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Sharing wife went wrong

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Husband wanted to use me to make a little extra cash but things got out of hands.

Hi, I’m Bella and my a 35 yr old Christian women, married to a Adam, 48 yr old newspaper editor.
I have been a good Christian women my whole life. I was a virgin when we got married (at 18) and have been a faithful wife since I volunteer at the church and that good stuff. We have two beautiful daughter Amy (17) and Stella (15).

Things took a different turn during covid when my husband lost his job as his Newspaper went out of business and he was not able to get a new job during that crisis. By end of 2022 we had gone through our saves as well. So we were desperate.

Giving New years 2023, we had a small get together of friends. And it happened to be a lot of them were going through similar issues. Some took to Video content creation or other online jobs. But they just meeting ends needs and that too takes a lot of time. But we needed money ASAP.

By the end of the night one of our couple friends approached us and said that they might have a solution just for us. We were interested. She said that she is doing porn and making a good amount of money right off the bat. Specially there is huge demand for MILF porn. We were initially disgusted by the idea. But she gave us the number of her agent and left.

Next morning while having coffee, my husband and I discussed about what she said.
“I mean are we in that desperate situation?” I asked Adam.
“I mean financially, kind of”
“So you will be ok with us having sex in front of the camera for money?”
“Well, I’m not saying we have to, if we have other options. But I do not see any other options”
“i understand… Well, in that case, we can try”
“Wait really?”
“I mean I you are ok with it”
“Ok…. Well then, bring me the business card of that agent”

Adam called Henry, the agent and scheduled a meeting the very next day.
We met him at his office on 3rd floor of a building with a beauty saloon and a Pawn shop on floor below.
“So Jenny told us you helped us helped her with her financial situation” Adam started the conversation.
“Oh yeah, Jenny is an awesome talent…. She is making huge load of money for sure.” Henry replied.
“Well, we were also looking for a similar situation… So how can we get started?”
“Good… good.. good… well, in Jenny’s case, her and her husband’s body and stamina were at pare to cast them together. So she is making like $5k a day. I have to check the same with you guys as well. Also I have to check how coachable you guys are and how you take instructions.”
“Ok… You mean now?…. Like today..?”
“yes, please… I have a producer looking for some new talent… So if things go well, I can hook you guys up with him”

Adam looked at me and raised his eyebrows, I just closed my eyes softly, indicating him to go along.

“Ok… In that case.. you are free to instruct”

“Good good good…Bella, Please stand up and keep your belonging next to the couch and start to undress.”

I was a little hesitant, Specially because Adam was in the room. I have never been naked infront of any other man except Adam. I looked at him as I was unbuttoning my shirt. He gave a look of approval. And went all the way and removed my white cotton shirt. Then I undid my blue jeans button and folded them and placed on the table. I was a little shy and was trying to cover my body. Also my bra and panties were not matching as I didn’t knew I was going to be naked infront of a stranger.
I was wearing a pink full ass coverage panties and a white cup bra.

“All the way dear” Henry instructed.

I followed through. And I removed my bra and let my 36 DD breast out in the open. A lot of people don’t realize how big boobs I have as I always wear loose clothes to hide them. And also I have a 32
waist, and 36 hips. Then I removed my panties too.

Henry leaned forward “Now that’s a beautiful pussy right there, I love that strip bush you have there”

I got shy and tried to cover it up. He told me let it go. So I did.

“Adam, you wife is perfect. She can get you big bucks… Now you… Undress and let’s see your Anaconda…hehehehe”

Adam stood up and pulled his pants down and his underwear too. Henry was unimpressed. Apparently, Adam has a small dick.

“Man, that’s it? Can I see it fully erect?” Henry said.
“I mean I can try… ”
“Please go ahead…”

“Adam started to jerkoff. He looked at me and it didn’t take him long to get a hard dick.”

“Man, that is still too small… It’s what?like 3… 3 and a half inches?”
“About that”
“No man… I cannot hire you guys”
“What do you mean?… You just said my body had potential?” I intervened.
“I mean… your body has money written all over it babe.. but your husband is a no go… Unless you are ok to have a sex with other talents its a wrap.”

“I mean.. we can discuss that.. right honey?” I held Adam’s hands. I was still thinking of $5k per day.
Adam looked at me in disappointment but didn’t rejected the idea. So I stepped up.
“I will.. I will work solo if the pay is right…”
“Well, in that case we have to test you before I can recommend you further.”
“Ok I’m down for it.”
“Well, in that case give me 5 mins and I will help you make an audition tape.”

We sat their on the couch naked and discussing our decision. I convinced Adam that it is just a short term thing. And once we have enough to do other things we will quite. He agreed as he put his pants back on.

In like 10 mins Henry returned with 5 guys. One was a camera man, one light man, two he told were committee members of casting and one was “talent” AKA a 6’3″ black muscular man.

