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Me and my sister’s special relationship

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(Fic)My little sister Olivia is a cheerleader, she’s 10 and very small for her age. This is the story of the start of our very special relationship.


My little sister Olivia is a cheerleader, she’s 10 and very small for her age. But she’s blonde, and thick, not fat she’s skinny in the stomach area and has a small waist, but her ass and thighs are very thick. She calls me Bubba, and since she was five we’ve had a “unique” relationship. She is very physical with me, she holds my hand in public, she always hugs me and holds on for long periods. She tries to sit on my lap while we watch TV sometimes, but we’ve never verbally talked about this.

When I (17) baby sit her, she wears loose fitting sport shorts and crop tops. She angles her legs in ways that I can see straight up her pant leg, but she wears panties, so it just teases me. Well, me knowing that she’s a deep sleeper, one night I went into her bedroom that was fairly lit thanks to her night-light. She was in panties and a t-shirt, and only partially covered by her blanket. Her lower half was exposed.

I closed her door and locked it. I approached her, shook her hip a little to see if she’d wake up. She didn’t. So I cupped my hand around her thick little ass and gave it a gentle squeeze. It was so soft and warm, my heart began racing, adrenaline pumping, fingers tingling, I could barely catch me breath. I used both hands to slowly pull her panties just beneath her ass cheeks, then down to her knees. Seeing her pert little ass got me rock hard and I could feel pre-cum spewing from my penis.

Then my heart dropped; she moved and groaned. Had she woken up? No, she was just trying to get comfy. She now lay on her stomach with her left leg at an arch closer to her stomach. I could now see her pussy from behind and my heart began racing faster which I didn’t think possible. I whispered out her name, “Liv, you up?” no response. So I cupped her smooth bald little pussy with my right hand. It felt warm to the touch and she was snoring now so I knew she was dead asleep.

I slid my middle finger up and down her tight smooth little slit. To my surprise she started feeling wet. So I tried to slip my finger inside her, but she was so tight it was kind of hard to get to the first knuckle. I wiggled my finger a little and felt her insides, wet, warm, tight, and innocent. I removed my finger and slowly and carefully re-positioned her onto her back. I completely removed her panties and lifter her t-shirt up to her neck.

There she was, completely asleep and vulnerable. With her legs spread apart I could see everything; up her smooth legs, and where they met was her puffy, bald, smooth little slit. Up her stomach was tight and toned due to her athletic life, and to her chest her her dime sized nipples sat on two tiny puffy tits. They where to small to grip but not completely flat. I slid my middle finger back into her pussy, which was a little easier this time and only went half my finger’s length deep. I assumed her hymen had ruptured during her various stretches. Her pussy was becoming more wet and my sweaty hands also helped to lubricate her. I slid off my underwear and took a finger tip of pre-cum and wiped it in her mouth. She had now tasted me.

I wiggled my finger around and with my other thumb I massaged her tiny clit in a counter clockwise motion, and watched as her body began convulsing and shaking. Every inch of her from her stomach down was rapidly shaking. It only lasted a few moments but I knew that i’d just given her her first orgasm. I was ready for my turn so I placed the tip of my seven inch dick at the slit of her tight bald little pussy lips. I pushed in slowly, only allowing the tip to penetrate. I felt a rush of electricity flow all through-out my body as I felt her tight little cunt grip my dick.

I pushed a little farther, I was about an inch and a half deep in her when she started to moan. I froze still for a second, and when I realized she was still asleep I began thrusting. With my thumb I massaged her clit again. And I fucked her, being careful not to go more than and inch or two deep. I felt as her pussy stretched to fit my tick cock, and her pussy grew more and more wet which helped. After about five minutes I came. One burst after the next of thick hot semen blasted into my no-longer innocent little sister, and I rubbed her clit faster. She too climaxed for the second time, and let out a loud moan and tensed her body. Her hands gripped the bed, her thighs and pussy flexed tight, and I kept pumping her full of my cum.

I pulled out after I went soft, and watched as cum poured from her little cunt. It was a little red and still gaping a little from the penetration of my big dick. I cleaned her up with my tongue and sock. I carefully re-dressed her and left her room and went to my own. The next morning After our parents left for work, she came into the living room in her usual shorts and crop top. She sat beside me and snuggled into me and wrapped my arm around her. “I know what you did,” she said.

My heart skipped a beat, “You– you do?” I said scared out of my mind.

“Yeah, I do. I was awake,” she looked up at me innocently. “It’s okay I won’t tell.”

“Our secret?” I asked. She blushed and nodded. I began twirling her long blonde hair with my finger and she giggled… To be continued.

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    Next chapter please

  • Reply Peter from Australia ID:1cn96ee27z4f

    [email protected] Perfect story. Thank you. At least you got to feel what it feels like to have your own sister, and she enjoyed it without being forced.

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    damnn, that story was so fuckin hot af and so naughty. im so horny rn with a boner. i wish i had a lil sister to screw in her sleep and creampie her.

    keep ur story going pls, i hope there’s a part 2

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