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Raping My Sister-in-law Twice

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True story of raping my sister-in-law not once but twice in the same week

I had business in Los Angeles on Tuesday thru Thursday and since we had not visited with my wife’s brother Fred in a couple of years, decided to have the wife fly down with me on Saturday morning and stay with them with the wife catching the plane home Sunday night and me going to the hotel where my meetings would be. It was a good visit and the sister-in-law was looking good, having her last baby 2 years ago. I had always wanted to fuck her ever since she married the wife’s brother 10 years before.

As it turned out the lawnmower stopped working and I was helping the brother-in-law fix it. Needed a part and picked it up when I took wife to plane. By the time we got it going it was 8 PM so they insisted I spent another night as I did not have to be at the meeting until 3 PM the next day so I did. The next morning Patsy fixed breakfast and school lunches for the 2 boys and the dad left for work dropping them off on the way as normal. I was left alone with Patsy and the baby who she put down for a nap after it ate. She went in to take a shower and I decided to fuck her.

When she came out of the bathroom and in to the bedroom I was there already naked and had my cock more than ready. It was a nice size and much bigger than her husbands which I had seen when we went fishing and peed in the bushes. She immediately started screaming at me to get out of here and I told her NO, I am going to fuck you. She screamed I was not and reached for her robe. I jerked it out of her hand and told her I wanted her naked, she looked good and I especially liked her big tits. She moved her arms to cover them up and them I said I also love the looks of your pussy. She then moved one had down to cover it. I walked over to her and pushed her down on the bed and she was fighting me all the way, hitting at me. I grabbed her hands and told her that was enough of that shit. I had been wanting to fuck her for 10 years and I was going to do it – Period. I then pushed her down on the bed and fell on top of her with her trying to get away. I held both hands and told her she might as well stop fighting me as I was going to fuck her and she said I was not. Being much bigger it was hard holding both her hands at the same time but I managed and then used my other hand to separate her legs and got between them. After a struggle I got my cock head into her pussy lips and push hard. She was tight on my cock but it slipped in – she fought all the more. I took the hand I had use to part her legs and got a nipple between my thumb and first finger and pinched hard. She screamed – You are hurting me! I said it’s going to get worse if you don’t calm down. She then told me she hated me and called me a S.O.B. so I pinched the nipple harder and she started crying and quit fighting me. I started stroking in her pussy and it was good and well worth the effort. I released the pinch on her nipple and she started fighting me again.

I pinched harder and she stopped fighting and I was able to get back to fucking her. She just laid there without moving. I told her to move her ass some and she told me to go fuck myself. I said why do that when I am fucking you. With that she started fighting even more so I went back to pinching her other nipple and her screaming – That Hurts. I said good and if you don’t calm down it’s going to hurt a lot more and gave her a hard pinch. She stopped fighting but just laid there with me stroking in her. Damn it was good – the best ever and I was telling her so. She was calling me an asshole – SOB and everything she could think of. I had started out raping a a dozen gals before and normally by this time it had turned in to a mutual fuck but not in this case. She was telling me to get off her and fighting me again so it was back to the nipple pinch – real hard with her crying it hurt so bad, but she did calm down.

I decided to try another approach because if I keep going for another minute or so in this great pussy I was going to cum and it would be over. I told her to stop fighting and I would quit fucking her and she did and I did. But I got a nipple in each hand and slide down so I can eat her pussy. I love doing that but not after I cum in it. She wanted to know what I was doing so I told her and then started licking on it. She started with the stop it crap again so it was pinch the nipples until she calmed down. Then I started enjoying that wonderful pussy and I noticed she opened her legs a little more and made it easier for me. I commented that Fred must not be eating her pussy since she was liking this and that was the wrong thing to say as here came the asshole -SOB- name calling again. But I got on her clitoris and was giving it my best and she relaxed a little. I stopped long enough to ask did she like it and she mouthed off the same name calling so she got another tweak on her nipples. They were big, hard and stuck out about an inch.

