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Surprised by a Dog

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Sitting in my garage enjoying the evening, a dog comes into the garage

I was recently divorced, moved to a small home in an older neighborhood. The little house had a garage and I decided to sit in the garage one night and enjoy a cigarette and the evening. Around 9PM a nice male dog entered the garage and immediately ran his nose up my skirt and smelled my womanhood. I had no panties on so he immediately took a few licks, wooooo now was I surprised but rather liked it as well. I opened my legs and let him have some of my juices which started flowing. I was sitting in the dark so no one could see us. He started whining and pawing at me. I thought, does he think I am a bitch for him….I was horny from his licking and I had watched a few videos on doggy love,,,,I decided to try it. I leaned over my chair and flipped my skirt up,,,he licked a couple more times and them mounted me and started humping,,,he was soon into me and humping really fast then slowed down and I felt his knot swell up and we were locked together for several minutes while he filled me with his puppy seed. He soon dislodges, licked me some more then laid down and licked his cock, soon he got up and looked at me like ,,,,thanks, you are a nice bitch,,,then he was off into the night. I was hoping he comes back soon.

I would go into the garage several times wishing my dog lover would be missing me and returne,,,yes he came by again and I was hot and ready and my juices began flowing as soon as I saw him enter and he greeted me with a nice lick between my wide open legs,,,he whimpered and I knew what he wanted and I wanted him as well, I was really juicing up and I decided to move to my hands and knees this time. My doggy lover wasted no time in mating with is waiting bitch, I soon felt hid knot swell in me and he was now holding me tight as he emptied his puppy seed into me from his bloated balls. I was having several orgasms as I was wishing I could have his puppies. I knew it was not possible. I felt he was thinking that I would be his puppy momma.

As his knot started to deflate he moved off and started licking the juices as they leaked out of my honey pot onto his tongue. He then laid down and licked his red rocket,,,looked at me and I could see from his facial expression that he was thankful for having his mother bitch again.

Needless to say this has been occurring quite often since my first time letting him breed his new found bitch.

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  • Reply Glayton ID:1e7v41djfq7c

    Can you give us more please this story is super erotic

  • Reply Calolyn ID:2t454fxzl

    I love your story,,,”his mother bitch”,nice thing to say. I have often wondered what being a male dogs bitch would be like,,,,,giving myself to him and letting him plant my womb with his doggy seed, hoping they would produce puppies.

  • Reply Chuck ID:1de2bhj4wl25

    Damn mmm
    [email protected]

  • Reply Sueann ID:2t454fxzl

    I would like to say I am experienced with dogs. When an intact mature dog (4 years or older) sees a naked rear end with a wet pussy to lick and sniff, he usually knows what to do. They need little or no encouragement. I am middle aged and have had a lot of experience. Sometimes a couple of rubbing back and forth on the sheath may be required but they are easy.

    • Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

      I to am experienced Sueann and you are so right they need little encouragement as I was first fucked at my Grandparents home after school, now a mature women still enjoy it so much K9.

    • Doggy mommy ID:4bn00en3fia

      Hi. Would the two of you like to leave your email so we can chat discretely there

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      I love it when women have sex with dogs!! I find that so hot and erotic!! Add me on SC if you want to play with an older guy that has no limits. Daddyisback6996

    • Stan ID:72yt3e78r9

      I love the life experiences of a woman sharing her pet experiences.
      So Erotic and would love to be friends in real life with a woman and if you have any friends on a farm or ranch would be wonderful.
      Just even to be able to chat with woman and share thoughts and experiences with

  • Reply Sandie ID:2t454fxzl

    Yes very true,,,

  • Reply Emma.H ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Loved it and got my pussy dripping.

    • Whitezilla ID:153k09l3t0a

      Have you ever had a experience like it feeling his knot inside then filling you up

    • Lily A ID:v7op8lz8ykn

      I agree100% and have 16 years of experience I’m 38 now at 14 my brothers dog popped my cherry I tried my first boyfriend at 16 then tried 2 more guys at a party at 16 only 1 of them had a dick long enough to hit the place my brothers dog had been none of them made me orgasm like the dog I decided dog sex is my choice and never had sex again with men I have a Rottweiler 4 years old that makes me shake when I orgasm he gets me anytime he likes I’m interested in having another woman join me and my dog

  • Reply emjei13 ID:314kjyby8ra

    true story?

  • Reply [email protected] ID:eq5ti158k

    Loved this story. Would live to know more . Always a fan of doggy girls.

  • Reply Andy ID:1d99qj9lt737

    Loved it.

  • Reply MystyGardens ID:1a4kzeo0d2

    This is a really delightful story. Many a girl and quite a few women have had a fantasy, or dream like this. I wonder how often something like this actually happens. I have often wondered since the first time I heard a girl telling me it happened with a neighbors dog in her barn, years ago.
    This is a well written and enjoyable story. Thank you. Please write many more.

  • Reply Erik ID:5x836gbyb0i

    I have a dog and i sometimes let him fuck girls i bring home. I never heard anyone complaining so enjoy it as long as you can.

    • REHDWIDX999 ID:2wdoh00n49d

      Yo thats crazy you know but it’s dope as fuck

  • Reply Mal ID:5ervjn0zk

    How do would someone get in contact with you

  • Reply <3 ID:8k4ienn49c