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Invading Virginia’s Virgin Valley – Part 2

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Part 2- the youth group camping trip continues.

We all woke up the next morning to big Frankie’s voice. “Good morning, good morning, good morning! Everybody up! We’ve gotta get our day started, so whoever needs to use the restroom, get up and get moving!”

“What’s for breakfast?” one of the boys asked.

“Bacon and eggs, toast, hash browns and orange juice, freshly squeezed!” big Frankie announced. “And you all will have a hand in preparing it!”

Everybody just groaned, which just brought a response of laughter from our sexy chaperone. “Get a move on, ladies and gents! I’m hungry!”

The girls walked ahead of the boys, and I thought it looked like Ginny was walking a little funny, but figured she just needed to pee real bad.

“So, how’d you like last night?” Russ asked. “Looked like you did okay for your first time.”

Why the fuck did everyone keep thinking it was my first time? Because I was only 13, maybe? Whatever. I decided no one had to know any different. “It was really good, man. Got to fuck her three times. Can’t wait until tonight.”

“Three times?” Russ asked in surprise. “Last night was the first time that Joc let me do it twice with her! Damn, maybe I can talk her into more tonight.”

After we got back to the camp site, big Frankie handed out our breakfast assignments. Me and Ginny got put in charge of hash browns, so we sat down at one of the picnic tables. I started peeling potatoes and Ginny would run them over a grater into a big bowl. Jocelyn sat on the other side and began cracking a tray of eggs into another bowl. Trudy sat next to her, opening 4 packs of bacon, separating the strips onto a plate. At the other table, the other four boys were busy peeling a bag of oranges while the other two girls were squeezing the peeled fruits into 2 pitchers through strainers to catch the seeds.

After a while, big Frankie came out and asked, “How’s it coming along?”

Jocelyn spoke up first. “Just about got all the eggs ready. Just need to scramble ’em together.”

Trudy followed. “Bacon wasn’t real hard.”

“You aren’t done, Trudy.” Big Frankie smiled and held up a big cast iron skillet. “I only have room for two pans inside, one for eggs and one for hash browns. You get to cook the bacon over the fire pit, so throw some more wood on the fire, lower the screen and get busy!”

Trudy groaned like she was dying but got up, took the skillet and went to start the bacon.

“How are my juicers doing?” Big Frankie looked over to the other table after getting the egg bowl from Jocelyn and handing it to little Frankie, who took it inside.

Candace shook the juice from her hands and said, “Kinda messy, but should be done by the time everything’s ready.”

“Good, good.” She turned her attention back to our table. “Ginny, how about you bring me what you have ready so I can get that started.”

Ginny stood, picked up the bowl and took it to big Frankie. She took real short baby steps and was holding her thighs together kinda tight, looking at the bowl as if making sure not to let any of the shredded potatoes fall out. Big Frankie watched, concern growing in her eyes until Ginny approached and handed the bowl over. Big Frankie passed it to her daughter who was inside the camper, all the while keeping her eyes on Ginny.

“Honey, are you okay?” she asked.

I could see Ginny’s eyes open real wide. She opened her mouth as if to say something, but no words came out.

“Sugar”, big Frankie said, “if something’s wrong, don’t be afraid to tell me.”

I looked around and noticed that everyone had stopped what they were doing, waiting to see if Ginny was gonna spill the beans. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Jocelyn cringe a little as her head slightly shook back and forth, praying and hoping that Ginny would keep her mouth shut.

Finally, Ginny stammered, “N-no, n-nothing’s wrong. I…I just m-maybe o-over d-did it yesterday, m-maybe swimming too much.”

Big Frankie cocked her head and looked at Ginny for a few seconds, then reached out and gave her a motherly hug. “Well, try to take it easy today, okay? I want to return you to your parents in the same condition as when you left.”

‘Too fuckin’ late for that!’ was my first thought. Big Frankie went into the camper and Ginny hurried back to the table, her thighs rubbing against one another as she tried to keep her legs together. When she sat down, she put her hands in her lap and kept her head down.

Jocelyn was the first to say anything as she reached over and took the grater and began shredding more hash browns onto one of the paper plates. “You did just fine, Ginny. Thought you were gonna blow it there for a minute, but you recovered quickly with the swimming thing. Nicely done.”

