her orgasm and she snapped her knees together as she climaxed.

Mr. Jones’ orgasm exploded at almost the same time, shooting his sperm onto the TV screen. He forced his eyes to remain open as he continued to watch the unsuspecting girl. Some of Mr. Jones’ sperm splattered on the image of Jenny as she used some more toilet paper to wipe her girl-cum from her pussy. Standing up, with her jeans at her ankles and her panties just above her knees, Jenny turned and bent over to flush the toilet. The loud noise brought Mr. Jones out of his spell and he quickly lowered the volume. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from Jenny’s figure, but the sound breathing he heard behind him told him that Jane was still asleep. Jenny pulled her panties up and adjusted the crotch for comfort. Mr. Jones smiled when he saw her patting her pussy and rubbing it a few times. Then she stooped and yanked her jeans up her legs, not bothering to fasten them.

When Jenny left the bathroom, Mr. Jones followed her movements by hitting different buttons on the equipment he had installed. It was hard to see her clearly since his sperm was splattered all over the TV screen and dripping down like icicles. He watched her unceremoniously undress in her room, leaving her clothes piled on the floor, and slip into bed before turning off the light.

Using a pair of Jane’s panties, Mr. Jones wiped the screen clean and then climbed into bed next to Jane. He quickly fell into a blissful sleep.

When Mr. Jones awoke the next morning he slowly opened his eyes and turned towards Jane. She was wide awake, staring at him. He thought back to his witnessing Jenny’s pissing and masturbating and instantly got hard. Kicking the cover off, Mr. Jones grabbed Jane’s head and shoved it to his crotch. She obediently opened her mouth and began sucking his cock, not stopping until he exploded into her mouth and she swallowed the hot, slimy liquid.

Jane showered and went downstairs to make coffee for Mr. Jones. She felt uncomfortable standing in the kitchen in a dress without underwear on, but Mr. Jones had directed her dressing and insisted. She impatiently watched the coffee brewing, wishing for it to speed up. She was so consumed with the coffee pot that she didn’t hear the soft steps made by feet clad in sneakers. Jane literally shrieked when she felt a hand on her ass. She spun around to see her son smiling.

“Mark, what are you doing?” Jane said in a loud whisper.

The boy was stunned. His mother had come to him the night before and they had great sex. He thought she was playing a game he didn’t understand and decided to play along. Mark moved forward, causing Jane to back up until she was against the counter. He then pressed his lips to hers and thrust his hand under her dress in one motion. Jane felt her son’s tongue forcing its way into her mouth and his finger into her pussy.

Jane became hysterical, pushing and clawing at her son. Her venomous assault was finally too much for the confused boy so Mark backed away. Just then the telephone rang. Jane ran to answer the phone, but didn’t have time to even say “hello.” Her eyes darted around the room when she heard Mr. Jones’ voice and what he was telling her. He had obviously seen her and Mark’s struggle in the kitchen so she guessed correctly that he had cameras throughout the house.

“No I can’t,” Jane whimpered.

“You will or else I’ll invite your son up here to watch videos.”

There was silence on both ends of the telephone line and then Jane softly stated that she understood. Without further words, Jane hung up.

“Who was that?” Mark asked.

“Huh? Oh, never mind. It’s not important.”

“Mom, I’m sorry. I guess I don’t understand. After last night… well, I thought…”

Mark’s voice faded and, for a moment, Jane’s motherly instincts felt the pain he was experiencing. Her eyes once again searched the room, knowing she and her son were being watched by Mr. Jones. He had called her on his cell phone and was very clear about what he expected. She didn’t like the fact that Mr. Jones told her he didn’t want, in his words, “a messy cunt,” but what he told her to do was bad enough.

“Mark, it’s my fault. I don’t know what got into me last night, but I can see I caused a problem. Let me take care of it for you.”

Mark still didn’t understand his mother’s strange behavior, and actually took a step backwards when Jane moved towards him. He was about to say something when Jane pressed her lips to his and pushed her tongue into his mouth. Mark immediately responded, using his own tongue to push hers back into her mouth. He began a passionate kiss, but suddenly stopped and pulled his head away. Mark looked down when he felt his mother’s hand rubbing his cock.


“Shhh, darling, let Mommy take care of your problem.”