I moved back into position to fuck her some more and after a few minutes knew I could not hold back any longer and tried to kiss her but she would not let me. I kissed her on the neck and unloaded in her and then laid there. She starts telling me to get off her but I want some more action so I reach down and put my thumb in her pussy and then slip my first finger in her asshole. I had her like you carry a 6-pack with plastic carrier. Then I tell her to get down and suck my cock. I want it all from her and she tells me to go fuck myself as she is not going to suck my cock. I tell her she is and squeeze my thumb and finger together. I had used this trick on another gal that was sucking me off and said she did not swallow, and I showed her what I could do by pinching my finrers together and she was happy to swallow my load.

She is screaming – That hurt and I tell her Yes and it’s going to get worse if she did not get on my cock and I showed her what I meant. She moved down to my cock and got it in her mouth. I told her it better be good or she knew what and squeezed a little bit. She started sucking me off. I enjoy telling her how good she is at cock sucking – which is the truth and before long feel my load building and tell her to stay on it while I cum in her mouth. I give her a little finger pinch so she gets the message and then let go in her mouth. She does stay on it until I finish and then I tell her to swallow the reward. She lifts up and spits the cum on me and then asks how I liked that- asshole. I pinch my fingers until she cries and asks her how she likes that. It was damn good blowjob so I knew she was use to sucking cock.

I figure if I wait a couple of minutes I can go again so I have her lay back and get both nipples in my fingers and then slide back down to her pussy. She opens her legs with my prompting so I know she liked that. I then eat her pussy for the next 10 minutes or so really working on her clitoris and thought she might have cum off with the way she stiffen up but never made a sound.

By this time I was ready for some more of that great pussy and told her I was going to fuck her again – she could not believe me – wanted to know just how many times was I going to rape her and I told her this would be it, for now but maybe later. She told me I would never fuck her again – cussing me with every other word. I did and when I unloaded in her she still would not let me kiss her. I then told her she was the best pussy I ever had and she ignored me.

Afterwards I did attempt to kiss her pussy some more but she just begged me to leave so I showered, dressed and did so. I asked her what she was going to do and she said have me arrested for raping her and I said what I will tell Fred and my wife is she offered herself to me and I took her up on it and then she got mad because I said I would not do it anymore. I asked who do you think they will believe and with that she started crying. That’s the way I left her but pretty sure she was going to be closed mouth about it.

When I called home that night and talked to my cock sucking wife, she said Fred had called and I thought – Oh Shit. Then she said he wanted to let us know how much they enjoyed the visit and he really appreciated me repairing his lawnmower. I thought to my self, Patsy had made it well worth my time.

On Friday morning I had heard nothing and having time before flying home, decided to go by their house to see what was going on. Yes, I thinking about getting some more of the best pussy I ever had. When I got there around 9 oAM and rang the bell, she answered the door in her housecoat and tried to close the door on me. I figured she was alone so I pushed my way in and there was no one there except the baby – asleep. I wanted some more of that pussy and was determined to get it. She told me to get out and called me a bastard and rapist. I said it can be her way of choosing, either the easy way or the hard way. She told me she did not want me to hurt her again and I told her I had not. She mouthed off about me pinching her nipples and using my fingers to hurt her when I made her suck me off. I said OK, be nice and I won’t do any of that again, but you are going to let me fuck you and you are going to suck me off again. With that I grabbed her arm and took her into the bedroom me and the cock sucker had slept in. I thought maybe it would be better for her than the bed she slept and fucked with Fred in.

I then took off her house coat and she was wearing panties and bra and off they came and I pushed her down on the bed, with her sitting on the edge. I stripped down and stood in front of her with my cock near her face. She looked away so I told her to lay on her belly on the bed. She immediately told me I was not going to duck her like that and I said – like what. She said in my “pooper”. It dawned on me Fred had ass fucked her and she did not like it. I told her I was just going to fuck her dog fashion and to relax. She made a nasty comment about – sure while you rape me. With that I forced her on her belly and then lifted her ass in the air with my hands on her hips. I then checked to see if she was wet and she was. I slipped the head of my cock fully in her pussy and then stopped. She was all tensed up and slowly relaxed and then I ran my big cock all the way in. I started pulling out so only the head was in and making short strokes and then slamming it to the hilt and then back out. I could tell her pussy was responding even if she did not want to. I kept this up for about 15 minutes before I got ready to cum. Not wanting to mess up what I was going to eat, I pulled out and shot off in my hand, then wiping it on the bed spread. I know she came off even though she tried to hide it.

