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The Dark Demon Rises

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A rich billionaire dabble in the occult to become the Dark Demon but at what cost?

My name is Rance Battle and this my story of how I became the protector of the night. I was a head case of spoiled rich kid in Battle Crest named after the city founder Rollin Battle an ancestors of mine. With my family money I could do no wrong and I was above the law in the city. I was the prince of Battle Crest.

At age 12 my black maid Orleana gave me my first blow job. I got sick drinking my father’s best liquor and I to be on bed rest that summer. Orleana was my personal maid given to me by father Raymond Battle after my mother died giving birth. My stomach was in such pain and Orleana hated to see me in such a state. Laying in my bed in my boxers she pulled back the covers and place her warm hands on my 5 inch cock stroking it.

I got hard and my brains started going crazy over the feeling then she place my dick in her mouth then whatever pain I had from drinking was gone. Her plump juicy lips sank over my skin dick. Her lips touched the top of where my hair was starting to grown. Being deep throated by this dark skin goddess made me feel better.

I started to cum as she drank my cum and cleaned my dick with her soft mouth. By the time I hit my teens I was fucking my maid in every hole. Orleana never seem to age with her skin glowing after we fucked. It stayed that way until college not that not to say that Orleana was the only woman trust me there were others. Orleana and me had something special while others were just rich whores who want a piece of the prince.

One day in college the worst thing in my life happened my father died in car crash on his way to work. I was alone no more family in my depression I went to bar to drink soon I was in bottles of whiskey. What happened next is still fuzzy some men noticed me making fun of father and a fight in the alley caused me to get stabbed. With all my might I called Orleana to tell her I was dying.

I awoke in a damp cellar with a foul odor and candles. Orleana was in dark red robe with black hair around her shoulders. She spoke in some strange language then we drop the robe show her beautiful body that looked like she hadn’t age since I was 12. She straddled me her pussy wet as her female grool was discharging from her. She started rubbing her moist pussy juices over my wounds and body then made love to me. She ease her sweet tight pussy on my cock grind softly as she stroked my face. My body felt warm and my wounds felt no more pain as she kissed my lips I grab her hips slamming her cunt into me.

She rode slamming my cock into her womb with her head thrashing about like a wild woman. I could see the glow again within her skin her hands grabbing my silky black hair. Orleana whispered in my ear the strange language and then I empty my balls into her. Orleana leaned by on the floor taking her fingers mixing her grool and my cum in her pussy.

Now here where this story gets weirder she goes to bowl taking the mixture out of cunt. The with a bag of powder she mixes again then pours it in her mouth. She comes to me grabs the back of my head knowing I weak from her mouth she drips the mixture into me. Why I was turned on and repulsed I will never know.

I coughed from the concoction then fell asleep. It was two days later when I awoke in my bed at the mansion. Orleana was by my side. She explain she is cult priestess of the Damingolo tribe that worshipped a fallen angel turned demon by God. I was dying she used a sex magic ritual to keep me from dying.

Now I have a demon bonded to me as the powder was his semen dry as medicine. Hear all of these pissed me and made me mad but she did save my life. Still did I believe no I know what fletching so I just chalked it up to that experience. Until a week later my body started to change my skin became black as night with horns growing out of head.

I became the Dark Demon and my second lease on life to protect the innocent. I looked for the men who stabbed and ripped them apart one by one. Orleana became my caretaker and the demon’s as well.

The night is mine and I will protect Battle Crest from all evil.


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  • Reply Adude ID:1co14glp7v7k

    Make that a series cause that sounds cool as hell. And if this real then bless you.
    But I assume this fiction. Good story

    • Amazingstorieswriter ID:1dyb1d1fj2xg

      Thank you for leaving a comment I do have some more adventures in store.