Mark didn’t know that Jane was acting on Mr. Jones’ orders. The stunned boy was silent, standing in the kitchen, while his mother’s hands unbuckled his belt and then opened his pants. Soon his clothes were pushed to his ankles and his hard cock pointed at his mother. Jane’s hand wrapped around her son’s cock and gently wanked him. Mark let out a sigh and grabbed the table for support.

Jane dropped to her knees and looked around the room one last time. She didn’t see the cameras but knew they were there. She turned back to her son’s cock and admired its size, then stuffed it into her mouth. Jane held the dick between her lips and flicked her tongue all around it. Mark moaned his approval. Then Jane began moving her head, dragging her lips along the shaft, from time to time stopping to suck on the fat head. Mark continued to lean on the table, but his other hand rested on the top of his mother’s head feeling it move back and forth.

“Oh, Mom…” Mark gasped.

Jane stopped moving when she felt her son’s hips jerk, and then began swallowing his sperm. Mark’s fingers clutched her hair, pulling it so that Jane felt a slight pain in her scalp, but she didn’t pull away. Her instructions were clear. Jane was to swallow all of her son’s sperm, and that’s just what she did. Only when Mark stopped cumming did she back away and stand up.

When Mark came around he suddenly felt embarrassed standing before his dressed mother in the kitchen with his saliva-coated cock hanging between his legs. He quickly stooped and grabbed his clothes, yanking his pants and underwear up in one motion. Mark blurted out that he had to meet a friend and almost ran out of the house.

Jane stood in the kitchen with the taste of her son’s sperm lingering in her mouth. The tension she felt triggered tears to flow down her cheeks. She turned in a daze and noticed the green light on the coffee machine. The coffee was ready. Jane carried the coffee to her bedroom, to Mr. Jones, all the while sniffling and weeping.

“What are you crying about?” Mr. Jones asked when Jane entered the bedroom.

“You’re ruining my life.”

“If anyone ruined your life it’s your husband. Don’t blame me.”

“You really believe that, don’t you?” Jane asked incredulously.

“Yeah, don’t you?”

Jane thought about it for a moment and, in a way, it was Ira’s fault. If it hadn’t been for his shortcomings none of this would have happened. But Mr. Jones was to blame too. He didn’t have to make her do all those perverted things. He was a monster. But Jane knew it was useless to argue. She served Mr. Jones his coffee and sat in a chair, silently watching him drink. To her he looked like a king knowing his lowly servant was at his beck ‘n call.

After Mr. Jones had three cups of strong, black coffee, he felt restless. He absentmindedly looked around the room and then his eyes stayed on Jane. She was very attractive and he knew she was naked under her dress. Mr. Jones told Jane to remove her dress which she promptly did. He studied her body, noticing that she was no longer shy when he looked at her nude. She had come a long way since he first made her strip in front of him. Part of him missed her modesty and the humiliation she had felt standing naked before him.

Mr. Jones tried to get some of that back by making Jane pose in various obscene positions. She was told to lift her foot on the table with her other still on the floor. That caused her pussy to stretch and open. He had her lie on the floor and pull her legs up, locking her ankles behind her neck. Jane wasn’t as flexible as she had been when much younger, but after struggling managed to get into position. Mr. Jones got the reaction he wanted. He stared at Jane’s gaping pussy and asshole, and her red face above them.

Mr. Jones thought it would be fun to have Jane lick her own pussy. He jumped from the bed and got onto the floor next to her. But as hard as he tried to push her head forward or raise her ass, he couldn’t get them to meet. He got back onto the bed, lying on his back, and called for Jane to straddle him. With her knees on either side of his head, and her pussy directly above his face, Mr. Jones ordered Jane to stick two fingers from each hand into her pussy. It was difficult to insert four fingers inside her pussy, even though it was only part of her fingers, but with a little effort Jane finally managed. Then Mr. Jones told Jane to pull outward. She did and knew Mr. Jones was looking inside her pussy.

Mr. Jones saw the embarrassment on Jane’s face and it turned him on, his cock springing to attention. Jane was unaware of the condition of Mr. Jones’ cock, so when he told her to scoot back Jane didn’t think anything of it. It wasn’t until her buttocks brushed his hard-on that Jane knew he wanted sex again.

“Go on, sit on it,” Mr. Jones said.

Jane grabbed Mr. Jones’ cock and guided it to her pussy. She sat down gently, feeling his cock enter her. When it was all the way inside her, Jane paused a moment to adjust to its size and then slowly lifted up. Without being told to, Jane began fucking her husband’s boss.

