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Railriders and vagrants

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Three girls, friends, learn to watch out for drifter’s

Jane is a pretty little 13 year old heart throb, not chubby, not skinny, just a sweet kinda curvy girl, who plays soccer on a team and with her two best friends. Dark brown hair, gorgeous eyes and a sweet smile, that made everyone smile. Her and her friends would play for hours in the street, front yard and backyard of her house. If the balls, or whatever else they were playing with, ever went over the fence out back, her parents would go get it. They feared the railroad tracks. And it was a mainline RR.

The house next door had been vacant for about 2 years. It wasn’t ‘run down’, but the owner was slowly fixing it up and eventually going to sell it. Lot’s of materials were there, tarped over and on trailers. Jane’s parents didn’t want the kids to get hurt, so yet again, they would go over to retrieve what ever might fly over the fence and into the yard. But, also, with the railroad behind them, occasionally ‘drifters’, or ‘railriders’, would figure out the house was empty and camp in it, or outside of it.

The owner of the house did everything he could to keep those people out. Every window and door had been boarded up. The ones on the doors, did have hinges and padlocks, but those that wanted inside, just pried the locks hasp off. One day, as the girls were playing out back, they heard talking next door and peeked through the fence, where they saw two men, completely naked, taking a sponge bath. All three girls were intrigued by their ‘thingies’, as they called them, dangling about.

All three girls, Jane, Pauline and Macy, were 13. Pauline and Macy, were just like Jane. Little sweethearts and sexy as fuck. Pauline was blonde, fairly large tit’s for her age and a bubble butt. She, out of the three girls, was the only one with sexual experiences. About a year and a half ago, her step-brother started demanding blowjobs from her. When she refused his advances, he threatened to fuck either one, or both, of her friends. Her friends being Jane and Macy. Pauline submitted to him and avoided her friends from being subjected to his wants. He moved out after graduation and went to UC-Davis.

Macy, had an early development. Again, a curvy little thing and perfect tits. She really liked boys, but found she was attracted to other girls. During soccer practice, she would always try and find ways, to touch the other girls…. In their girly areas. And in the showers or locker room, you could always find her looking intently at all the naked girls. But,she also loved touching the boys and looking at them as well. Including her two older brother’s.

“Wow” , Macy said with a giggle, “Those are HUGE! Even my brother’s aren’t that big”. “Ewe, Macy. You’ve looked at your brother’s thingies?”, both Jane and Pauline said to her. “Well, not on purpose. Just when they’ve gotten out of the shower, or when I’ve walked past their rooms, with their doors opened”, Macy responded. “Ya, right.”, both girls responded.” That’s why, and how, you got caught looking at boys in the school showers. The door was open, right? Or, the time you got caught sneaking in and watching Miss Taylor in the shower at school. Door was open again, right?”. All three laughed, as Macy shrugged her shoulders. “I like naked bodies. What can I say”.

Both ‘men’, were actually only 19 and 20, had jumped their first train in Oklahoma, eventually finding their way into California’s Central Valley. Both, were ‘toughies’ even before riding the rails and had been commiting crimes since a young age. Both were white, lean and muscular. The taller one, and oldest, was Dean and his companion, the 19 year old, was called JD. Suddenly, Dean moved towards JD and whispered in his ear. “Yo, bro. Don’t look too much, but we’re being watched through the fence, on your left”. The girls didn’t hear this and were oblivious that they had been seen themselves.

JD slowly looked and continued washing.”Yep”, he said, “It’s those girls we’ve seen. Damn, I wouldn’t mind fucking them. Been awhile since we had some ass.” His companion, responded with “Fuck, even just one. We could take turns on just one”. Both began snickering.” And the mom over there, I’d fuck her too. Bitch came over yesterday while you were gone, retrieved a ball the girls kick over the fence and I could have had her. She was three feet from me and where I hid”. “Why didn’t you?”, Dean said. “Because the girls were waiting for the ball. Didn’t want them coming over to see where mommy was and finding her being buttfucked by yours truly. Bitches would have ran and called the police”.