Ginny looked up at her, then at me, then up at the sky. It looked like she was about to start crying as she said, “I’m just not a very good liar. And I keep thinking, what if my mom asks me what I did this weekend? What will I say? She knows every time I try to lie to her!”

With that, the tears began to flow. I started peeling the potato in my hand faster and faster as I thought ‘oh shit!’ I knew her mom could be a very scary bitch because I had seen her go off on people a couple of times. I kept ripping big chunks off that stupid potato until Jocelyn reached over and grabbed my hand to make me stop. I finally saw that I had turned the big spud into a golf ball sized globe. Then Jocelyn reached out to Ginny, who took her hand and finally brought her gaze down from the sky.

“Look, Ginny, I know you’re only about 14…” she started.

“12”, I broke in with.

Jocelyn looked really surprised at that, and Ginny nodded to confirm it. “I have to say, that does surprise me. I figured with that body you were at least a teenager. Anyway, don’t worry about what to say to your parents. If they ask, and they will, you just tell ’em about having fun, ya know, swimming, taking walks, eating S’mores and staying up late telling scary stories. Nobody needs to know anything else besides that. Okay?”

Ginny wiped her eyes and smiled. “Thanks, Joc. That really helps. I’m glad you’re my friend. But my legs are really sore and my pussy kinda hurts. It’s all swollen and when I wiped after peeing this morning, it felt like I was using sand paper. I’m kinda scared.”

“You’ll be okay”, I told her before Jocelyn could say anything. “When we get back in the river today, the cold water will help with the swelling and make you feel better. And the toilet paper here is just slightly better than sand paper anyway. The leg thing, well, you’re just gonna have to use those muscles again. Tonight we’ll give ’em another really good work out. You know, the more you use the same muscles, the less it hurts and the stronger they get.”

I was intent on my potato peeling but looked up when both girls remained silent. Ginny was looking at Jocelyn, who was looking at me with a very curious look. “What?” I had to ask.

“How do you know that?” Joc asked as one corner of her mouth curved up into a half smile.

I recognized the look, knowing that I did the same the same thing. So I returned the half smile and answered, “How do you think?”

Jocelyn’s head snapped back a little in surprise, then she gave me a full smile and said, “You and me are gonna hafta talk later. But right now, hurry up with those potatoes. Big Frankie will be waiting for these hash browns.”

We both looked at Ginny, who was sitting there with a puzzled look on her face like she had no clue what we were talking about. And, I suppose, that at only 12 years of age, she probably didn’t have a clue. But after hearing that Joc wanted to talk to me later, I started thinking about her perfect little tits and glow-in-the-dark blonde pussy and started getting hard.

We ate when everything was ready, then cleaned up the camp site and washed the dishes. The girls went to take showers first while us boys decided to wait until later after we got done playing in the river. We watched from the water as the girls came back fully clothed. A little while later Mindy came down and said they were all going to walk to the store and asked if we wanted anything. We all placed our orders and all the girls, including big Frankie and her daughter, took off. We knew that it would take a while for them to walk all the way down through the campgrounds and back, plus however long it took for them to decide on what they wanted. Having grown up with my four girl cousins, I knew from experience that it can take a long time for girls to decide what they want, especially in a group. One will pick something up, then see another one pick out something else and decide to put their first choice back in favor of the same thing. I’d seen this go on for what seemed like forever with my cousins, and I was just glad the girls didn’t ask us to go with them.

After they were gone, the conversation naturally turned to sex, especially about what all happened last night. They were extremely interested to hear how Ginny’s virgin cunt had been, especially after learning she was only 12.

“Tight, boys”, I began, “very tight. When I popped that cherry of hers, I had to cover her mouth with both hands. Damn near had to smother her so she wouldn’t scream!”

“Whoa!” “Really?” “No shit?” “Fuck, man!”

Then Russ said, “He fucked her three times…3 Times!” Another round of vocal approval, followed by a round of dismay because no one else got it more than twice, with a couple only getting one shot from their girls. The rest of the conversation was about their first times, who they had done it with and how many times. I kept my mouth shut and let them all believe last night had been my first time. They didn’t need to know any better, and I sure wasn’t gonna tell a single soul that I had spent more than a year fucking my four female cousins. Those girls had made it known that I would be a dead man should I say anything to anyone about our adventures.

