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Daddy taught me a lesson

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MAJOR TRIGGER WARNING: Consensual rape, slapping, aggressive language.

It’s Saturday night, I’m feeling bored and alone in this apartment. Nothing to watch, nothing to eat….. Oh I know!! The local club is hopping tonight but wait I have to ask Daddy. I picked up my phone and proceeded to text “Daddy can I go to the club tonight please please please?” Daddy quickly responded with a hard and fast no.

What am I supposed to do now? I’m so so bored. My Daddy lives 12 hours away maybe he would never know. I get dressed, I do my hair, and I do my makeup. I’m wearing a short red dress with black heels. As soon as I’m done getting ready I text daddy Goodnight and slip out the front door, leaving my phone on the chair next to the door so he cannot track my location.

I start walking down the street towards the club, the club is about a block or two away from my apartment. I reach my destination and wait in line to get my ID checked. I Finally get into the club and ordered some drinks. I drink and start to get drunk, then I headed out onto the dance floor and danced all night long til the club closed.

Soon enough it was time to get home as it was already 1AM. I left the club and started to walk home drunk, I heard a car behind me driving slowly, I turned my head and saw a Subaru and thought nothing of it and continued to walk home as I heard the car door slam shut and a man blindfolded me and snatched me back into his car and started driving. I was terrified and freaking out.

After about 5 minutes the car came to a stop, The man got out and snatched me out the car and carried me over his shoulder as I tried to scream but couldn’t with the tape over my mouth he placed over my mouth, after he dragged me into the car. As he carried me into a house and slammed me on a bed, he proceeded to slid my panties down, while taking off his pants. I squirmed and tried to scream as he inserted himself inside of me. I had no choice but to let him do it to me. I heard him moaning and grunting as he thrusted himself inside of me.

I was still in shock as he released all of his semen inside of me. He backed up and duct taped my legs together before he took off my blindfold, only to find Daddy standing there. His cock out and dripping with cum off of it. I wanted to hug him while I cried but instead he grabbed me by the hair as he sat down on the couch, before ripping the tape off my mouth, and smacking me across the face. I was super scared and shocked but before I could speak he pulled me aggressively across his lap and pulled my dress up. He beat the shit outa my ass as he said “why the fuck did you leave this fucking house when I said no” spanking my ass harder between each word.

I wanted to speak but couldn’t find the words so he said “answer me bitch” and beat me with his belt on the ass. I yelped out of pain and I immediately said “I’m sorry daddy, I was really bored and I wanted to have fun” he replied with a tug on my hair and a smack on the face as he said “that’s for drinking.”

He then signaled me to kneel in the floor in front of him. He reached his hand to my painful ass and squeezed it “never do that again” I quickly replied “yes sir” as he let go and pulled me on to his lap and held me close as I cried. He reassured me and ran me a hot bath and laid me out some clothes and a nice warm towel fresh from the dryer.

When I finished my bath and dryed off with the towel he brought me and put the clothes on he provided. He gave me a hug and a kiss as I stepped out the bathroom as he told me to go lay in bed and get some rest, he kissed me goodnight and cuddled me to sleep.

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    This is a good plot for a story. Love it. But you could have gone into a little more details and be more descriptive with it because this can be a great story.
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    • Hannah sweet ID:bo1u79ihk

      Thank you. Great tip I will definitely use that tip. I will email you rn

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      He should have fucked ur ass and came in ur throat

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