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Author: DaddyStorm

Marli and I, Part 6

To describe the feelings I had after that moment would be difficult. Naturally the erection I had was only a vague and very distant memory. But physically, I felt as though I suddenly... #

4511 words | 3 |4.85

Marli and I, Part 5

The phone rang. “Hi Dan… it’s Tina…Marli’s mom?” “Hi Tina, how are you?” I said, hiding the panic I was feeling…did Marli blab?? “Oh,... #

4849 words | 6 |4.97

Marli and I, Part 4

In the morning, Marli was still fast asleep as I extricated myself from her grasp without waking her. It was early, and I knew she wouldn’t be up for another couple of hours,... #

3788 words | 3 |4.97

Marli and I, Part 3

Thank goodness I had the forethought to set an alarm clock. When it suddenly started beeping at 7am, I panicked, thinking it was much later due to the bright sunshine outside. I found... #

7173 words | 7 |4.83

Marli and I, Part 2

Apparently, I did manage to fall asleep; for a little while anyway. Marli was still wrapped tightly around me, and we were both holding each other closely. I decided to test the waters... #

4806 words | 4 |4.90

Marli and I, Part 1

I met Marli when she was eleven, about a month or so from her twelfth birthday. She was my daughter’s friend and had been invited to sleep over one Friday night, and her mom was... #

4834 words | 6 |4.84