After the sex bragging came to an end, it was sports and whatever else. We saw the girls finally getting back, and with the sun signaling noon time, we climbed out of the water to see what lunch would be.

Big Frankie had me and Russ empty out one of the big ice chests onto one of the picnic tables, then dump out the water that yesterday’s ice had become. Russ was almost 7 feet tall and played on the varsity basketball team even as a sophomore. When we took the ice chest down to the river to dump it, he lifted his side up over my head and made sure I got drenched. It still had some of the ice in it and that shit was cold! I was pretty glad that it was really hot by this time because it didn’t take long to warm back up.

When we got back, we passed the two other guys who went and dumped the other ice chest. We filled ours back up with fresh ice the girls had brought back and put most of the contents back in, keeping out only what little Frankie told us to.

For lunch we had a choice between tuna salad that had just been made or ham and cheese. I chose the tuna and made two big sandwiches. Most everyone else had ham and cheese. We pretty much broke up into our couple pairs and sat down to eat. Little Frankie passed out the sodas we had all asked for then sat down beside me. I noticed that she was the only other kid eating tuna. With Ginny on one side, I was once again in extremely close quarters with the two youngest girls in the group. For whatever reason, my pecker began growing and tented up my trunks. Little Frankie noticed and stared at it until her mom told her to scoot over. When she tried, her hand slipped off the table right onto my boner! She froze momentarily with her hand wrapped around my hard dick, then she jerked it away. Her face turned bright red, but her mom didn’t notice since she was already talking with Trudy and Mindy. Little Frankie just looked at me with her wide eyes and red face, and all I did was smile.

After lunch, we all went down to the river, including big Frankie. She had been a hot topic among us guys during our earlier conversation, and we all agreed that if given the opportunity, we would fuck her, no doubt. But when she took off her shorts and top and saw her in her little bikini, we all had to jump in the river immediately because all of our dicks shot straight up! She was a beautiful woman, with special emphasis on her being a woman, not a teenaged girl. She was FINE! I couldn’t help but think about little Frankie and what she would look like in a few more years and remembered what I had seen last night. As I swam in the river, the memory of seeing her play with herself just reinforced the idea that one day, when the stars were aligned just right, I’d pull out that wild card and use it to my advantage.

With big Frankie laying on the riverside soaking up the rays, we couldn’t really fool around with the girls like we had the day before. And with her laying there with her firm tits pointed to the sky, and her tanned legs parted just enough to dream about what her pussy must look like under those little bikini bottoms, every one of us boys got horny as hell and we began assaulting our girls under water, pulling their bottoms down and feeling up their tender teenaged tushies.

I had forgotten about Ginny’s sore pussy until I had a finger inside it. That’s when she said, “Wow, you were right. The cold water does help. I’m still a little sore, but nothing like earlier. I can’t wait for tonight!”

Pretty soon, one of the guys ran to the camp and came back with a blow up ball and a frisbee. We started up a game that everyone enjoyed and it kept our minds off sex for the time being. That is, until big Frankie decided she’d had enough sun. She stood with her back to the river and put her tight shorts back on, having to wiggle her ass a few times in order to pull them all the way up. We had been playing dodge ball, boys against the girls, but all of us boys had turned our full attention to watching a foxy woman pulling up a pair of shorts to cover her perfectly shaped ass.

After a few mumbled ‘whoa’s and ‘shit’s, Russ got plunked in the side of the head with the ball, and Candace just missed nailing Curt’s noggin with the Frisbee. And not a single one of us could take our eyes off the vision of loveliness until she climbed up the river bank, beautiful butt in action, and disappeared from sight.

Us boys all looked at each other and shook our heads, muttering to one another under our breath. When we looked over at the girls, four looked super pissed, little Frankie’s face was bright red once again, but Ginny was smiling at me and started swimming my way.

I was in a spot where I didn’t have to tread water, but she was shorter than me and hooked her arms around my neck and started kissing me. Of course, I started kissing her back and my hands landed on her butt.

