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Spending the night with Grandpa and Grandma is 10 year old Holly’s favorite thing to do. A short little fic. First fic, sorry if it sucks.

Grandpa huffed and puffed. His thick cock glided back and forth over Holly’s swollen labia. Holly moans. Grandma bites her lip and shoved a wrinkled hand down her panties. Grandma liked watching.

Holly arches off their big bed, her little clit throbbing. Grandpa bucks faster, pressing Holly’s thighs closer together. Intercrural sex, they called it. Holly didn’t care what it was, Holly liked it.

The ten year old bucks off the bed, wanting her papaw’s cock deep inside. Grandpa grabs her hips.

“Hol, if you don’t stop movin’, I’m gonna fuck you stupid.”

He moans, just as his spongy cockhead twitch’s and a bead of precum leaks out.

Holly whimpers.

“Please, Papaw!”

Grandpa chuckles and looks at Grandma, who’s frantically rub into her clit.

“Do it,” She says, humping her hand.

Grandpa opens Holly’s legs without second thought, grabbing his cock by the shaft and pushing his cock head in past Holly’s tiny hole. The little girl squeaksbut Grandpa keeps going. He keeps going until his full 7.5 inch cock is buried deep within his little granddaughter.

“Ugh, fuck…” He groans. Holly feels like she’s floating. Grandpa starts to move, fucking hard and fast into Holly’s tiny cunny.

Her walls were tight and soft, her pussy juice was soaking the sheets.

Holly loved her Grandpa. He loved fucking her velvet pussy.

“I fucked yer Mama like this, did you know that?”

Grandpa grunts, kissing Holly’s little mouth. He huffed and puffed like a big pig, his heavy belly grinding against Holly’s clit.

“I got her Mama pregnant, you know what that makes you, baby?”

Holly incoherently moans. Grandpa shoves his wet tongue down her mouth. Holly’s tongue weakly wrestles with his.

“Yer my daughter, too, baby… Fuck!”

Grandpa was getting close. Holly could tell by the way he started to slam into her pussy. Holly screamed in ecstacy.

“When you’re older, Papaw’s gonna put a baby in you… And then he’s gonna fuck that kiddie too..”

Grandpa howls as he cums, filling Holly’s pussy up with his aged old man sperm. Grandma shudders in her corner, squirming as she squirts in her underwear.

Holly shakes underneath him. His thumb brushes her clit and she cums on a dime, arching off the bed.

God, she loved sleepovers with Grandpa and Grandma.

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    Dirty old grandparents are such a turn-on!