Mr. Jones looked up into Jane’s face. He knew she hated having to fuck him, but he also knew that part of her enjoyed it. He had evidently unleashed repressed feelings that Jane hadn’t known she had. Mr. Jones felt Jane’s pussy gripping his cock while she bounced up and down on it, increasing the pleasure she was feeling. Jane would deny it, even to herself, but Mr. Jones knew she was enjoying the fuck.

Every once in a while, when Jane lowered herself onto Mr. Jones’ cock, he would thrust upwards. It wasn’t a regular thing so, when it happened, Jane would grunt. But it wasn’t from pain. Mr. Jones was sure of that because she would quickly lift up and crash down on his cock with more force. Soon she was grunting from her own, almost violent, movements.

Mr. Jones heard a squeak and leaned to the side, looking around Jane’s bouncing body. He caught a glimpse of someone peering through the now cracked door. When the door was pushed open a little more, Mr. Jones recognized Jane’s daughter. He panicked for a moment but then realized the girl hadn’t screamed. She hadn’t left either. Jenny was watching.

Mr. Jones thrust up hard into Jane and she reacted by crashing down on his cock. Unlike earlier, he did it repeatedly. It triggered something inside Jane who began bouncing up and down on his cock so hard and fast that she had to lean forward on her hands to support herself. Jane was moaning and grunting as she fucked Mr. Jones’ big cock. And then a loud “aaaaaahhhhhh” escaped her mouth as she climaxed.

Jenny had gotten up and went to use the bathroom. She had heard noises coming from down the hall and followed them. Standing outside her parents’ bedroom door, Jenny listened to the sounds. Although a virgin, not counting the dildo she occasionally used, Jenny understood what the sounds were. She had never heard noises like that come from her parents’ bedroom and, anyway, her father wasn’t even home. The high school girl’s curiosity got the better of her so she turned the doorknob as quietly as she could and pushed the door slightly open. She held her breath when the hinges squeaked, but looked into the room anyway. Jenny wasn’t able to see much but, since the noises hadn’t stopped, she believed she was undetected. Jenny pushed the door open a little more and felt so dizzy at what she saw that she almost fainted.

Her mother was naked astride a man, and since her father wasn’t home it couldn’t be him. Her mother was bouncing up and down, fucking the man. She was doing most of the work, although the man sometimes thrust up into her. When that happened Jenny heard her mother grunt, but then she’d pick up her pace. And when the man became more active, her mother went ballistic. She leaned forward and fucked the man harder. In that position, Jenny was able to see the man’s cock sliding in and out of her mother’s pussy. Jenny couldn’t tear her eyes away from what her mother was doing and watched open-mouthed. And then her mother cried out and stopped moving, other than her buttocks clenching.

Jenny continued watching as her mother fell forward onto the man. The movement caused his cock to slide out of her pussy, popping out completely. Jenny saw the cock spring upwards and then lean back towards her mother’s red and swollen pussy-lips. His cock was shiny with what Jenny knew to be her mother’s juices.

And then, after her mother had been given time to rest, the man whispered into her ear. Looking very tired, her mother shifted and turned around. Jenny ducked further behind the door, but did not leave. Her mother didn’t look up so Jenny inched forward a little to get a better look. She almost gasped when her mother put the cock into her mouth. Jenny watched her straight-laced mother suck the cock that had just fucked her. And by the look of it, was experienced in giving blowjobs. But if that wasn’t a big enough shock, Jenny heard the man grunt and saw her mother’s cheeks puff out. The man’s ass kept lifting off the bed and Jenny knew he was cumming in her mother’s mouth. Jenny watched in silence as her mother swallowed the sperm. Jenny looked at the man but didn’t recognize him, then noticed him staring in her direction. She didn’t know if he saw her but panicked and dashed down the hall to the bathroom.

Jenny sat on the toilet, finally relieving her bladder, and then sat there with her face cupped in her hands. She was at a loss. Everything her mother had told her had been a lie. Her mother wouldn’t have done what Jenny just saw if that wasn’t the case. The young girl didn’t know what to think.

Later, Jenny went downstairs and found her mother in the kitchen. Her mother wished her a good morning like nothing was unusual, but Jenny could only see her naked mother fucking the man and then blowing him, swallowing his cum. Jenny actually pulled away when her mother tried to kiss her on the cheek.