Then we heard some angry voices and turned to see what was happening. The other guys had gone to the girls, but the girls weren’t having any of it.

“No fuckin’ way!” Jocelyn exclaimed as Russ swam up to her. “After what I just witnessed, you’re gonna do some major apologizing before I let you touch me again.” The other girls all agreed, turned their backs to the boys and started tossing the ball and the Frisbee to each other. The guys tried to cut in a few times, but that just seemed to make the girls madder. They finally gave up and went back to climbing the rocks and jumping in.

Ginny had a questioning look on her face as she watched. “I don’t understand”, she said. “Why are they all mad at the boys? And why does Frankie look so embarrassed?”

I couldn’t believe how naive this girl was! “Frankie’s embarrassed because her hot mom just put on a great show in front of all of us. You gotta admit, big Frankie is pretty, and all of us guys enjoyed watching her trying to put her shorts back on. And the girls are pissed because they’re jealous since all us boys had our tongues hanging out while we watched.”

“Your tongue wasn’t hanging out of your mouth,” Ginny answered. “And I didn’t get jealous. It doesn’t matter to me how you look at anyone else. As long as I end up with you, you can look at any girl you want to.”

I laughed. “You might feel that way now, but when you get older and have been with a guy for a while, you’ll probably feel different.”

She shrugged her shoulders and started kissing me again. Pretty soon we were lost in our own world, exploring each other’s bodies, floating out into deeper water, not paying much attention to what was going on around us. One of her hands seemed to always be down the front of my trunks, keeping my cock semi-hard in the cold water. I’m pretty sure that she would have made me cum if that water hadn’t been so damned cold!

Later in the afternoon, one of the guys jumped from a rock and splashed Ginny and me pretty good. That started another splash war that everyone got into, and it seemed like the girls had got over being pissed. We went back to the camp site for dinner when we got called in, and when everything was ready we sat down on the tarps to eat. I sat with Ginny and little Frankie, and the other guys tried to sit with their girls. The girls were sitting in a closed circle and the guys stood there, waiting for them to scoot back and make room for them. The girls just ignored them until Russ spoke up.

“C’mon, you guys, enough. I thought everything was cool after splash wars.”

Jocelyn turned her head towards him and tossed her hair back. “We’re still mad at you, but…” She looked around the circle, then finally relented. Scooting back to make room, she added, “But you guys are gonna hafta make it up to us. We’ll talk about that later, though.”

The boys agreed and sat down as big Frankie came over with her plate and sat down in her lounge chair. She asked if everyone was having fun, to which we all answered yes, then she said she was glad and that we were a bunch of ‘good’ kids. Hah! If she only knew the truth about us! I saw little Frankie blush again and punched her lightly on the leg. She looked at me, I winked, but she just looked back at me as if to say ‘What?’ I just winked again and she shook her head like I was crazy. If she only knew that I knew…

The rest of the evening pretty much followed like the previous night: S’mores, scary stories, good nights, boys on one side of the camp fire, girls on the other, making small talk with each other until the lights in the camper went out, Curt listening under a window until the thumbs up indicating he heard both Frankies snoring.

We all knew what to do and broke up into our couples, zipping our sleeping bags together. I could hear Jocelyn and Candace whispering their displeasure about the days earlier events, then heard Russ and Curt apologizing like crazy, hoping they wouldn’t be denied pussy for the night.

That was not gonna be a problem for me since Ginny was already naked and working to get my trunks off. I heard Jocelyn telling Russ just what he was gonna hafta do to get back in her good graces.

“Alright, listen, bub!” she began in a stern whisper. “I want my pussy licked, and you’d better not stop until I have an orgasm. That’s what it’s gonna take before I let you back inside me.”

Then I heard Candace say, “That goes double for you, Curt. I don’t care if it takes you all fuckin’ night, no pussy til you make me cum twice. Understand?”

Both guys must have accepted the terms since all I heard was the rustling of swim suits being taken off and noises that I realized were the guys moving down in the sleeping bags trying to find a way to eat their girls out.

