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Mess with me and my dad messes with you

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My dad raped the girl who was bullying me at school to punish her and then I fucked my dad because watching him rape her was so hot it made me wet.

This girl, this bitch, this cow, the big fat ugly donkey ass spunk bag, Jodie was her name, and she always picked on me at school, bullied me, stole my money, hit me and stole all my new stationery, I hated her, she was 15 and I was only 12, she was making my life a misery.

I told my dad what she had done to me, the rumours she had spread around school about me, I just wanted her to leave me alone.

Dad came up with a plan, I thought he was joking but he wasn’t.

My birthday was coming up so he had me invite Jodie to my party, only there was no party, no one else would be there, just me, my dad and the bitch, she agreed to come just so she could humiliate me some more.

The joke was on her.

When she turned up to my house I put on a pleasant face, “Hi Jodie, thanks for coming.”.

She pushed her way by me and just walked in to my house, “This is where you live? – bit of a shit hole isn’t it.” She commented.

“I like it.” I replied, I looked up stairs and dad gave me the thumbs up from the top of the landing, “Shall we go up to my room that’s where the party it.” I asked.

“Why not. Hope I don’t catch anything.” She replied, and we walked up the stairs and in to my bedroom.

Once inside, dad was waiting behind the door and he slammed it shut, Jodie turned around quickly and saw my dad standing at the door, “Is that your dad?” she asked.

“Yeah…” I replied, walking up to her and nudging her backwards.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she snapped.

Then dad walked over and grabbed her by the shoulders, “You think you can treat my daughter like a piece of shit and get away with it!” he growled.

“Ouch! – Get off me dickhead.” She snapped and pushed his hands off her, she tried to run around him and get away, but dad caught her by grabbing the fabric of her top and he pulled her back and pushed her on to the floor.

She looked worried and frightened, just how I looked every day when I saw her at school, but she was on my turf now, in my castle, now I was in-charge.

Dad tore her clothes off her, I mean literally ripped her clothes to shreds until she was as naked as the day she was born, she started crying which was glorious to see.

“How does it feel, bitch?!” I said.

“What are you – What are you going to do to me?” she whimpered.

“You fuck with my daughter, I fuck you.” Said Dad, taking off his clothes and climbing on top of her with his cock hanging out, he pinned her arms down and forced his cock up her pussy, she screamed loudly and cried more, she must have been a virgin, “Go on dad. Fuck her!” I said.

He rape and fucked her hard on the carpet floor and he filled her pussy with his spunk, “Ha-Ha – Aww she’s not so tough. Look at her crying like a little girl.” Joked Dad as he pulled out of her bleeding and spunk filled hole.

I kicked her as she lay on the floor sobbing, “Bitch!” I snapped.

“Thought you said she was a hard-ass. I’ll tell you what…” said dad, turning her over on to her front, “…Let’s see how hard her ass is shall we.” He laughed and I laughed along with him.

“Yeah. Fuck her up the ass, dad.” I said.

And he did, he grabbed her hips, slapped her so hard on the ass it left a red hand print, then he pushed his cock between her butt cheeks and fucked her in the ass hole, she was screaming and crying and begging him to stop, but he just kept going, humping her hard.

“Daddy, this is making me wet.” I said, seeing dad’s big cock and he fucking Jodie on the floor really turned me on.

“You like that princess?” he asked.

I licked my lips and ran my fingers through his hair, “Yeah.” I replied.

He pulled my head down towards his and he kissed me passionately while gripping my hair in his hand tightly, we kissed like crazy while he butt fucked Jodie.

When he came inside her butt hole, he pulled out leaving her crying and in agony on the floor, he then pinned me down on the floor and tore my clothes off of me, the heat between me and my dad was scorching hot, I couldn’t believe what I was doing but I couldn’t stop myself, I wanted him so bad in that moment.

We were biting each other’s lips and fingers, I bit in to his neck and he pushed his big cock between my legs and entered me roughly, I screamed really loud, I couldn’t help it, but fuck it felt incredible, “Yeah, dad. Yeah, I want it. Do it to me, dad. Fuck me.” I said.

With our bodies locked together in incestuous sex, we rolled along the floor and I ended up laying on top of Jodie, we stopped rolling and dad fucked me wildly on top of her, I could feel my pussy being stretched both inside and outside, he was punishing my hole but I loved it.

He was about to ejaculate when he suddenly pulled out and forced his cock in to my mouth, after a few long loving sucks on his shaft, he released his seed and my mouth quickly overflowed with his spunk, I swallowed it for him and spent a few minutes slurping on his cock to get the last drops out as it slowly shrunk down.

“You’re fucking insane.” Said Jodie, still crying like a little bitch.

“Shut up! – Any way, what the fuck are you still doing here? Get the fuck out of my house.” I shouted.

She pulled herself out from underneath me and walked towards the door, dad told her if she told anyone what he’d done, or if she ever bullied me again, he would kill her, then she gathered up her torn clothes and left.

Dad fucked me again a short time later, it was incredible.

Jodie never bullied me or any other kid in school after that day, in fact, she became quiet and spent most of her time by herself, I guess my dad taught her a lesson.

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    Die kleine Fotze hat genau das was sie verdient hat bestimmt wünscht sich die Hure das sie wieder vergewaltigt wird und das Papa sich dann auch noch so lieb um seine Tochter gekümmert hat zeigt wie lieb er ist ich hoffe er fickt dich kleine Schlampe weiter

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    I wanna be her😩

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    Can’t say that bitch Jodie didn’t deserve it.

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