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Robbie: Chapter 7: What happened to Robert?

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Wondering what happened to Robert’s body when he inhabited Robbie’s body? Let’s find out, shall we?

Robbie awoke slowly. He had some really weird dreams last night. He dreamt that he was in his bed when he was suddenly thrust from it hurtling through space until he came to rest in another strange bed. ‘Dreams! What the fuck?’ Robbie thought to himself as he rolled over. It was likely that mom would be knocking on his door soon enough to make sure he was awake and getting ready for school.

Dozing, thinking these thoughts, Robbie suddenly froze when he felt and heard movement in the bed with him. Did Emily come crawl into bed with him last night? She sometimes did that when she had a nightmare. It was a bit annoying, but Robbie was also glad that she felt safe with him. He liked the idea of being able to protect her even if it was only from dreams.

Opening his eyes, he noticed the room was darker than he had expected. ‘Must be earlier than I thought,” he mused. Turning his head in the direction of the movement, Robbie sat bolt upright in the bed. ‘What the fuck!’ he thought making certain not to say it out loud in spite of the fear he was currently experiencing. ‘Whose bed am I in? Who is this woman in the bed with me? How the fuck did I get here? What is going on? I gotta find a phone and call mom.’ These thoughts all raced through his head in a fraction of a second that seemed to last an hour. ‘All, right, Robbie, calm down. Keep quiet. Maybe you can sneak out of the bed and quietly find a phone and call for help.’

Looking over at the woman in the bed next to him, he noticed the blanket covering her had left one of her breasts exposed. His eyes locked on it as soon as he saw it. ‘Wow! Boobie!’ he whispered to himself. Maybe he could stay for just a second or two and get a good look at a grown woman’s boob that wasn’t on his computer screen.

Forgetting, for the moment, his fears, his hand slowly reached out, almost of its own volition, toward the nearby breast. This was now the moment that would define his near future even though he did not know it yet. ‘That’s not my hand! Whose hand is it? Why am I seeing it? How am I controlling it?’ Robbie stopped the hand from moving any further. Though he was afraid of what he would see, he knew he had to look at himself. Looking up the length of his arm, he noticed all the hair on it was dark, like a grown-up’s arm. As he continued along it, he came to his chest which, too, was hairy. Below his hairy chest was a somewhat large, hairy belly. And beneath the covers was…

He moved the covers back. Inch by inch, the drawn blankets revealed a man’s hairy legs and… penis! He had a hairy penis! It was big, too! Not much bigger than it was yesterday, but, then again, he didn’t have all this hair and a pot belly yesterday, either. His mind was on overload unable to process all this information. What had happened to him? How did he get old overnight? How did he end up in this bed? Who was this woman in bed with him with the beautiful boob?

He looked again at the woman’s boob. It was a beautiful boob. About the size of a grapefruit, he surmised. The woman it belonged to was… his wife? Dawn? Her name is Dawn! How did he know that? “This is crazy,” he muttered to himself. “I’m dreaming. That has to be it. I must be dreaming. Well, since I’m dreaming…” he again reached “his” hand out toward the woman’s, Dawn’s, boob gently touching the nipple first with a finger then cupping the whole thing with his hand. He marveled at how warm and soft it was and how pliable.

“Rob, not now,” Dawn muttered half asleep. “Go back to sleep,”

Robbie quickly withdrew his hand. How did she know his name? With a suddenness, he realized that his name was Robert. Often called Rob by his family and friends. Wait. What? A new sensation was now demanding attention. He had to pee. Urgently. Swinging his legs over the side of the bed, he was astonished to note that his feet touched the floor firmly. When he stood, he was farther from the floor than he was used to, giving him a slight sense of vertigo momentarily. Right now, there was a more pressing matter to attend to as the pressure in his bladder was screaming at him. He walked around the bed toward the master bath (how did he know where it was?) entering to relieve himself. When he had finished, he went over to the sink to wash his hands. He looked at himself in the mirror in shock. He was OLD. Ancient! He had to be at least 40 or 50 years old! He was almost dead! And he had only kissed one girl, Jessica, his girlfriend.

Jessica! She would freak out big time when she saw him! How was he going to keep this a secret at school? Everyone would see him and freak out! It was almost like that really old movie he once watched about this boy who wished he was big and the wish came true. ‘But, I never wished to be big. What is happening?’