A couple of thoughts went through my head right then. First, I thought there sure wouldn’t be a whole lot of room in that bag for Russ’s tall body and that Joc would probably have to be all the way out of their bags to have her pussy licked properly. Then I thought that a similar conversation or two was most likely being had on the other side of the fire. Then…

I suddenly couldn’t think of anything else because Ginny’s mouth was around my erect cock once again. And it felt just as divine as the first time. Those big soft lips of hers resting lightly just below the head, her warm, wet tongue generously spreading my pre-cum all around, mixing with a little of her saliva, and the wonderful feeling of the slight vacuum as she began to suck. Then her head began to slowly move, and I knew right away that, if this really was her first time giving a blowjob, then she was a natural, definitely born with a gift.

Her lips still felt so light as they slowly sank down further onto my Pole of Pleasure. Gliding back up, they left a generous amount of slickness in their wake, never once separating from the thin skin of my thick shaft. She stopped at the top, running her velvet tongue around and under the head, making me gasp, forcing me to put a hand over my mouth as I moaned with pleasure. Then she repeated the slow Pole Dance with her mouth, all the way down (how could she take it all, I wondered), then back up to start again.

And that tongue! Oh, that magnificent tongue! It felt just like velvet, or maybe satin, quite possibly silk, whichever one that feels the fucking absolute best! Every time she returned to the head, all around the top, teasing just underneath, then back down again, that perfect tongue making me thankful I had been born a boy, sliding it back up in front of her bottom lip, not letting it’s pressure drop, no not once!

And those full marshmallowy lips! So lightly pressed around me. She never allowed even a square millimeter of my Appreciative Appendage to feel anything but those succulent berries when they were present during their journey, up and down, up and down….she instinctively knew to keep her luscious lips pursed outward, using only the tender and most insides that were usually only ever noticed by a dentist, but used as a most potent sexual tool by this young girl.

Then she began in earnest. Her head bobbed down a little faster as I felt the tip of my Vibrating Vestige slip into her throat momentarily, only to feel that tightness around it disappear as her head bobbed up. Her speed steadily increased, as did her suction pressure, but her lips continued to feel so amazingly light. ‘How was she doing that’, I wondered, since none of my cousins had EVER made it feel this good before. I was going to have to teach them about this little trick.

I didn’t try to stop her like I had the previous night. Nope, if she was willing to go all the way with this, who was I to say ‘no’?

I was pretty surprised that I lasted as long as I did. I was even more surprised that she didn’t give up after having to work on my Splendid Splinter for so long. But she didn’t give up and never backed down from her intended goal.

Once again, something special started to happen to me. Just like that awesome first time in which cousin Lori took me in her hand and gave me my very first ‘conscious’ cum, my first orgasm beyond wet dreams when I had shot what was surely the biggest and messiest load of my life, I felt It begin at the bottom of my feet, the tips of my fingers, and the top of my head. That super warm, super good feeling slowly migrated from my extremities to that familiar spot just below my tummy.

Ginny’s head was bobbing up and down at an incredible tempo by this time, and I wanted nothing more than to grab the back of her head and face fuck her. But my cousins had taught me to never put my hands on their head while they were sucking me off, so I allowed Ginny to continue her amazing performance without interference from me.

Then that incredibly good, incredibly warm feeling EXPLODED once again! I knew what was happening this time, however, and quickly put both hands over my mouth as my Rigid Rocket began shooting it’s fuel into Ginny’s moist, hot mouth. She didn’t stop her sucking or her bobbing, continuing on and on, making me scream with joy behind my hands! I kept shooting into her mouth as my hips bucked upwards and still she kept sucking, trying to empty every fucking drop of cum, every bit of slimy semen, every single one of my spent sperm until I was completely wasted of energy and dropped my ass back down to the ground. And still she sucked, slowly and softly now, until she was absolutely certain that I didn’t have even another speck left within me.

All I could think was, ‘Oh, my God, oh my God, this is how I wanna fucking DIE!!!’ I uncovered my mouth and let out a deep sigh and layed there with my eyes closed until Ginny’s head came up out of the bags. I thought she would rest her head on my chest or shoulder, but she didn’t. I felt her hair dangling on the sides of my face and opened my eyes. Her nose was barely an inch away from mine, and I could hear her swallowing over and over.

