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Raped in summer camp

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I was raped in Christian summer camp when i was 14

I am 14 years old male, skinny, black messy hair, and i don’t have body hair(except dick, and a little on my armpits) and very cute.
When the summer began I applied for the school Christian camp, 5 days with usual activities and a we go to chapel at evening
I am a very popular and loved in school so I always have fun in the camp, this time when we arrived we had a small gathering at the chapel to explain the system of the camp and to welcome us, i noticed a muscular guy, about 15-16 years old, the gathering finished and we went to our cabins
And surprisingly this guy Kevin which i found out his name later will share the cabin with me and 10 other dudes which were my friends.
We talked and welcomed him and he sounded like a good dude, later on after the activities had finished and we were coming back from the pool to the cabins to shower and then to go to chapel, the baths were two stalls with two shower heads each, usually i have a technique to stay the last with my friend and so we can get a few more minutes
in shower
And thats what we did and the other two in the next stall were my friend Liam and Kevin
I have a 7 inches thick dick(when hard) so i don’t fell embarrassed being naked in front of anybody, when i toke off my clothes he kept staring at my ass, I ignored it and thought nothing.
We showered and then lift the stalls to dry our selves the tow of my friends lift and that left us me and Kevin who was in covered towels so I couldn’t see him, he told me nice cute little ass compared to your big dick, i blushed and told him jokingly “you would be lucky to find it in a girl” he told me half serious and half joking “ i don’t have to find another girl when i have you for this four days” and squeezed my ass and left.
The next day we were changing into our trunks to go to the pool, i was late organizing my bag and out of nowhere i feel a hand on my ass, I turned around and its Kevin!!.
And then he said i cant wait to cum in this hole, i started to get suspicious, while we were in the pool he approached me and said nothing, he slid his hand into my trunks and said don’t move or show expressions and put his thick finger in my hole and started fingering me gently, it was the first time i had anything in my hole, he told me it was tight as hell, i kinda loved the feeling and i just did nothing, he fingered me for about five minutes and then we went to the cabins to shower, in the way he told me to be the last like yesterday, i agreed without thinking about it.
When i went with my friend last like always, he was there like we agreed, we started to take of our trunks and wow, the most thick dick ever, it was hung over , about 6 inches soft and very thick, i kept staring which obviously led me to have a boaner, my two friends started laughing at me and complementing my dick as “big”, I laughed to and so did Kevin, i was still showering when my friend finished and left, so did Liam his shower partner, and not surprisingly Kevin entered my stall with a lube bottle, i knew what lube is and I figured what’s going to happen, he said I finally have the chance to play with this cute ass, i told him “get out faggot” laughing and he said well see who’s the faggot and punched me in my face, as i told you i was skinny and he was tow times bigger than me, the cabin was empty everyone was in chapel, except me and Kevin and Kevins friend from another cabin, who entered the cabin while i was on the floor from Kevin’s punch, we started fighting while naked, Kevin’s friend Max pinned me on the floor and then Kevin squeezed my balls and said you’ll do what i say, I couldn’t do anything, they were two and i was one, he said move your feet apart and made me face the wall, and started jerking his dick to make it hard, while max was taking off his clothes, max is nice boy but i think Kevin has something on him, because he was afraid and doing what is Kevin saying, he was like me, skinny with decent dick and small cute ass.
Kevin is hard as a rock and it was huge, very huge and i was really scared at the time, he came close to me and i felt his hard dick on my ass, then he told me stay still while max was lubing his dick which took a minute because of the size, and then lubed my asshole from inside with his two fingers, then i felt his big dick on my opening, and he started pushing the head inside, it was hurting like hell, no kidding it took 5 minutes for him to get it inside, after the head popped in we both moaned hard, it was stretching my ass hard, then he slide his cock inch by inch till his length was full inside my ass
He started thrusting hard and fast in and out while i sucked max’s 6 inches cock.
He kept thrusting his dick hitting my stomach for about 15 minutes, to be honest i cried a little, when max noticed he
took his dick out of my mouth and said “give him a break man he is tearing up” but Kevin didn’t, he said he’s about to cum and continued pounding my ass with his big cock, i was moaning hard that max covered my mouth with his hands, and then i see it, max came a huge load on my feet and dick, hands free, just from watching me getting raped and fucked from Kevin, after 2 minutes Kevin thrusted deep and hard and kept his dick in and dumped his warm huge load in my hole, he slid his dick out and it was covered with cum and a few blood drops, he told max to clean it, with his mouth, poor max, he did it quietly and then Kevin putted on his clothes and left the cabin, max picked me up and told me we have to go to the chapel fast because we aren’t allowed to miss it, when i got up cum started dripping, max took a tissue and closed my hole with it, i think he felt bad for me and tried to make it up, and then to make the situation better he told me your ass is cute though, it deserves to be treated good, i said nothing, putted on my clothes and left and continued the evening like nothing happened.
At night i felt someone approaching my bunk bed, it was max he told me he wants to make it up for me, and started to play with my dick, I really find him cute, i got hard and then i made him enter the covers giving me his back, I slid down his underwear, and i slid my finger in his ass hole, i felt something inside, it was cum, Kevins cum!
He felt that i felt something in his ass, he knew it, he said “he didn’t fuck me he just jerked of and when he was about to cum he slid his tip and came”, he was clearly lying, his ass was still opened form the fucking, i slide my dick without lube or anything, the lube was Kevin’s cum, it was my first time fucking someone, the feeling was really nice and he was moaning softly with my hand on his mouth and the other jerking him, I didn’t last long, three minutes and i came in his ass, all of a sudden someone entered the covers, it was Kevin, he was in his pajamas but he was rock hard, he pulled his thick dick out and pushed it in and covered my mouth, max left the cabin leaving me alone with Kevin, he took me to the bathroom with his dick inside all the way, he didn’t care if someone saw us, he locked the door and started fucking, this time i loved it, i loved his big dick hitting my stomach and tearing me apart, he fucked with no mercy for 20 minutes, i came twice, hands free, then Kevin pushed the last thrust and emptied his load in my ass, this time bigger load, he then said the next time i will fuck you both together.
He took his dick out.
The next morning max left the camp because of stomach pains, I guess it was the cum from me an Kevin in his ass and stomach, god knows how many time Kevin fucked him.
The last day has come, we packed out stuff and were waiting for the buses, the buses arrived, we got up, i sat in the very backseat, Kevin came and sat next to me, he then made me tilt my ass to him, he slid my shorts and underwear just enough to reach my asshole, lubed it up and sliding his dick in, he didn’t fuck me, he kept it there for 2 hours, the whole way home, road bumps made it nicer, for his dick to move inside, when we arrived he made sure everyone was busy packing and leaving and started to pound me very fast for about a minute and then he came in my ass for the last time, i went home limping.
To this day i jerk of to the memory of this rape.

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  • Reply Danny8282 ID:1ah742a78rc

    My 1st gay sex was with a guy called Kevin. He got me into sucking and swallowing cum. My 1st anal he hasps me riding his cock he cum in me twice I love being bottom..

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:16oigapfv9d

    Being raped can be great fun, especially with a stud like Kevin.

  • Reply Nia ID:1euu4kpc8ynn

    Whoa dude..