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dog raped me

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I am a 13 year old girl. My mom has a big Great Dane that licks me when I sleep. One day when my mom went to work early I woke up to a wetness between my legs and when I looked, my moms dog, Alex, was there licking my vagina. It felt good so I let him but when he got rougher and started to stick his tongue in my vagina and butt-hole I tried to stop him but then he growled and acted like he was going to bite me so I thought that maybe he’d stop on his own. When he didn’t I moved fast and got off my bed. He then got down and I thought that he was going to leave. He jumped on me and knocked me down on all fours and got on top of me. He’s really heavy and I couldn’t get him off of me. His penis touched my leg and that’s how I realized that he was mounting me. It started to scare me so I started to try and crawl forward but he growled and bit my butt cheek, not hard enough to break the skin but hard enough to stop me from moving. He thrust his hips forward and his whole penis went into my vagina, it hurt so bad that I cried. He picked up his pace and he kept going for about seven minutes until he thrust one last time and his knot went in, it hurt worse than the first part. The knot started to swell inside and me I could feel him cumming inside me, it was mostly pain but there was just a tiny bit of pleasure, so small that it was almost non existent. He was panting hard. I thought he was done so I tried to move only to realize that he was literally stuck inside me, it scared me to death, I didn’t know what to do. I tried to pull away but it hurt, plus he growled at me. We were stuck like that for about 35 minutes. After we separated, his cum was flowing out of me and I had to rush to the bathroom. After I cleaned up, I locked him out of my room and I cried because I had lost my virginity to a dog. He now does this often, especially when I’m on my period, why is this? I hadn’t told my mom or anyone in my family about it, so I put it on here. If you have any ideas on why he does this, please comment.

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  • Reply fake

    fake tale. a human vagina does not get stuck. not even to a great dane. in your dreams a dog would last 35 minutes

    • Huh


    • curious

      I always wondered what it’s like to be forced to take dog cock

    • Kate

      We actually can’t say that for certain based on A- how big that dane’s cock was (they tend to average same size or even bigger than human males) and how small her tight unbroken 13 year old hymen was especially if she was being traumatized by that moment she was probably clenching without meaning to and or it could have just been knotted for a couple of minutes but what to her trauma tainted brain, felt as long as that

  • Reply Mike

    I wish i was that dog

  • Reply Silly

    Why you keep letting him do it?

    • Cumgulper

      Because once you are fucked by a dog you keep coming back.

  • Reply Silly

    Well why you keep letting him do it to you?

  • Reply jadegirl

    don’t feel bad about yourself it’s the dogs fault. I understand how much pressure you get put on you as I am a girl myself. p.s don’t listen to all of those gross comments from the guys. if you need help tell someone it doesn’t need to be your mom(unless you want it to be) -Jade (alberta canada)

    • Alex x

      Can you share some stories with me?

    • Jordan

      Heyy Jadegurl at least your honest. How did you feel tho the first time? You got to admit it’s very taboo but that cock throbbing inside with warm jizz is great right?

  • Reply jadegirl

    he is in heat. get him neutered. search up what to do when a dog is in heat for help.

    • Girl

      Only female dogs go into heat ?

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      She’s 13, u perverts.u r no different than the dog.

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  • Reply Leon

    Well that is because he was in heat plus some dogs fall in love with their owner that they see as part if their pack.

    • Anonymous

      Males don’t go into heat

  • Reply shane

    Seems like your mother has trained him for sex.he most likely does her to.

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  • Reply Kobus

    At first you were suppose to get up and stay up,lock the dog up ad stay away from him,a dog can’t be in a house thatsy there are kennels for dogs..y you keep this away from your Mom,it seems you like it baby.

  • Reply Brittany

    I love it when my dog does this to me.. my rottweiler has been doing this for years..

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      Hi Brittany I would like to know about you and your Rottweiler and if I can you can text me on Hangout and my hangout information is [email protected]

    • Anonymous

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  • Reply Bob

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    • Mike

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  • Reply War Prince

    WTF! Ok so I’m a 16 year old boy. You should talk to your mom about it. The same thing happened to my sister except that I was there when it happened. She’s ok thankfully. Some parental guidance is what you need.



    • Azeem

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  • Reply Unknown

    A dogs scent of smell is better than a humans. A dog knows when you’re in heat before a human

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    • Cumgulper

      You are so right. A bitch is more vulnerable after her period. That’s when they are mounted mostly.

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    I might be sick but it turned me on

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  • Reply Disgusting!!!!!!

    Jesus christ ” I am a 13 year old girl” fucksake change that into 17! People reading and fantasing over this happening to a 13 year old girl!!! How is that not disgusting and really inappropriate for fucksake!!!!! Kiddie porn in writting!!!!!!!

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  • Reply Kirizoto

    Please let him keep going with it. Doing so will also make a stronger bond between you and him.

  • Reply SOMEBODY

    ure in the game arledy. the bitch n the dog

  • Reply Anonymous

    he making u his bitch so ur his bitch now

  • Reply Anonymous

    Male dogs love sex. They find it pleasurable, even with humans. A lot of people say that they find it pleasurable from their dog. Mine was also unexpected, but, i gave in. It was awesome.

    • [email protected]

      So fucking hot.
      I loved the story.
      Thanks for sharing

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  • Reply Barry

    Wow good story

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  • Reply Andrea

    Now you have had time to think about it, did you like it? did it give you any pleasure at all? if the answer is yes then let him do it again (when your alone of course)

    • James

      I like tour mind frame

    • Earl [email protected]

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  • Reply Chubs

    It\’s like a female dog when she bleeds she is in heat that\’s why your dog comes to you he thinks that your in heat that\’s why he wants to mount you. Only way to stop him from doing that is to cut his nuts off take him to the animal doctor. Tell your mom what he dose to you if you don\’t he will keep doing it to you and it might be far worse

  • Reply Anonymous

    When you have your period, you most likely smell like your in heat. Dogs are attracted to the smell of a bitch in heat so he wants to fuck you even more.

  • Reply Zeyoon

    This is very bad as you can get cancer

    • Anonymous

      No, you can\’t get cancer due to a dog having sex with you.

    • Anonymous

      True. However, the dog has to be healthy to avoid a disease. Most dog owners have dogs that are, and those are halfly-mostly the ones who get mounted by them.

    • Rif

      Load of rubbish you cant and don’t get any medical problems from a clean dog and yes a dog is cleaner than a human plus no chance of pregnancy. If it feels good enjoy he won’t tell anyone

  • Reply Horney

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  • Reply Anonymous

    Encourage your mom to get him neutered.

  • Reply Twisted

    I bet you enjoyed it

  • Reply ray

    he is probably doing this to mom to

  • Reply sturick

    just enjoy it…..

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