Suddenly, I recognized what might happen. I had experienced this exact same thing several times, right before I had to throw up. I started to get up but she laid her hands on my chest and pushed me back down, nodding her head as if to tell me, ‘it’s under control’. I looked in her eyes, which were staring straight into mine, and decided to believe her. After a minute or two of salivating and swallowing, she laid down on top of me and rested her head on my shoulder as I held her.

That was when I noticed that all four of the other couples were standing around us, all 4 guys stroking full erections (mine was still the thickest, although Russ had me beat in length by at least 3 inches, advantage of being born tall, I guess), and all 4 girls stood with their legs apart and pussies dripping over their fingers.

Jocelyn dropped to her knees first as she reached her climax, followed quickly by Mindy. Suddenly one of the other guys started cumming, shooting his load all over Ginny’s back and my arms. What the fuck? Then Curt fell to his knees as he held his little dick down towards the top as he started cumming, followed by the fourth guy who shot all over the bottom outside of my sleeping bag.

Trudy leaned over and fell on top of our legs as she brought herself to an orgasm. Then Candace started to cum while standing, leaned up against Jocelyn, spread her legs and shot fluid out of her pussy before collapsing. Since I had never seen a squirter before, I thought she had pissed on the tarp.

And then we waited for Mr. Long Cock to shoot off his works. He started smiling and turned towards Jocelyn. He edged closer to her and reached out with his other hand. She must have known that he wanted to put it in her mouth, and for some reason I felt a sharp twinge of jealousy. She slapped his hand away, however, and moved out of his aim. He sank down to the tarp just as his dick exploded, sending 4 or 5 quick and heavy spurts…all over Candace’s legs!

Candace’s mouth fell open, her eyes pinched into slits and her nose scrunched up. Even though Russ’s cock was still bubbling over with cum, she reached out and held one hand over his mouth, and with the other she grabbed his ball sack… and squeezed!

Russ’s eyes flew open as he groaned loudly, then shut tightly as he fell over, reaching down with both hands to try and pry Candy’s hand away from his tortured testicles. She released him after a short struggle, but slapped his face as she scooted away.

Everyone was giggling as we watched, hands covering up our laughter, until we heard that loud slap. Every head, other than Russ’s and Candy’s, quickly swiveled to see if a light would go on inside the camper. I felt my pulse quicken as the blood pounded in my temples. If big Frankie came out, we were all pretty much dead meat. All of us were naked, we had our sleeping bags zipped together, we were all together on one side of the fire, and there was fucking cum everywhere!

We waited silently, the only sounds being Russ’s groaning and whispered threats from Candace. After about thirty seconds, we all took a breath. Finally,. Jocelyn started giggling again.

“God, I thought we were busted for sure”, she whispered. “But that was just so fuckin’ funny!”

We all started giggling again. Except for Russ and Candace, of course. Russ was still curled up holding his crotch. “Jocelyn, why’d you move”, he hoarsely grunted in a whisper.

With an amused look, she whispered back, “I sure as hell wasn’t gonna suck your thing. And I wasn’t gonna let you spray it on my face, either.”

Candace sneered and whispered snarkily, “Gee, thanks, Best Friend.” Then she whispered in a pissed off tone, “And yer a real son of a bitch, ya know that Russell? Stupid mother fucker!”

“Ah, c’mon, Candy Land”, Joc whispered back. “You gotta admit, from our point of view, the whole thing was pretty fuckin’ funny. And look at Ginny and Rock. When (insert other guy’s name here) unloaded onto them, they didn’t say anything.”

Jocelyn looked over, studied us for a few moments, then began to relax and smiled. “Yeah, I guess if it had been somebody else, I wouldn’t have minded too much. Hey, someone toss me a towel so I can wipe this shit off. And they”, she pointed at me and Ginny, “would probably appreciate a hand, too.”

Trudy disentangled herself fromom our legs, grabbed my towel and started wiping the cum off of my arms. When I was cleaned off, I let go of Ginny so she could get to her back easier. Then all the cum was cleaned off my sleeping bag and the tarp.

