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Three 12 year old girls

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Last summer I was at the beach just working on my tan.. I’m 35 and what I saw there was the most beautiful pretty little girls in string bikinis just a thread in their ass cheeks showing off their sexy little asses their tops were skimpy leaving no doubt they were just little girls.
I had on my sunglasses so they wouldn’t really notice I was staring at them.. It’s been years since i visited this lake by my house and I don’t remember girls so young dressing like this..it’s like nobody cares seeing these hot little things leaving nothing to the imagination..

Three girls were playing frisbee kinda by me I kept staring at their sweet asses getting horny wondering how lucky I was.. a free show and without thinking I touched myself and heard myself moan.

Suddenly the frisbee was thrown on my lap.. i quickly looked up and saw this sweetest little girl running up to me giggling she grabbed the frisbee and smiled slightly rubbing her hand on my dick

“ You been watching us do you like what you’re seeing “ She giggled
“ Oooh god yes “ I whispered… “ You’re all so young and pretty don’t you care that you’re like almost naked showing off your ass to strangers “
“ Come into the lake with me and if you want you can play with my ass”.. she grabbed my hand and like a lost puppy dog I followed.

We were waist deep in the water when she started to rub her ass against me. I started to rub her sweet ass sticking my finger deep inside her… she moaned loudly turned around pulling my swimsuit down and stuck her ass on my cock..
“ Fuck me daddy fuck my ass please I know you want me “

I’m in the middle of the lake people all around and I’m fucking this little girl my hands were pulling her top down I’m playing with her little tits when her two friends caught up to us giggling smiling licking their lips.

One girl swam behind me and she stuck her finger in my ass… the other girl kissed me as I was still fucking her friend.. I lost it moaning loudly and came heavily deep inside her sweet ass..

They smiled at me grabbing my cock giggling like little girls do.. and left me alone swimming back to shore..
I looked around nobody seemed to notice what just happened quickly pulling my swimsuit up I wandered back to where my towel was and to my surprise the three young girls were laying down on their stomachs showing me the sweetest little asses I ever seen.

I laid down next to them grabbing the suntan lotion and started to rub oil all over their backs..legs and of course the sexiest little asses I ever seen.
“ Thanks daddy if your up for it we come back here every Saturday night at midnight skinny dipping when the beach is closed “

That Saturday night I was at the beach waiting for my three little girls

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  • Reply Noname ID:2px1ogpr38z

    Story went to fast and need more depth but good start just add little more

  • Reply William napier ID:1czm09tbb8j3

    When my daughter Elizabeth was twelve she came to stay with me for Christmas holiday. I hadn’t seen her in over two years. Scene my ex-wife moved to Florida. So when I seen Elizabeth,s twelve yr old body for the first time. I couldn’t help it my dick got rock hard in less then ten seconds. Elizabeth said do you want to see how good I,am now at gymnastics now daddy. I said sure I do sweetheart. Elizabeth only had a very tight little white tank top on with out a bra. So I could see exactly how hard and pointy her nipples were. And she was wearing the tiniest tight little shorts I,ve ever seen in my life. So when she bent down I could see both her cute little titt,s hanging down with those rock hard nipples sticking straight out like bullets. Then she stood back up and spun around with her cute tight little ass only a inch from my face and bent over. When she did that I could see perfectly both her pussy lips puffing out as her tiny short on had a string holding them together at the crotch. I could smell my daughters sweet smelling virgin pussy. I didn’t even think about what I was about to do. And I just stuck out my tongue and slide it right between her little young pussy lips. Elizabeth didn’t say a word. She just pushed her ass closer to my face. Then I took my fingers and spread both her pussy lips wide open. So I could fuck her little young pussy with my tongue. I could taste Elizabeth,s cum as it was dripping onto my tongue. Elizabeth started yelling eat me daddy. Make me cum in your mouth daddy.

  • Reply The Hebist ID:sif22joj4dv

    Please more. I love licking little asses.

  • Reply Danny ID:2qio6oj8b7b

    These young girls in string bikinis showing their sweet asses are sooo hot sexy .. walking around wiggling their ass.. showing off ..
    I’m a Pedo and i hang around the beaches waiting to fuck one of them… even by force if I have to

    • f18 ID:15qcje33qrj

      god you’re the kind of man i want to marry. take advantage of those little girls together

    • Kendall ID:1eb42sbcyv1u

      Same here

    • Young pussy ID:1ck81rtaccci

      Danny try the park it has all young ages to fuck

  • Reply Jason ID:1dgjts53ud8c

    Should have bred her and cum in pussy

  • Reply Anonymous ID:1d9xfjk4vge7

    Should’ve went underwater and ate her pussy

  • Reply [email protected] ID:5uns90qhrk

    Lovely story!
    I can’t wait until Saturday night