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the time we played wrestled

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me and my cousin played wrestled and it got a lil interesting

I think me n my cousin were around like 10-11 and my cousin would always wear like somewhat little booty shorts , so i’d be able to see her little booty cheeks hangout sometimes , n this day she was wearing some black n pink booty shorts n boyyyy did tha little look good , but anyways we did normal cousin things and played tg , until her sister left da room , i remember i looked at her n i think i started messing wit her which caused us to wrestle , n we always play wrestled eachother like WWE or jus plain wrestling cuz her brother would show us his moves , so we’d play sometimes , n this time we were wrestling and i jus remember id purposely try put her in positions where she can kinda feel my lil hard on , or where i can “accidentally” grab her butt , we kept fighting and at one point i finally pinned her down and i won da fight , buh when i pinned her down , i was on her back and she was on her stomach laying straight , n i was jus laying on her straight , n we kinda just layed there n i said “hold on im tired ill get off rn” and i layed on top of her as she layed there allowing me , as my dick got harded n harder slippin between her cheeks , n once i was fully hard , i kinda start dry humpin her , i wasn’t tryn be to fast or loud so we wouldn’t get caught , and i also thought she was gonna move buh instead she layed there n kinda went along w it , n i started to build up da speed a lil , im not sure if she enjoyed it but i know i did , n we maybe went at if for 5 mins and then da doorbell rang n i kinda jumped , and she said “oh let’s check who’s here” n we both got up and jus went completely on with our day.

text me on sc:braapridez if yall wanna talk more , or if yall wanna just have a good time im a 18 y/o guy

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  • Reply CryingLemon ID:1ee33cj57ul3

    Nature taking course

  • Reply Ren ID:41ery97d1

    good time like beers and shit? lol