By this time Russ was sitting up but still feeling less than pleasant. Jocelyn had her arms around him and said, “C’mon, baby, maybe I can make it feel better.” He didn’t seem too enthusiastic until she reached down and started lightly rubbing his soft cock and gently caressing his balls.

“Well, maybe…”

Joc smiled and whispered, “I knew I could bring you around!”

Mindy asked, “Hey, do you guys think there’s enough room for all of us on this side? This seems to be where all the fun stuff happens.”

Jocelyn looked around, nodded and said, “Maybe if we all scrunch together… unless someone has a problem with that. No? Then come on over!”

The other guys went and grabbed their bags and we all moved to make room. Ginny and me found ourselves sandwiched between Russ and Jocelyn on one side, with Curt and Candy on the other. Mindy and her guy set up above our heads while Trudy and her guy were at our feet.

“Uh, guys?” I whispered. “Why’re me and Ginny, like, in the middle of everyone?”

Jocelyn just looked at me like I was stupid or something, saying, “Because you seem to know more about sex than any of us, and we want some more ideas from you to try out. That stuff we saw you guys doing seemed to work pretty good last night, so don’t mind us. We’re just gonna watch when you two get busy, then we’ll try to copy whatever you do. Is that okay?”

Didn’t really have to think about it. Just shrugged and said, “Okay.” And with that, I pulled Ginny over to me and started kissing her again. I could taste my cum in her mouth, which was not a big deal for me. I’d eaten my cousins pussies plenty of times after I had just fucked and cum inside them. Didn’t know that it was called ‘eating a cream pie’ until I was 57. Guess I’ve been a cream pie eater for coming up on 46 years now. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

When Ginny and I got down to business again, I had her get on top of our sleeping bag on all fours and took her from behind. I noticed it didn’t take long for everyone else to assume the same position. All the other guys only lasted a minute or two before having to surrender their semen. Me and Ginny must have put on a pretty good show, however. I knew that I went from holding onto her hips and slamming my Happy Hole Punch into Ginny’s recently deflowered puss to bending over her and grabbing onto a handful of breast flesh with each hand, which caused her to lunge back against me as I continued my assault against her round bottom. When I felt the urge building, I let go of her tits, grabbed a handful of ass with each hand and pried those pretty cheeks apart until I could feel my cock reaching as deep as it could inside her. When I was just about to cum, I slammed into her one final time, causing her arms to give in and pushing her flat against the ground. I wound up with my chest on her back, still holding her ass cheeks wide and burying my Treasure Trove as deep into her Vault as possible, injecting my sperm into her once-and-nevermore-to-be Virgin Valley. I collapsed on top of her to the sound of quiet applause and quiet comments between the other lovers in our group. I could only assume that the girls were asking their boys why they couldn’t hold out that long. I never bothered to ask, though.

We all sat around and whispered with each other and played with our partners in full view of everyone else. My eyes kept returning to Joc and I would catch her giving me that half smile and winking at me. Even though she was three years older, I knew that one day in the near future we would be getting together for that talk she wanted to have. But that’s a whole ‘nuther story. I wanted to fuck Ginny again, but Joc said it was already real late and everyone was tired from staying up last night. So we undid our sleeping bags and the girls went back to their side.

The next day we spent the morning pretty much doing the same thing as before, then headed home. I ended up in a 6 year on and off relationship with Ginny. It was always ‘on’ for her, but it was mostly ‘off’ for me. This might be a shitty thing to say about this girl who surrendered not only her virginity to me that first night but gave me unfettered rights to her pussy anytime I wanted It, but the only time I really thought about her was when we were together. Or if a few days in a row came around and I hadn’t been able to fuck at least one of my cousins, then I’d go see her. Otherwise, she was pretty much ‘out of sight, out of mind’, as all girls were to me until I met the woman I would stay very happily married to for 30 years until she died. More about her later. And more about Ginny and other camping experiences with the church youth group.

Once again, thanks for letting me relive some of my youth through story telling. And please know that these are IRL (In Real Life) stories. I haven’t changed any first names, the locations are all real, the conversations are pretty close to how they happened (at least from my memory), just a bit of flowery language to fluff up and add to the details.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Rocky J.

P.S.- do you let your kids go on church camping trips? Just sayin’…

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