I have to get help. Yes, that’s it. I will go to the police and they will help me. Another thought from somewhere in his mind came to him. He didn’t like the police. He was an ex-con who had gone to prison for molesting a 12-year-old girl. ‘What’s wrong with that?’ he questioned. After all, his girlfriend was only 11. Could he go to jail for kissing her? ‘But, I am a kid. That doesn’t count, right?’ he asked the man in the mirror.

I am 57. The thought struck him like a lightning bolt. Fifty-seven! There are rocks younger than that, aren’t there? How did I get to be 57 overnight? Just yesterday, I was only 11.

“Rob, what are you doing in there?” came Dawn’s voice from the bedroom.

Oh, shit! What do I say? “Um, just washing my hands. Dear,” he said hoping it sounded grown up. His voice was a lot deeper than he was used to.

‘Am I dreaming? It doesn’t feel like a dream. But, it has to be. It’s not like this can happen in real life. People just don’t get old overnight.’

‘Progeria,’ a thought formed in his head. Isn’t that a disease that makes people age really fast? Does it make people age this much overnight? No, it couldn’t. Even if it did, it doesn’t explain how he now has a wife and… two children? Bella and Robert Junior.

“I need a drink,” he said out loud. Did he really just say that? He was way too young to…

But, now he wasn’t, was he? He was a grown up now. How that happened, he had no idea, but his eyes weren’t lying to him. He was an old man now. So old he was almost dead. Maybe he had one or two years left. Hopefully.

He thought again of the woman in the bed in the next room and her boob. It was a very nice boob. He had a desire to suck on it. Looking down, he noticed his cock was getting large. It was a very nice size, too. About seven inches, if he were to guess. And thick, too. Jessica would freak…

But, if this were really happening to him, Jessica would be somewhere else right now. He didn’t even know where he was. ‘Bowie, Maryland,’ the thought came to him with certainty. He had never heard of Bowie, Maryland before, but he knew without a doubt that he lived there with his wife and two children who he didn’t have yesterday. Yesterday, he lived in Monterey, California. Yesterday, he was 11. Yesterday, he had a girlfriend named Jessica. Today, he was old, lives in Maryland and has a wife and kids.

Today, he has a wife who is in bed naked with a boob exposed for him to look at and touch. Before he could generate a cohesive thought about doing so, he walked into the bedroom to the side of the bed where his wife was sleeping, her boob still exposed. Bending at the waist and supporting himself with one hand on the mattress, he slowly brought his mouth to her nipple. Sticking out his tongue, he first licked around it in a circle then gently, hoping not to wake her, began sucking on it. He startled a moment when he felt a hand at the back of his head holding him firmly to the boob onto which he was latched like a baby. He began to suck a little harder while simultaneously circling the nipple with his tongue.

“Mmmm…” he heard from Dawn. “You just won’t take no for an answer, will you, Rob?” she said dreamily as if not quite awake yet. She continued to hold his head to her breast as her other hand snaked out from beneath the blankets finding his hardened cock. Robbie almost jumped out of his skin when her hand grabbed ahold of him and began stroking his shaft.

“Holy fuck, that feels so good,” he muttered.

“Glad you like it,” Dawn said as she continued her ministrations to his engorged cock. Using her free hand, she removed the blankets from her naked form exposing her entire body for Robbie to see. It was his first time seeing a real live naked woman. His eyes didn’t know where to look first. Should he look at her titties, her pussy or something else? After a few microseconds, he settles on her titties. They are magnificent and quite large, in spite of her lying on her back flattening some from their sheer weight.

Again, without making a conscious choice to do so, his hand began to slide down her stomach toward the treasure he really wanted, her pussy. “I am going to fuck a real live woman!” he breathed excitedly.

“What’s that, Hon,” Dawn’s voice invaded his reverie.

“Um, nothing. Hon,” he replied taking his mouth from her breast just long enough to answer her.

Finding her pussy with his hand, he cupped it finding it moist and slippery. Not knowing what to do next he just kept his hand there continuing to suckle her breast.

“What are you doing, Rob?” asked Dawn. “At least put your finger in.”

Deciding it was probably best to do as she wanted, Robbie extended his index finger and poked around her pussy clumsily until he found a hole. Jamming his finger in quickly, he wondered at it being so wet and warm.

“Oh, mmmm…” Dawn exclaimed feeling his finger enter her wonton fuck hole.

Realizing her moan of pleasure was a good thing, Robbie took out his finger and pushed it in again, though more gently, this time.