Dean and JD then made a point, to aggressively start washing their cocks and making sure they achieved erections.”Those little cunts want to watch, let’s give em’ a real show”, JD said. Both men put down there wash cloths and began vigorously masterbating. Both were very hung, thick and about 8″ long. “Remember that black bitch we grabbed in LA. All walking along with her grocery bags, talking on her phone. Not a care in the world? Fuck, she had some tights holes”, Dean said. “Yep, and her groceries were good too”, JD said and after, both of them laughed.

The girls watched, intently, as each guy stroked their meaty member. Macy’s eyes about flew out of her head, when she saw both cocks begin to ejaculate heavy streams of “white stuff”. After they were done getting the last drops out, they wiped them down, got dressed and disappeared behind the tarped trailers. The three girls giggled and talked about what they just saw. “Wow, what was that white stuff? It looked like short yarn pieces”. “What about the size. When they played with them, they even got huger!”. The three girls went back n’ forth giggling and making comments.

One thing they didn’t discuss, or didn’t want known, was they each had wet pussies afterwards. Even though they knew very little, if anything about sex, their bodies natural functions did. Pauline, was even fingering her little pussy while looking and had quite the cream spot inside her panties. “Uh, guys, I gotta run home real fast. Okay? Ill be right back”, Pauline said and headed home, which was five houses on the other side of the vacant house. Unknown to any of them, Pauline was being watch by JD.

Pauline returned from changing her panties and the girls resumed playing. Eventually, Jane’s mom came out and told her, “Jane, I have to run to the store and I’ll be gone awhile. Pauline, Macy, can you three go to one of your houses until I get back? Please? Jane hates the store”. Macy yelled “Sure, my parents are home”. And with that, Jane’s mom left and the three girls headed toward Macy’s. Nearing Macy’s, Jane said “Oh, shoot. We forgot the ball. I’ll go back and get it. They wouldn’t see Jane for quite awhile.

Jane ran back, got the ball and in playful gesture, kneed it high into the air and right over the fence. “Darn!” She said loudly and went out front, opened the side gate of the vacant house and went into the backyard. As the gate crashed shut behind her, she thought “It’ll be okay, only a minute”. She ventured in, trying to find the ball and went between all the trailers and stacks of building materials. “Where could it have gone? It always lands in this area, for some reason” she said aloud. Then, out from behind the shed, JD stepped out, ball in hand and said, “You looking for this, Honey. Or, can I call you Jane?”.

Jane wanted to run, but she wanted her ball also. “Yee-es, pa, pa, please. Can I have it back”. “Of course you can, but only if you give me and my friend a kiss. Whatcha’ say, Jane?”. Jane was confused. She only kissed her parents, older sister and other family. And, one boy. But that was on a dare. Dean appeared and asked her where the other girls we’re. “Where are your two friends, Jane? Let’s see, Macy and Pauline. Right? You three got a pretty good show today. See anything you like?”

Jane didn’t respond to the question, but asked for her ball again. “Can I please, please, pretty please, have my ball back. My friends are waiting for me”. JD sneered and said sure, tossing it, but away and in the direction of Dean. Jane shook her head and stormed over for the ball. As she reached down to pick it up, Dean announced, gritting his teeth, “Tough break kid”, as he grabbed her from behind, pulled her head back by her pigtails and covered her mouth. “How’s about we give you four balls and couple of sticks to play with. Huh, doesn’t that sound fun”. JD and Dean then carried her away, through the hole in the back fence down, along the railroad tracks. The ball and a single yellow hair tie from one of her pigtails, was all that was left behind.

Upon arriving at their makeshift campsite, over a half mile from her house, Jane found herself thrown into their tent, a terrible smelling environment and extremely hot. She did manage to scream once, but because it was an industrial area and now a train passing by, it would have been impossible for anyone to hear. Whack across the face, from Dean’s heavy hand. “Don’t. Don’t you dare do that again, or try to run. Under-fucking-stand me?”, Dean growled. Jane was scared. Crying and trembling. “All we want sweety, is to have some fun. We won’t hurt you. Well, maybe a little from the fucking you’ll take, but we won’t beat on you. Okay?”.