I then turned her over and went down on that pussy which was wet but not full of cum. At the same time I was gently working her nipples which we hard and pointed. I stayed on her pussy until I was sure she had cum again even though she hid it well and then told her it was time for her to show me some more of that great cock sucking she did. All this time not one word had come out of her mouth but she looked at me with daggers in her eyes. This time she got between my legs rather than beside me as I did not have my thumb and finger in her pussy and asshole. She gave me one hell of a blowjob and when I used my hand to lift her head off of my cock, I could see her swallow. I told her she was due for a reward it was so good, and pushed her back down on her back and went back to licking her pussy again. I could not tell that she came off again as she just laid very still but did have her legs parted.

When my cock started responding i moved up and tried to kiss her but she turned aside again so I slipped my cock in her and fucked her again. It took another 10-12 minutes for me to unload in her. We laid there and she than asked was I finally finished which pissed me off and i told her NO, I want some more of you and with that rolled over and mounted her again. This time it took me much longer as it was my fourth cum in an hour. I know she came off but did all she could to hid it. Damn it was good pussy. When I sot off the last time I forced her to let me kiss her but she just accepted it and did not kiss me back.

Then she asked – was I through and I said yes. She then said – Get the hell out of my house and don’t ever come back. There was no talking to her as she was pissed I had raped her 2 different times in 5 days so I got dressed. When I got ready to leave he told me never again or she would kill and I think she meant it.

We see them every couple of years but have never stayed at their house again and Fred does not know how much I enjoyed his wife, but she knows and never spoken to me again. My wife commented on that recently that Patsy seems to dislike me for some reason – did I know why?

2 years after this actually happen I was alone with Patsy for a few minuted at a funeral for the first time and told her I was sorry and she said I should be – you Bastard. Every time since I raped her and Fred has sex with her, she thinks about what I did to her – not once but twice. I told her I would love to do it again and her answer was she was a virgin when she married Fred and would never cheat on him. I asked is she not maybe doing so thinking about me bringing her off when he fucks her. She just turned a walked off – man I would love to rape her some more.

Who knows, maybe sometime in the future I will get to do her again, I can only hope and Yes, rape her if necessary.

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  • Reply Huckabuckin ID:n4n90i3hl

    I fuck my sister in law every chance I can. When ever she comes to our house she always waits in hall bathroom while I’m fucking her sister so when we’re done I go in so she can lick the cum and pussy juice of my dick then give me another quick blow job. Says she loves the taste of her sisters pussy on my cock

  • Reply Wife to ALL ID:ndoolerb0a

    My father in law and his brother raped me and then regularly fucked me ever since. My father was a gentle soft soul. My mom was the hottest woman in town. And when my father first started doing business with father in law that’s when things started. Father in law and his brother use to secretely rape my mom every time dad was away on business. Mom never spoke out cause they threatened to ruin my dads business and tell everyone what they did with her.
    I was pressured into marrying my husband and was raped regularly by father in law and his brother from the day after my wedding. Got use to it.

    • [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

      hope they raped your tight asshole often as well!

  • Reply Devon ID:n4ip9bd3

    Raped my 20yo sis in law, she’s so hot and tight. But unfortunately she’s not in our house anymore. I like fucking and cumming inside her. She is like tiny woman she’s only 4’11 and i am 6’2 about 9 inches long. I forced my big cock all the way in her til i get in her cervix. Imagine her struggling taking my cock and choking on it. Oh gosh i miss her tight pussy and her mouth! I always get hard everytime i think about her!

  • Reply Kevin ID:n4ip9l8l

    I fucked my sister in law too. Loved it! Hope she gets pregnant tho! But too bad she’s not in our house anymore, she moved out.

  • Reply Jack ID:cxsv7bufik

    Raped my sister in law 2 yrs ago about 10 yrs after her husband suddenly died.Now I fuck her and my wifes cousin together. Didn’t have to rape my wifes cousin as she was dying for a big cock.

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    Oh wow fucking u r step sis like that if possible share me her address we can rape her to get her give her a tough fuck that will make her pussy bleed