“Yeah, fuck me with your fingers, Rob. Fuck my wet pussy with your strong fingers,” Dawn moaned as his finger found its way into her again.

Robbie was clever enough to understand that she liked his finger going in and out of her pussy. So, he started moving his finger rhythmically in and out of her. Her moans of pleasure increased as he did so. Suddenly he had an idea. What if he put two fingers in? Maybe she would like that even more. When he extracted his finger the next time, he put his index and middle fingers together sliding them both into her honey hole.

“Yes, yes,” Dawn cried in pleasure. “That feels sooo good, honey.”

Releasing his mouth from her tit, he moved his head across her body so he could latch onto her other one. He was again rewarded for his actions with another pleasure moan.

‘I wonder if this is sex,’ Robbie thought to himself. ‘Somehow I thought there would be more to it.’

His thoughts were beginning to lose coherence as the feeling in his cock was beginning to overwhelm him. He didn’t know why, but when Dawn stroked his dick, it felt so damn good he felt as if he was going to explode. It felt much better than when he did it himself. He made a quick mental note to get Dawn to do this to him every day.

“Fuck me, now, baby,” he heard Dawn say in a sultry manner. “Put your amazing cock in my pussy and punish it, baby,” Dawn begged spreading her legs wide inviting him.

‘What does she mean by punish it,’ Robbie wondered. One thing he DID understand is that she wanted his penis in her pussy. Somehow, this felt right to him. It seemed to be the correct thing to do here. He climbed onto the bed between her legs, aimed his cock at her pussy and thrust forward.

“Ouch!” Dawn cried out in pain. “What are you doing?”

Not certain what went wrong, Robbie just said, “Sorry.” He lined his cock up with the hole his fingers had recently vacated putting the tip right to the entrance before thrusting again. Upon penetrating her pussy he had the most incredible sense of pleasure he had ever experienced in his eleven years. It was like his cock was being caressed with soft, wet velvet by a tightly gripping hand but more pliable than fingers. It was the best way his inexperienced brain could think of to describe the feeling. Even after thinking it, he knew it was not even close to accurate. But, one thing he did know, he never wanted his cock to be anywhere else ever. Forget having Dawn use her hand, he was going to fuck her pussy every night with his new cock.

“Mmmm, god, I love it when your cock is in me, stud,” Dawn moaned to him. “Fuck me, now. Fuck me like you like to fuck little girls. Fast and hard! Make me cum all over your cock, big man!”

‘What is she talking about,” Robbie silently queried. ‘I have never fucked any little girls. Until now, I have never fucked anyone.’ Then the thoughts came to his mind. Thoughts of young girls with no panties on, bald pussies being penetrated by his big hairy cock, mouths filled with his cum, puckering assholes lifted in the air awaiting his manhood.

As these thoughts came to him, he could feel the pressure building up within his balls. The combination of fucking this velvety pussy and the nasty, dirty, perverted thoughts coursing through his brain quickly brought him to a boil. He thrust violently into Dawn’s snatch making her cry out each time.

“I’m cumming! Fuck me, I’m cumming!” the woman squeeled as viscous fluid poured from her pussy as if she were pissing. Robbie took little notice of this though as he was on the edge himself.

“Fuuuuuck!” was all he could think to say as he shot rope after rope of cum into the depths of Dawn’s heavenly hole. He continued to thrust into her until he finally emptied himself into her completely. What took mere seconds seemed to him as hours. Out of breath, he finally collapsed onto the bed next to the woman whom he had just fucked.

‘My first fuck!’ he thought excitedly to himself as he looked over at her. ‘First of many, I hope. I never want to stop doing this!’

“Oh, wow,” he heard Dawn exclaim next to him. “That was great, hon. I came so hard I squirted. I love when you make me do that.”

“I really liked it, too,” was all Robbie could think to say. Thinking he should say something else, he said the only other thing that came to mind, “I love you. Honey.”

Rolling over on top of him, breasts pressed to his chest and one leg draped over his cock, she kissed him gently then said, “I love you, too, honey. I wish I could stay here all day with you fucking me, but I have to get ready for work. It is time to prepare taxes at the office and the IRS won’t take, ‘I was fucking my husband,’ as an excuse for not getting them finished on time.”

As she climbed off the bed heading toward the bathroom to shower, Robbie watched in amazement as her ass swiveled back and forth. From out of nowhere, the thought came to him, ‘I am going to fuck the hell out of that ass!”

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