If Jane hadn’t been preoccupied with her own situation she would have noticed her daughter’s strange behavior. But Jane was deep in thought while Jenny ate silently. So it came as a shock to Jane when Mr. Jones suddenly appeared in the kitchen wearing only boxer shorts.

“Oh-my-god, what are you doing here?!” Jane screamed.

“Just wanted a drink of juice,” Mr. Jones responded nonchalantly.

“But… but… but she’s here,” Jane said pointing to her daughter, and then addressing her daughter said, “Honey, it’s not what it looks like.”

Jenny felt rage and shouted, “Oh no?! So what does it look like? Does it look like you’re cheating on Dad? Does it look like you just fucked this guy? How did his cock feel in your mouth, Mother? Did you eat his cum for breakfast?”

Jane was stunned to silence, but finally got control of herself. “Jenny, how dare you? Watch your mouth or you’ll be grounded for a month!”

“You fuckin’ hypocrite,” Jenny yelled. Jane’s mouth snapped shut at the sudden outburst of her usually well-behaved daughter. “You’ve been telling me lies my whole life. I listened to you… believed you. I lost boyfriends because I listened to you and did what you told me. But you’re a hypocrite. You say one thing but do something totally different. I have a reputation in school as a “miss goody two shoes” because that’s how you told me I should behave, but you’re nothing but a slut! I’m not listening to you anymore.”

Jane was flabbergasted. She had never seen her daughter so angry. And what was worse, it was obvious Jenny had seen her with Mr. Jones and calling her a slut was appropriate.

“Honey, I can explain,” Jane said softly. “Please, honey, we need to talk.”

“No more talking, Mom. I don’t want to hear anything more that you have to say.”

Jane turned to Mr. Jones and said, “Please help me. I don’t know what to do. You have to help me.”

Mr. Jones saw both women looking at him… waiting. He took a deep breath, sighed, and said to Jenny, “Well, it looks like your mother filled your head with a lot of nonsense. A little sex…”

“I did not!” Jane blurted out.

“SHUT UP!” Mr. Jones snapped back, causing Jane to remain quiet. “Now, as I was saying,” he continued, turning towards Jenny, “A little sex never hurt anyone. You shouldn’t always give it away…” he paused and looked at Jane, “…like your mother does, but sex is something to enjoy.”

The tears flowed down Jane’s cheeks. She was being called a slut to her face, right in front of her daughter. She felt like jumping on Mr. Jones and strangling him until his eyes popped out of their sockets and his breathing stopped. But she wasn’t strong enough and, anyway, it wouldn’t solve her problem.

“What’s your name?” Mr. Jones continued.


“Well, Jenny, don’t tell me you haven’t had sex yet.” The high school girl lowered her eyes telling all. “I guess that’s your mother’s fault.” Jenny looked up and her eyes threw darts at her mother. “I think, then, your mother should help you out.”

“What do you mean?” Jenny asked.

“Well, you’re probably the only one your age who hasn’t had sex yet.” Again Jenny’s eyes lowered. “All your friends are past the experimenting stage and know what to do. It will be real embarrassing for you to be… um, put in a situation with an experienced boy and not know what to do.”

Jenny looked at Mr. Jones as if he was a prophet, listening to every word. Her mother had lied to her and maybe this stranger would tell her the truth. Maybe he could help her.

“It’s too late now,” Jenny said, her eyes watering. “I’m a freak and my life is ruined.”

“Jenny, don’t listen to…” Jane cried out feeling her daughter’s anguish.

“SHUT UP! I told you to be quiet!” Mr. Jones yelled at Jane. “If you don’t shut up and do what I say you know what will happen.”

“What do you mean?” Jenny asked. “Mom, that sounded like a threat.”

Before Jane could speak, Mr. Jones said, “Your mother likes to have a lot of sex and all I meant was that if she doesn’t behave then she won’t get any. That’s all. I guess I did threaten her. I’m sorry, it just came out.”

Jenny stared at her mother with contempt. Her mother was even more of a slut than she had thought. The man could actually get her to do what he wanted by threatening to withhold sex.

“Now, as I was saying,” Mr. Jones continued, “your mother got you into this mess and she should get you out of it. Look, I don’t want to force anything on you… and I don’t want to embarrass you or do anything that you don’t think is right, but I was thinking…”

Jane couldn’t believe how phony Mr. Jones was. She wasn’t sure where he was going, but felt trepidation over his words. Mr. Jones’ incomplete sentence hung in the air.

