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Dad and brothers rape little sister

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Dad and brothers start raping little sister when mom dies and the little cuntslut becomes a family whore.

It was back when I was 11 and we were on the way home from my mother’s funeral with my brothers sitting on both sides of me in the back seat, my older brother in the seat, and me and my little brother were in our car seats. We were sad and weren’t really talking – just watching the scenery of the long, winding road that led to our country house. Finally daddy spoke up.

He sniffed the air in a silly, exaggerated way and said that he smelled pee-pee and wanted to know which one of us did it. The boys said that it wasn’t them, so my daddy nodded his head like a detective who just solved the big case, “Mm-hmm, I should have known who it was. Girls are weaker than boys – she can’t help herself, she’s only a dumb-ass girl.”

Only I didn’t piss either. Daddy told the boys to take
my panties from under my dress and toss them up to him so he could smell them and find out if it was me. They snickered, and awkwardly grabbed around under my funeral dress, fiddling with my little cunny as they did. I was giggling and wiggling at that point myself.

Then they finally got my little white cotton panties off and tossed them to daddy as he ordered. He inhaled them deeply for a little while, then declared that it wasn’t me, and that he must have been mistaking, and maybe I hadn’t peed after all. Then he shove my panties into his jacket pocket instead of giving them back and adjusted his rearview mirror.

“Wait a minute,” my daddy said. “I do smell it after
all. Boys, take the seatbelt off her car seat and lift
up her dress. I think she just now went pee-pee.”

By now our mournful moods were beginning to elevate as we enjoyed this once forbidden naughtiness. We were all rather lighthearted as they raised my pretty little dress up so high that it almost covered my line of my sight, then my brothers giggled more like little girls than little boys.

Daddy adjusted his mirror again and said, “Look at her funny little boobies. You know boys, if you lick a girl’s booby-buttons, sometimes you can taste stuff. Good stuff- but you have to lick them the way a doggy licks stuff, or you can suck on them- remember David? Like when you used to watch mommy let Kevin and your slutty whore of a sister suck on her booby buttons back when they were babies. Go on boys, get to it… lick and suck.”

As they did, daddy kept talking. “Mommy let the babies do that because mommy was a horny slut, and so she liked it. She got off on it. You all used to suck on them too, David, and I know you loved it. Hell, even I’d suck on them. And all of us loved the taste too, or else we wouldn’t have wanted to suck on them all the time. It’s because they tasted so good is why.

“Remember how your little brother used to cry sometimes until mommy let him suck on her tit buttons, David? Do you remember the smile on mommy’s face when your brother and sister sucked on her. That’s because she was a horny
cum-slut. I bet she’s in heaven right now getting her hot little titties sucked on by an angel or two. You can also lick like a doggy- not just suck like a baby.”

It felt so damn good- in a ticklish sort of way. I
squirmed about and belly laughed as daddy talked and they switched back and forth between licking and suckling my nipples. My arms flailed around, or braced on the edge of the car seat. They may as well have been giving me belly farts for as hard as I was laughing. “See? The little whore loves it, just like mommy. Little cunt- look at her laugh.”

Daddy couldn’t let it end there. “To save some time
boys,” he said, “why don’t you check your sister to see if she is wet down there in her silly little thing while you licky-suckie on her little boobies. Touch her pee-pee place.” The boys followed his instructions and started toying with my cunny, which drove me crazy. It felt so good. Daddy kept telling them to feel all over it. “Is it wet or dry?” he asked. David, my older brother of four years said that it was wet.

“I see,” said daddy. “Maybe she did go piss. Hey, see if she’s ticklish down there while you’re at it- ‘cuz I’ve always wondered. I bet she is since she’s a horny little whore.” They tickled at my pussy while they sucked and licked at my nipples, and I just opened my legs in a wide V for them, knees up and spread in my car seat as I fidgeted about. “See, she’s nothing but a whore- a little slut- just like her mommy, or she wouldn’t like it so much. What a little cum-craving horny bitch.”

Then daddy had them hold my legs open really wide-straight out to the sides. I felt like a wishbone as my brothers spread my legs so far apart over the sides of my car seat. I was opened up all the way and felt so giddy. Here I was, virtually naked, except for my bunched up dress now fixed at neck level, and my shoes and socks. I felt so exposed and so vulnerable. I was very aroused, although to me at the time, it was simply a curious, extremely enjoyable feeling that I didn’t want to end.

Daddy told them to see if they could poke their fingers up inside my “silly looking thing” and see if I was wet up inside too. As they explored my girl part, I watched them with a grin and relaxed as the pleasure waves rode through me like a sexual surf. Then he had them describe how it felt. I don’t remember which of my brothers said it, but one of them said it was warm and gushy, as various little fingers wiggled their way into my tiny ittle girl cunny- all the way up to my hymen. My daddy
laughed and continued to encourage them.

“I guess your little cunt of a sister is a cocksucking
slut-whore after all, and that’s good, because that’s
what she wants to be,” daddy nodded and he said, “Isn’t it, baby? Daddy loves little slut-whores best of all, so it’s good that you love this. You’re a goddamned whore, and daddy wouldn’t love you anymore if you weren’t one. Neither would your brothers. We’d all wish you were dead like mommy if you didn’t enjoy this- you worthless cunt.