Jane was confused and sorta out of it. She nodded her head yes and was told to undress. She just stood there, staring with her eyes glazed over. Whack again, real hard but on her butt this time. “Hurry up would you, you little cunt. Times wasting, we’re horny and someone is going to be looking for you soon. Now, get undressed or I’ll tear your shit off and then, then, you’ll be walking home naked!” The thought of walking home naked, was worse than her thoughts about what these two we’re going to do.

Jane slipped her shorts off and then her t-shirt. “Come on, for fucks sake. Bra and panties to. Your dumb, slut ass can keep your tennis shoes on, just everything else must go. Just like a business closing….. Everything Muust Gooooo! “, JD said loudly, causing he and Dean to laugh. Jane removed her bra, her left arm bent across her chest, covering her small, budding tits, as she slipped her panties off, using her right thumb. As soon as her panties hit the ground and she wiggled them off her feet, she immediately covered her groin with the right hand. Dean and JD perversely laughed and smiled.

Then it was their turn. Both stood in the tent, blocking the only exit Jane would have, if she chose to escape. Both of them were completely naked now and their cocks, Jane quietly thought, were even bigger now that they were 2 feet away and not 30. Dean turned on a small radio, for which it was tuned into a local heavy rock station. “Awesome. I fuck to the rhythm of music. Better hope AC/DC doesn’t start playing, bitch”, JD uttered. Jane, even though scared, had already figured out who was who. JD was obviously the follower, but also probably the meanest. Dean, definitely the lead, and even though he smacked her twice, real hard, he would control himself, if she just did what she was told.

“JD, be easy with her. We just want to fuck, not hurt her and then, then let her go. Just like all the other’s. Okay”, Dean said. JD nodded an approval and gently pulled Jane towards them both. “Let’s see them titties and that sweet snatch you got. Move them hands, girl”, Dean said. Jane slowly exposed what she had been protecting. Her tits were small and budding, with light colored areola’s. Her nipples, however, were large and poofed out like the top of a volcano. Dean grabbed her left tit and squeezed, not hard, but definitely had a grip on it. “Fuck”, he said, “I love bitches with nipples like this”, and then knelt down and began sucking on it.

JD, well JD was busy feeling her legs up and down, grabbing her ass and hips as he did. He eventually began sucking on her right tit, at the same time Dean was suckling on her left tit. Jane, was beginning to, much to her amazement, enjoy the feeling. Especially when Dean’s thumb started flicking her clit and JD’s left middle finger, started circling her anus. Her belly began to heave outward and she let out a gasp. “Fuck, Dean! I think this piece of ‘UA meat’ is getting into this shit”, JD said. Sadly, and with much embarrassment, Jane was enjoying it more and more. Even though she was scared, their gentle touch and where they were touching, caused her neurons to explode.

Dean stood up. “You ever suck on a dick before? Teacher, soccer coach, uncle, neighbor? Anyone”, Dean asked. “No. Nobody. I’m a virgin”, Jane responded. JD quickly stated, “Well, Little Jane, that whole virgin problem you have, is going to be a thing of the past, oh say, in about 5 minutes or so”. “Open your mouth baby, so Dean here can put his dong in there and your going suck, real gentle like. And watch your teeth. You’ll figure it out. Just watch the fucking teeth”. Dean then pushed Jane to her knees and inserted his semi hard cock into her mouth.

Jane found Dean’s cock to be disgusting in taste and smell. She again kept all her faculties together, figuring that it was because of him only taking sponge baths and little soap. Plus, she knew if she did everything they asked, they wouldn’t beat on her. She sucked and sucked, and hearing no complaints, she figured she must have tucked her teeth up enough. Dean’s cock was now rock and she took the lead, by playing with his balls. Her head worked back and forth, quickly and she even attempted to take the whole thing in, but gagged when it started to enter her throat. “It’s okay baby. Just keep doing what you’re doing”.

As Jane sucked on Dean’s meat, JD was making her right tit sore from all the sucking. That, combined with him gnawing at her nipple, with his front teeth, it was causing a ton of discomfort. But then, he took everything a bit farther. His middle finger stopped circling her anus and began picking at it and eventually, dug it in deep. It hurt so much. It felt like a bony inch-worm, crawling up inside her ass. “Ow. Owie”, she exclaimed. She was told to shut up and take it. Her asshole was so sore.