“What do you mean?” Jenny finally asked.

“Well, I think your mother should teach you about sex.”

“WHAT?!” Jane cried out.

“How?” her daughter said more quietly.

“Would you like to learn about sex?” Mr. Jones asked the na�ve girl.


“Then I think your mother should teach you. It’ll be safe for you and she owes it to you.”

“Okay, but how?”

“Since you already saw us having sex…” Mr. Jones raised his hand to stop Jenny’s denial, “I guess we can show you how to do it. Instead of just watching from a distance we can show you and explain things to you. How does that sound?”

“I-I guess,” the young girl said, not completely sure of herself.

“Good, then let’s begin.” Mr. Jones looked at Jane who had a petrified look on her face. “Why don’t you come closer,” he said to Jenny.

The girl sat in the chair next to where Mr. Jones was standing. It was obvious the young girl was very nervous. It was also obvious that she kept glancing at Mr. Jones’ crotch, at the gaping fly in his boxers.

“Have you ever seen a cock before?” Mr. Jones asked Jenny.

“I saw yours.”

“But not close up.”


“Jane, come closer.” When Jane didn’t move, Mr. Jones said more harshly, “I told you to get over here or else.”

“Go on, Mother, do what he says or you won’t get any more sex from him,” Jenny spat at her mother.

Jane was crushed. She knew she had to do whatever Mr. Jones told her to, but having her daughter treat her that way made it all the worse. She hoped some day she would be able to explain it all to her daughter. But for now, Jane silently stepped up to Mr. Jones.

“Take off my underwear and show your daughter my dick.”

Jane looked at Mr. Jones’ face, pleading for him to reconsider. He stared coldly back at her. She looked over at her daughter who was looking at her with scorn. Without having a choice, Jane slowly pulled Mr. Jones’ underwear down. She felt his hand on the top of her head and, when he lifted a foot at a time, she removed the undergarment. Jane looked up and saw his cock limply hanging in front of her face. She quickly turned to her daughter and saw Jenny’s eyes staring at it.

“Do you want to touch it?” Mr. Jones asked Jenny.

All Jenny could do was shake her head no. It was all happening so fast. She couldn’t believe she had caught her mother having sex, then the ensuing conversation, and now this. A naked man was standing in her kitchen, with her mother on her knees in front of him.

“It looks smaller up close,” Jenny said, almost to herself.

“You mean smaller than before?” Mr. Jones asked.


“Well, it was hard then.”

“Oh yeah.”

“Jane, make my cock hard so your daughter can see it that way.” Jane was defeated so she leaned forward and put the soft dick into her mouth. Mr. Jones pushed her head back. “I didn’t tell you to suck it. All I asked you to do was make it hard.” Then, turning to Jenny, he said, “I apologize for your mother. I guess she loves sucking cock so much she… well, you saw.” Jenny gave her mother a venomous look. “Never mind. Jane, use your hand.”

Jane was humiliated beyond belief. Mr. Jones was twisting everything that happened, making it look like she wanted to suck his cock, in fact, that he had to push her away from it. The look on her daughter’s face broke her heart. But Jane’s fingers wrapped around Mr. Jones’ cock and she began rubbing it. All the while her daughter was watching.

When Mr. Jones’ cock began to show signs of life he told Jane to have her daughter help. Jane reluctantly reached out and grabbed Jenny’s wrist, gently pulling it until her fingers touched her first cock. Jenny pulled her hand away from her mother’s, but when Jane slid her fist down to the base of Mr. Jones’s cock Jenny touched the head with her fingertips. When the hardening cock reacted, she jerked her hand away, but quickly brought it back. Soon she covered the head in her small hand and squeezed.

“Jane, your daughter doesn’t know what to do. Show her.”

Jane covered her daughter’s hand with her own and guided it down the semi-hard cock. She told her daughter to loosen her grip and then showed her how to slide her fist up and down. When the cock stiffened further, Jenny moved her hand on her own, intrigued with the result. Soon Mr. Jones’ cock was fully hard.