I was so shy as I sat there naked.
“Ok Jamal get ready and sit next to Bella” I saw Jamal the talent getting undress. And he wiped out his big black cock. It was soft, still it was bigger than my husbands, pee pee. He came close and sat next to me and rubbed his hands on my back. I was a little uncomfortable but determined to go through this as I wanted the money.

Then Henry took charge. “Bella today’s audition does not have a story we just want to see how you perform with people present in the room and your facial expression. So make sure you show the camera that you love Jamal’s dick up you pussy. Can you do that for me?”

“I mean.. yes.. I will do my best” I said.

“Ok so now get down on your knees and start sucking his dick hard… And let him take the lead.. Ok baby girl?”

I nodded and went on my knees. Looked up at Jamal who was smiling and Started to suck his thick black dick. It tasted really good. I began having him a sloppy blowjob and I could see he was loving it. It was growing in my mouth and once it was fully grown it was hard for me to keep all of it in my mouth. It was massive. I didn’t knew dicks could be so big and tasty and pleasurable. I was started to love it.
Then Jamal took charge and held both my hands with his left hand and lifted above my head and wit his other hand he held my hair in a pile and started to thrust his pelvis in my face. His dick was reaching the deep end of my throat. I was gagging but he didn’t care. He kept doing this for some till I wiggled to get some air. He let go of me and everyone laughed.

“You are doing great baby.. kept going..” Henry said.

Jamal lifted me up and threw on the couch. This is when I noticed that all the other men in the room were naked and had hard cock. Interesting but I guess this is how the industry works.

Jamal placed me on my back and spread my legs apart as wide as possible and inserted himself in between my highs. He groped my tits and spit on my vagina and rubbed it with his dick. Then he looked me in the eyes and asked.

“Bitch are you ready?”
I nodded. And with one strong forcefull push he was inside. The camera man knew Jamal’s style I guess as he was near my facing recording my expression. I screamed in pain and pleasure.
Jamal pulled his dick out completed and them rammed it again inside me. His body weight was crushing me as his both hands were on my tits and his whole upper body was ploughing me with every thrust.

It was painful at first. But Soon I was loving it. Loving it so much that I wrapped my legs around his hips and my hands around his wide torso. Yes… Yes… give it to me.. I was thinking as I moaned aloud. I didn’t care if my husband listened to my pleasure calls. I was getting some today.

This continued for a while as Jamal fucked my in all possible positions from, doggy style to missionary… from Spread eagle to against the wall. It was so much fun.

Then after about 45 mins he pushed me down and I knew what was going to happen. He came all over my face and tits. I earned it. I was happy and smiling. Thanking him internally for showing me such a good time. After all I came for the first time with a dick and that too, twice in an hour.

“Well, done baby” Henry said and moved forward. I thought he was going to contratulate when I saw his hands coming forward. So I about to stand up.

“Wait.. wait…wait.. honey… It’s not over yet” He said.
“i thought.. My goal was to make him cum…?”
“True but…. it’s customary in our industry to make sure that all the men the room are also satisfied as you did give then a hard on… So…”
“I mean… I guess… If it’s industry stands..”
“Comeon boys, bring your dicks here”

They all surrounded me with their already hard dicks. There was a variety. small, big, and even a brown dick in them. The camera man was a Indian guy, who was very happy to get sucked my me I guess. I sucked them one by one as I jerked the others.
Then one of the “Committee members” pushed me down to Doggy position and started to fuck my pussy. While Henry showed his dick in my mouth. I won’t lie, I was loving it. Loving it to be treated like a whore.

They all took turns fucking my pussy and unloaded my my face and tits. Except for the Indian guy who came in my pussy. He did apologize for it and offered to pay for Plan B. Which I took, just in case.

I was covered in cum and sweat from head to toe.

I stood up with a smile and tried to find some tissues.

Henry was kind enough to offer me the box. I started to wipe myself up while Jamal, still touching my ass.

I guess we were friends now. I smiled back at him.

All the while Adam sat there on one corner watching his wife butt naked, getting fucked hard by random guys.

I sat on the couch and waited for other men to leave.

“SO when can I get my $5k?”

“Wait what? For today? Oh no no no no… Today we just made an audition tape… which I didn’t charge you for… I will send these to different producers and they will pay for your services.”

“Oh.. I thought… Well… I guess that’s how it works…” I said with a little disappointment.

“Don’t worry you will get lot of work.. You are hot and sexy and easy to work with…. I will make sure you make a load of money”

That made me happy. “Thanks… anything that I can improve?”
“Well, yeah.. just make sure that whenever you are doing a scene at the end, always offer to at least suck all the men in the room. And if they want to fuck, let them fuck, as they are usually producers and people with contacts. That will increase you chances of getting more work.”

“Ok thanks..Can we leave now?”

“Sure… thanks you guys for today.. hope to see you guys soon.. And Adam, next time you can just let Bella come by herself. I will make sure she reaches home safely with her money…. Ok?”

“Sure” Adam replied and he helped me get dressed.

We didn’t have a word during our ride back. I wanted to give him some time to process all this.

I was smiling all the way home.

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