“You love this and you want more because you get off on this shit, don’t you, you little bitch? You’re just a fucking horny cum-bag, aren’t you honey?”

I nodded with a smile, not understanding what I was exactly agreeing with. He continued, “Look how much she likes it. You hear that, baby? You’re a whore who likes this a lot. It’s your favorite thing in the whole world. You want more of this, or else you wouldn’t love it so much. Keep playing with her cunt-hole down there boys while you suck. See how many fingers you can get in this tiny young whore all at once.”

I really enjoyed those tiny wiggly little fingers prying their way into my cunny, passively fighting for dominate positions, as if they were worked up into a frenzy. It was my first steps into a slutty new world.

Once we got home however, play time was over. My daddy was carrying me, and after we entered and the front door was closed and locked, he took me straight to my room and laid me down on my pink bed. My baby pussy was all tingly and I wanted to play some more. After a moment, I
thought we were going to take a nap, but I was wrong. He quickly, almost frantically removed my dress, shoes and socks, then his shoes, socks and pants, leaving only the upper half of his suit on, tie and all.

I looked at his hard cock poking out from the bottom of his button up shirt, wondering what was going on. Then he reached to my nightstand and squirted some of the hand lotion that mommy had given to me (she always gave me the last bit of lotion in the old bottle when she bought a new one) and squirted it in his hand. He stood over me, jerking off with it as he stared at my little virgin pussy.

I watched him as I lay there in missionary position,
occasionally glancing into his eyes, and each time he would look back at me and smile. I instinctively smiled back and let my knees fall open more, and feeling tingly, I eventually reached down to my own pleasure zone and began fingering myself. Daddy seemed to like that, so I kept going with it. “Cock hungry little tease- you’re practically begging for it, aren’t you?” Again, I nodded without understanding.

That’s when it happened. “You fuckin’ whore,” he said. He leaned down over my small naked body, opened my puffy pussy mound with his fingers, and aligned his lotion-soggy prick-head with my tiny cunt hole. Once it was peeking in the entrance, he let go of it and gripped his hands around my tiny waist, looking deeply into my eyes. He had a calm, somber look on his face just before giving me a strange smile.

Then he drew back slightly at the waist and in a single thrust he slammed into me balls deep, his cock ripping my hymen from its path. I flailed about wildly and screamed in pain, but he just reached in his jacket pocket and shoved my own panties into my mouth. I felt so full that I thought I was going to be split in half. I’m not sure when my brothers actually came in, but I got a sweaty-faint feeling and looked around the room in a daze and saw them looking at us curiously- and a bit worried.

Still stuck in me, daddy yanked off the upper part of his suit, and just looked at his sons and smiled. “See how much this cunt-bag loves it. She’s screaming for more.” Then he leaned into me while he raised my folded knees up by pressing on them with his torso. He didn’t stop forcing them up until my knees were braced all the way up near my chin, and all the while I was crying in pain and confusion.

Once I was curled up underneath him, my face buried in his lower chest, I felt him setting his knees on the edge of the bed one at a time, and in a flash he furiously plowed back and forth, rapidly sawing at my tight virgin twat. His hard, piston-like thrusts were so lightning fast that I couldn’t keep up with them, and I had the sensation that I was actually dreaming. I managed a panty-muffled scream as he held me crushingly tight and hyper-raped me.

In truth, his dick was only about six and a half long or so, and I think he only lasted about thirty seconds, but to an eleven year old year old, it hurt to the point where I finally passed out. At the time I didn’t understand it, of course, but I believe I was having a huge orgasm as I went out from the pain, but I have never been positive.

I awoke to him pissing all over me, including my face and semi-open mouth. Without realizing what I was doing, I was drinking the piss as it spewed into my mouth. I choked as he laughed and encouraged my brothers to laugh also. It was really tangy and the splashes stung my tightly closed eyes and the burning pain between my legs distracted and confused me.

By the time he finally ran out of urine, I was soaked. I rubbed my face and blinked and rubbed as much of it as I could from my eyes. The first thing I saw was my two brothers, who were ogling at the obscene incestuous rape that had just taken place in front of their young eyes. “You useless bitch,” said daddy. “Don’t leave a fucking mess like this on my prick. Clean it right now.”

Then he climbed up over my face and shoved his softening cock in my mouth. I remember the copper taste of my own blood so clearly. He then face-pumped me until he thought it was clean. I was choking again for most of the time, but he didn’t seem to care at all. He pulled his semi-erect prick out and lightly slap-patted me on the cheek with his palm several times as he said, “Now that’s a gooood little whore. Mommy would be proud of
you for that.”

Then daddy helped me go to the bathroom to get cleaned up and made fun of me for not being able to walk straight, calling me stupid, and clumsy, and stuff. He’d laugh at his own comments and looked to my brothers, encouraging them to laugh as well. He even made me thank him for even bothering to clean me up at all. He said most daddy weren’t as nice as he was when they fucked their daughters and that I was a very lucky little whore.

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