“That was very good,” Mr. Jones complimented the young girl. “You now know how to give a hand-job. If it ever comes up…” Jenny giggled at the unintentional pun, “you won’t be embarrassed.” Jenny looked up at Mr. Jones, her little fist still holding his cock, and smiled appreciatively. “But, you know, most boys won’t be satisfied with a hand-job.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, boys can do that themselves. Don’t get me wrong… it feels a lot better when you do it, but they can jerk off anytime they want. What boys will really want is a blowjob.”

Jane looked up at Mr. Jones with hate in her eyes. He was training her innocent daughter to be a slut. She had taught Jenny to be a good girl and, right before her eyes, Mr. Jones was undoing all that.

“As you saw, your mother really likes to give blowjobs,” Mr. Jones said to Jane’s mortification. “I guess it’s time for her to teach you that too. C’mon, Jane, show your daughter how to suck cock.”

Jane looked at her daughter who had an expectant, interested looking on her face. This was all surreal. Jane couldn’t stand to see her looking at her any longer so she turned around. Now what she saw was Mr. Jones’ hard cock.

Jane pulled the erection down slightly and wrapped her lips around its head. She began sucking the cock the way she had only recently learned herself. Mr. Jones made it worse when he told Jane to tell her daughter everything she was doing. Jane instructed her young daughter on how to give a blowjob. She explained how the girl’s teeth needed to be kept from hurting the sensitive flesh, how the tongue was used, how to suck and bob one’s head, how to keep from gagging, and how to use your hand at the same time. Jane had to keep stopping sucking his cock to speak, but Mr. Jones didn’t mind. It was exciting to watch a mother teach her daughter how to suck cock.

“Go on, I know you want to try,” Mr. Jones said to Jenny.

Jenny looked up at him and then at her mother’s face with his cock in her mouth. Jenny was curious and did want to try it. After all, since her mother liked it so much, how bad could it be? Jane stopped sucking and turned a little towards her daughter. Jenny got off the chair and stood next to her kneeling mother. She looked down on her and noticed something. Jenny reached to the far side of her mother’s face and touched her bulging cheek. She was able to feel the man’s cock through her mother’s cheek. Jane got embarrassed and pulled back causing the cock to pop from her mouth and spring up.

Jenny dropped to her knees next to her mother and looked at the hard, wet cock. She grabbed it and slowly jerked it off like she had just been taught. Her hand glided more easily since it was coated with her mother’s saliva. Jenny took note of that for future reference. She pulled the cock down like she had seen her mother do and put it into her mouth. The young girl didn’t move for a minute, just experiencing the sensation for the first time. Then she swallowed as saliva accumulated in her mouth. When Mr. Jones moaned, Jenny looked up and saw his eyes closed. A power came over her so she did what her mother just taught her. Jenny sucked and licked Mr. Jones’ cock.

Mr. Jones immensely enjoyed the young, innocent girl’s mouth on his cock for a while, but didn’t want to cum in Jenny’s mouth and scare her off so he pulled out. Jenny looked up at him with an expression best described as a kid who had a lollipop taken away. Mr. Jones was tempted to offer his cock to her but restrained.

“That was very good, you’re a fast learner,” Mr. Jones complimented her. He smiled when he saw her wipe the spittle from her chin. “But there’s more to oral sex than giving a boy a blowjob. You should expect the boy to please you too.” When he saw the confused look on Jenny’s face, Mr. Jones dropped to his knees and wrapped his arm around Jenny’s shoulders like a father would. “Let me explain. The girl should enjoy sex as much as the boy. If the boy doesn’t give the girl pleasure he’s selfish and a lousy lover. Do you understand what I’m saying?” Jenny nodded. “Okay, now don’t be alarmed, but I’m going to touch you. Okay?”

Jenny hesitated for a moment and then nodded. Mr. Jones brushed his fingertips over Jenny’s cheeks and then down the sides of her neck. The girl closed her eyes and moaned at the sensuous feeling. When Mr. Jones’ fingertips traced her lips, Jenny parted them slightly. Jenny began sucking on his fingers.

Mr. Jones’ other hand caressed the nape of Jenny’s neck and then slid down her back, moving in small and then bigger circles. He leaned forward and pulled his fingers from her mouth, replacing them with his lips. When his tongue pushed forward, Jenny sucked on it like she had his fingers. The fingers that had been in Jenny’s mouth now caressed her cheek and then slid down her neck, but this time not stopping. Soon his fingertips were just brushing the tips of her cone-shaped tits. Jenny sighed into his mouth.

