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You’re so much bigger than my bf part 2

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Continuation of the true story of when Steve 25 seduces 15 year old Georgia at a rich kids house party..

So my dick was deep in her mouth, She bobbed her head back an forth only taking it out to take a breath, even sucking at the head before plunging my length into the back of her throat again, I groaned with drug induced pleasure. For a 15 year old she really knew how to suck cock like a fucking slut! If we hadnt of done that coke before we started I would of easy cum by now. Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! I watch her beautiful blue eyes look up at me looking for signs of approval, this girl really wanted to impress me. She takes my dick out her mouth and starts cupping my balls in her mouth moving her tounge up an down while she glides between my 2 testies. I groan hard as this young teen gives me the blow job of life, electricity shooting through my body “You like that you fucking big dick bastard!” As she wanks my girth in one hand, smiling then biting one lip. I am so fucking hard now
I pull her up to her feet by one hand an strip her naked in 10 seconds and look at her tight, toned and beautifully tanned young body, her perky little tits with puffy pink nipples, the curvuture of her stomach, hips an that juicy big ass. “Bend over Georgia” she nods with excitement and bends over on the bed with her ass in the air, the view was perfect. I want to fuck her so bad but I know my thick cock wont quite fit her tight little pussy..yet. I grab her by the ass an plunge my tounge into her asshole “ooh fuck!” She said as she gasped with pleasure. “No-ones ever eaten my ass before! You dirty fucking bastard! Ooh fuck yes that feels amazing” I loop my tounge round and round her asshole sinking my tounge in ever so slightly “aahh fuck, ooh yeea baby” I pull open her ass checks wider to peel open that tight little wet pussy, the gape is tiny but dripping with juice, I plunge my face into it now licking up an down and round an round her clit! She spasms uncontrollably the pleasure for her is much greater now! AAAHHH! OOOHHH! YE! AH! she screams as the juices flow out of her onto my face an drenching the bed. If the music at the party wasnt loud Georgia’s orgasms would of echoed the whole house. Now moist as fuck I drive in two fingers deep into her hole with out warning “AAAAHHHHHH FUCK!” She screams! She was so fucking tight it like like trying to pull excalibre from the stone she had tensed up so much but I gently moved them back an forth while this little bitch moaned on all fours, I returned back to licking her clit “oohh oooohhhh Ooh Ahhh Ahhhh! the waves of her first ever orgasms started coming through “Oh fuck im gona..im gona… ooooohhh im cumming!” I watched pleasure rip through her body for the first time, her body twitching, her pussy gushing juices everywhere. “Oh fu.. ohh fuck” she layed there gasping for moment while I stared down smerking at my handy work. ” oh my fucking god, Ive never cum before an you just did it so easy” she said laying there panting, rosey red cheecks.
All of a sudden I hear movement and talking on the floor of bedrooms we was on, nobody should be up here. Me and Georgia look at each other as she mouths who the fuck is that, I place one finger over my lips to silence her as I listen, thankfully I had already locked the door. “Georgia! Georgia are you up here? Where the fuck could she be?” A guy said to anothet girl “I dont know Peter but someone said she went upstairs maybe shes in the bathroom” A girl said.. Peter I thought isnt that.. I smirked it was Georgia’s boyfriend looking for her. “She must be somewhere didnt some say they saw her talking to Steve, I hate that smug cunt!” He said “No I dont think she would talk to him, hes Andy’s friend and an older guy” her friend said obviously covering for her. “Yea well I reckon shes up here” he starts opening doors to rooma to look in first room nothing, second room just a bath room I hear him clunk across the landing towards the room we where in a grab the handle “fuck it locked.. Georgia are you in there!” I glance at her again to keep her mouth shut, I wasnt getting caught with some under age pussy. “What the fuck you doing up here?!” I hear Andy shout his footsteps fast approaching “This floor is out of bounds, get the fuck downstairs” he yells “Im sorry dude I swear I heard some nosies up here an Georgia is missing!” Pete says submissively “Yea well maybe she left dont be searching my house without permission asshole” I hear Andy say as he ushers them both back downstairs finally leaving me and Georgia to our unfinished business!
“Fuck that was close” she said “Your boyfriend called me a fucking cunt Georgia!” I laughed “Yea well maybe you are after making me cum like that” she says slightly biting her lip at the memory of her experience. “Anyway, dont worry about him. Your floppy is bigger than his hard on” she laughed. All that comotion had made me slightly limp. She grabs it an starts jerking it again in her hand, massarging my balls with the other teasing me with that look again as her long blonde hair hanged down over her little tits with those rosey red cheeks from her orgams an those plump red lips I was instantly hard again. “Now fuck me big boy, fuck me hard an punish me for what for my fagot boyfriend said” I layed her on her back an slapped my meaty cock on her pink little pussy! She was still wet as fuck the juices sticking to my head an I slap it on her clit back an forth. I can see in her eyes she wants me so bad, I sink my fat bellend in her slit she gasps “OH FUCK! Thats so thick” I rock back an forth sinking another inch with each thrust splitting open that teen pussy to dimensions its never been to before, her eyes roll into the back of her head with pleasure, she holds it in for a moment an then “Ohhhh Ohhhh Ooooooh! Oh my god your fat cock is streching me the fuck out! She starta rubbing her own clit slowly making herself cum again all over my length, shes extremely wet now and I just start ploughing my whole beer can sized cock deep into her pussy over an over as I watch this little teen spasm with pleasure ” Ooooh you fuck me so much better than my boyfriend!” Im now slamming her so hard I could break the floor beneth the bed “Ooh fuck Steve your ruining my pussy! Oh yes fuck me hard like that, ohhh yes make me fucking cum you big dick bastard!” If we hadnt of done coke I would of easily cum by now but the chemical energy had turned me into a possessed beast ravaging this girl over an over. Even her tight young pussy squeezing my cock, pushing out every milimetre possible hadnt make me cum yet but watching her beautiful body below me spasm over an over knowing I was giving her the best fuck of her life while her boyfriend waited downstairs just inflated my ego. “Arghhh arghhhh arrgghhh!” She was literally screaming now, I was really making her cum hard this time..

Part 3 cumming soon!

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