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My cousin and I

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My cousin really liked to touch me and now I miss it

Hi I am a trans guy age is 16 but this happened when I was way younger I was still a girl and I was about 10 and she was also 10.

When we were younger her mom had to go away for awhile so she lived with me for awhile and we got to spend time with each other all the time. It was so much fun getting closer with my cousin. My parents also didn’t see what was wrong with us bathing together since we were the same age and cousins.

They would leave us in there by ourselves and she started to tell me this game she played with a family friend of ours. We both didn’t know what was going in but looking back at it now god I miss it so much.

She started to tell me “hey let’s go hide and play in the closet” she would take me in there right after our baths and she would lay back and say “ok lick down here ok it’s fun trust me” I laughed thinking this was a fun game and licked her pussy like an ice cream. I was kinda confused because she made weird noises.

She then told me to stop and to wrap our legs around each other and to move our hips so we could scissor each other. That’s when I started to feel weird but not a bad weird I liked it a lot I made quiet noises and moved my hips more. Fuck I loved this feeling.

We would do this a lot after awhile and if we couldn’t have sex we would kiss but being inexperienced 10 year olds we had no idea what we were doing and were pretty sloppy.

I even got my friend to join me she was a bit younger than me but I showed her what me and my cousin liked to do she loved to lick my pussy she was so cute and never stopped giggling.

We haven’t gotten to have fun in years and I miss it but she moved across the country and I haven’t seen her since she moved away. God what I would do to have sex with her again she tasted so good. I think because of our experiences it made me quite a slut for older men and women.

I know this was bad but reading all these stories real or fake made me want to write about me and my cousin. I miss her

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