Mr. Jones’ hand cupped Jenny’s breast and gently squeezed. The young girl was lost in the feeling and didn’t object. Mr. Jones felt the girl’s breast, unencumbered by a bra, and loved the feeling. Jane sat on the floor two feet away, helplessly watching the man she despised seduce her young, innocent daughter.

“Did you like that?” Mr. Jones said after breaking the kiss and leaning back.

“Uh hum,” Jenny said dreamily.

“Don’t be frightened. I’m going to make it feel even better.”

Very slowly, Mr. Jones grabbed the bottom of Jenny’s top. He slowly pulled it up trying not to frighten her. Jenny’s arms automatically rose when he pulled her shirt off. Suddenly, Jenny felt embarrassed having her naked breasts exposed to the man and covered them.

Mr. Jones ignored her breasts, for the moment, and pressed his lips to hers again. Soon they were passionately French-kissing. When Mr. Jones’ hand touched the underside of Jenny’s tit she moved her hand away. He slid his palm over her breast, just brushing her nipple, and gently squeezed. Jenny moaned.

Mr. Jones pulled away from Jenny’s mouth and licked her lips. Her tongue sensuously flicked at his tongue, making contact outside their mouths. Then he licked down her chin, under her chin, over her neck, and onto her tit. He opened his mouth and got most of her small breast into it and sucked, making sure to swipe his tongue over her stiffening nipple. Jenny’s head fell back as she experienced unknown pleasure. By the time Mr. Jones had caressed both tits with his mouth and tongue, Jenny’s nipples were standing out like pencil erasers.

“Did you like that?” Mr. Jones asked.

“Uh hum.”

“Do you want even more pleasure?”

“Uh hum.”

Mr. Jones leaned forward and began licking Jenny’s belly. The young girl squealed and giggled as it tickled her. In the meantime, Mr. Jones was undoing her shorts. He returned to Jenny’s tits, causing her to close her eyes and return to the dreamy state she had been in. Mr. Jones turned and whispered for Jane to remove the last of her daughter’s clothes. Mr. Jones alternated between Jenny’s mouth and breasts, bringing moans from the young girl.

Jane couldn’t believe what she was doing. She was stripping her baby daughter. But what choice did she have? For a fleeting moment, Jane considered jumping to her feet to get a kitchen knife and thrust it into Mr. Jones’ back, but she thought better of it. Instead, she pulled her daughter’s shorts down and off, and then did the same with her panties. She looked at the little girl panties, blue with a white border around the elastic leg band, and knew her daughter was no longer the pure, innocent girl she had loved.

When Mr. Jones saw that the girl was naked he dragged his tongue down the girl’s belly, this time not stopping. His lips traveled over her pubic hair, and then he pulled her labia apart and began licking her clit.

“Oh god, oh god,” Jenny exclaimed. “What are you doing? Oh god.”

Mr. Jones continued to lick her to make sure she knew how good it felt and then lifted up saying, “I told you that oral sex wasn’t just the girl giving the boy a blowjob. This is what the boy is supposed to do to the girl. Do you like it?”


“Do you want me to do it some more?”

“Oh yeah!”

“Okay, but I think we’d be more comfortable in the bedroom.”

Without waiting for a reply, Mr. Jones stood up and lifted Jenny in his arms. He carried her nude body to her parents’ bedroom, enjoying the feel of her soft skin and looking at her tits and pussy. Jane silently followed him. She didn’t want to be there, but didn’t want to leave Jenny alone with him either.

“Now where was I?” Mr. Jones said when he placed Jenny on her mother’s bed.

The young girl giggled, somewhat embarrassed being naked in front of the man, but she didn’t try to cover up. Nor did she fight Mr. Jones when he pushed her legs apart. Jenny glanced over at her mother standing at the side of the bed. Jane was the only one dressed. It all seemed so strange to the young, inexperienced girl, but her thoughts quickly left her mother when Mr. Jones’ tongue licked her pussy.

Jenny turned and looked down her body. She saw the man looking up at her, smiling while he licked her. She never knew anything could feel as good as his tongue. She had used her fingers, and her dildo, but this was much better. Jenny dropped her head onto the mattress and lifted her knees, giving Mr. Jones full access to her virgin pussy.

