Hooked on watching

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I think I’m hooked on spying on people having sex, because I always seem to be at the right time right place to witness the most intimate and wild sex between whoever. I was in the fourth grade and I was given the”open window” so to speak. 10 years old and a very”alpha male” already. I was short for my age and made up for it in other ways. I had been sexually curious at a young age, Being curious meant boners, and Playboy’s. I used to get excited in my penis when I would see my sister or mom naked or getting ready to go out. I lived with my divorced mom who was 34 5’6″ 135lbs, with long team tone legs (easily her best feature) she showed off her legs any time she got a chance. Her tits were firm 36D and the best long nipples ever. Her hair was long and blonde. I also loved with my older sister who was 3 years older than me. She blossomed into the hottest and sluttiest girls in the neighborhood.
So I was home one Saturday night, nothing going on in town, and I was relaxing alone. My sister was at her girlfriends spending the night, and Mom was out on a date with some nerdy guy. So I was almost asleep on the couch when I heard a card drove up and shuffling and stumbling of feet and giggles. It was mom and her date. They obviously were drunk and when Mom got drunk there was gonna be fun! Mom was very quietly saying “shhhhhh” don’t wake him up, he’s sleeping. “Stay here I’ll be right back” mom said and went into her room. I had peeped my eyes open without letting them know I was awake and I saw her shut the door and her date day on the love seat across from the couch I was sleeping on. I saw him start to run his crotch and I swear I could see a bulge. I then heard the door open and put stepped mom. She was absolutely gorgeous. Her hair down and her long tone legs. She was wearing a see thru pink baby doll nighty. Her nipples were hot, poking out like a done turkey on Thanksgiving. She wore a small panty type thing that barley covered her pussy. She had no hair on her pussy which was unheard of back then. The shadows and light flickering of the TV was awesome, showing mom’s body and tits while she bent over and whispered into the guys ear. He stopped up and started to take his slacks off. When he got to his belt he stopped his pants and put sprang the biggest cock I have ever seen. 9 inches and thick. Mom was on her knees and his cock just inches away from her drink mouth. They were oblivious to me and the next thing she did was put him into her mouth, her hot nasty divorced slut mouth. The morning for louder and Mom started to really really suck like she was a real hooker or something. Mom looked up into his eyes while she put this monster deep into her throat. Her held her head there when he jerked and shook his cum into her waiting mouth. She got every drop of his sperm. Mom stood up and slowly took her to off and her panties so she was nude. She asked him if he was ready for a surprise, and when he said yes that’s when I heard a door bell and Mom said she would be right back. I had rolled into my side facing them with my cock sticking thru the pee hole. I then saw the surprise, it was three guys who they knew from the bar, these were there big black thugs and when Mom brought them in the nerd said that it was great that they came over and her also said that the last time they were absolutely great in the way they fucked mom. I heard that and then I saw mom on her knees again but this time she was getting a mouth full of BBC. I watched for most of the night when she finally passed out. I love love love watching people fuck, especially my slut of a mom …..

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  • Reply Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

    Choppy, needed proof reading before posting. And needs paragraphs.
    Good enjoyable story. Believable until the last when the black guys showed up.
    Moms do sneak men into the house for sex with their children home.
    But not for gangbangs. That’s for when they believe children are not around.
    I love the general concept of the story. Long live voyeurism! Keep writing!

  • Reply CHRIS ID:rz5vjd9j

    So fucking boring

  • Reply Retta ID:1ek20tf20c

    Next time join in…I bet your mom would love it… Lick her pussy and get her used to the idea her son is fucking her…. Then give her your cock… Bet your sister would be game to

  • Reply Marco ID:1d6gwqd5dgj3

    Mina olen ka näinud noorelt kuidas isa ja ema nikkusid.Nendel öölamp põles,ma piilusin ukse vahelt neid.Isa pani ema tagant nii tugevasti,et ema karjus,mul hakkas hirm ja läksin magama.Hiljem kuulsin et ema karjumine pidi normaalne olema,et siis pidi tal lahti minema.

  • Reply Terry ID:1eux7yu3zzjr

    That is lame.

    • Tf ID:pvkjy0k0j


  • Reply Anonymous ID:7zv3s59k0a

    Choppy but very horny sounding. Love the way you always bring it back to the mom…. Love incest

    • Retta ID:1ek20tf20c

      Wanna chat about it… Incest is hot… 909 890 8824