Jane watched her daughter writhe on the bed. It was obvious how much pleasure she was getting. Jane was afraid her daughter would become the slut Jenny thought her mother was. All of a sudden Jenny began humping her hips. Jane looked closer and saw that Mr. Jones had inserted a finger inside her. He was finger-fucking her daughter while eating her. Jenny’s head was moving from side to side while she moaned loudly, and then her hips jerked and her legs snapped shut around Mr. Jones’ body. She let out a little squeal and Jane knew her daughter had climaxed.

When Jenny opened her eyes she saw Mr. Jones leaning over her about to speak, but she beat him to it. “Uh huh.”

“So you liked that too?” he asked his question anyway. When Jenny repeated her “uh huh” he said, “There’s something that feels even better.”

“You mean fucking?” Jenny asked to her mother’s dismay.

“Yep. Would you like to try?”

“I-I don’t know,” Jenny said, truly scared. “I could get pregnant.”

“Not by me. I’ve had a vasectomy.”

“I-I still don’t know. Your thing is so big.”

Mr. Jones turned to Jane and told her to get her dress off. Jenny was surprised to see that her mother was completely naked under it. It only reinforced her belief that her mother was a slut. Mr. Jones then told Jane to suck his cock to get it hard again. Jenny watched her mother do it, and then Jane was told to lie on the bed and spread her legs. Mr. Jones climbed between Jane’s legs and motioned for Jenny to come closer.

When Jenny was sitting next to them, Mr. Jones said, “Watch this,” as he inserted his cock all the way into Jane’s pussy in one movement. “See, a vagina is made to accommodate a cock. True, you’ll be a little tighter than your mother, but I’ll go slow. If it hurts, all you have to do is tell me and I’ll stop. Okay?”

Jane felt so humiliated. She was lying on her bed with Mr. Jones’ cock inside her while he and her daughter spoke as if she wasn’t even there.

When Jenny agreed to try, Mr. Jones unceremoniously pulled out of Jane’s pussy. Jane gasped at the sudden withdrawal. Mr. Jones pushed her to the side and held out his hand to her daughter. He guided Jenny onto her back and pushed her legs apart. He climbed between them and pressed his cock into Jenny’s slit. The young girl flinched and held her breath. But Mr. Jones didn’t enter her. He held his cock, dragging it up and down between her labia, making sure to make contact with her clit. In no time, Jenny was moaning and humping her hips.

Mr. Jones angled his cock lower and felt the tip slip into the virgin hole. He pushed in slowly, allowing Jenny’s pussy to stretch around it. Evidently, she had used her dildo because it wasn’t painful. He pushed more of his cock into her until he heard her breathing change.

“Please stop,” Jenny cried out. “Please, just a minute.”

“Does it hurt?” Mr. Jones asked.

“No, but I need to stop a minute.”

Mr. Jones wasn’t going to ruin the moment. It’s not often a man gets to take a girl’s virginity, especially a young one. While waiting, Mr. Jones turned towards Jane. She was staring at his cock partway inside her baby daughter’s pussy. He smiled at her obvious discomfort.

“Okay, I’m ready,” Jenny said.

Both Mr. Jones and Jane watched his cock slide deeper into Jenny’s pussy. Soon Jane couldn’t see any more because his pubic bone was pressed against her daughter’s. Mr. Jones had completely penetrated her daughter who was no longer a virgin.

Mr. Jones leaned forward and pressed his lips against Jenny’s. She immediately accepted his tongue when it passed her lips. While kissing, Mr. Jones slowly lifted his pelvis, causing his cock to slide out of the tight pussy. Jenny’s tongue stopped moving when she felt that, then she sighed into Mr. Jones’ mouth when he pushed his cock back inside.

Mr. Jones realized Jenny was not going to be able to kiss him so he raised his upper body. He looked down at the young girl’s face as he pulled out and reinserted his cock. Her eyes were closed and she looked like an angel — an angel consumed with lust. He elongated his strokes and quickened them. Soon Jenny’s hips were humping back at his thrusts and the two were fucking in earnest. Jane had to sit quietly by and watch her daughter’s deflowering.

Jenny, experiencing the new sensation, climaxed quickly. Mr. Jones lasted longer, just a little anyway, before squirting his sperm into her pussy. The two were grunting and groaning all the while. When they were done, Mr. Jones rolled off to the side of the panting girl.

“Uh huh?” Mr. Jones asked when Jenny opened her eyes.

“Uh huh,” she said with a big smile on her face and a twinkle in her eyes.

THE END (not yet)

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