Dean told Jane to stop sucking and just hold the tip inside her mouth, whereupon he began stroking his meat. Her hands, still cupping his balls, felt them shrink up and wobble. Dean held her tightly as his seed shot out and into her mouth. “Start swallowing bitch. Swallow everything that’s put into your mouth”, Dean told her. She didn’t mind the taste, but the gooey texture was repulsive, but she managed to swallow it all and even lick the glob that was hanging from the urethra hole. “Gooood, girl. Real good girl”, he said

JD roughly pushed her onto her back and buried his face between her legs. His tongue lashes at her pussy, his thumb worked her clit roughly. It would’ve felt good, she thought, if it wasn’t JD. He scared her. She closed her eyes as JD worked her pussy and found that her legs began quivering, as well as an internal warmth started to spread in her groin. Jane was now, really enjoying it. And her two rapists, noticed it as well. “Damn, I think this bitch is enjoying it now”, Dean said. “Time for a coin toss”.

JD stood up and Dean produced the coin. “JD, what side you want?”, Dean asked. JD responded, “Tails. Like my favorite sex”. Jane, even though she found some pleasure in being eaten out, didn’t want to have sex with them. “What are you guy’s doing? Why a coin toss?”. “To see who gets to pop that cherry you got, baby”, Dean uttered. “Best out of three”. Much to Jane’s chagrin, JD won the toss and didn’t hesitate with his winning prize. He quickly got back down, ate her some more and then lifter her legs up, placing her heels on his shoulders.

Jane was crying hysterically now and begging him not to. “Please, please, don’t. Don’t do this. I’m scared. I’ll let you put them in my mouth as much as you want, just don’t put it in my ‘cookie’, please don’t “. Dean and JD just laughed at her term of ‘cookie’. JD ignored her pleas and drooled saliva on his cock and her snatch. “Here we go baby, her we go”, he said. And then, before she could react, the head of his swollen cock penetrated her tight, virgin pussy and was followed by the entirety of his shaft. All the way to the balls.

Jane screamed at the top of her lungs and tears flowed, as her head whipped from side to side. JD held his cock deep inside her, grinding it in, but not pumping. Jane then gritted her teeth and was able to catch her breath. The pain was beyond belief and got even worse, as JD began pumping his meat in and out. Luckily, for her, he had worked himself up so much, he ejaculated quickly inside her vagina after only 5 minutes or so.

Then Dean’s turn came and even though he inserted his cock inside her gently, it still hurt. After several minutes, Dean got her onto her knees and re-inserted his cock. Jane found this position more comfortable for her body, but his huge cock still hurt inside. He pumped her hard and roughly, his huge balls swung underneath and smacked her swollen clit. That, in itself, was the only thing that felt good.

As Dean pumped away, JD commented, “So much for buttfucking this bitch. That balloon knot is waaay to tiny”. Dean agreed, so Jane’s butt would remain intact. Her pussy, not so much. Dean was relentless at his thrusts and was definitely not wanting to give up his seed to quickly. He pounded harder and harder, occasionally grinding it deep. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity to Jane, he let out a yell, grabbed her hips real tight and ejaculated deeply. “Now that, Jane, is a real possible baby-maker, honey. Those swimmers are heading towards any eggs you got in that sweet little snatch. And won’t have far to travel”.

Jane burst into tears. Not only from rough fucking she just endured, but now she was worried about getting pregnant. How could she tell her parents, family and friends. She was embarrassed about being raped, but how could she explain being pregnant. Everyone would think she’s a slut. Her thoughts disappeared quickly, as her clothes began hitting her. “Get up, get dressed, get out”, Dean said. “Hurry up, we’re done with you and it’s time for you, and us, to leave”.

Jane cried and shook, as she put her bra and shirt on. “Where are my panties?”, she asked, as she grabbed her shorts. JD responded “Those belong to me now. Gotta a bunch of them now. It’s a trophy thing. See, if I get to put my dick in a girl first, then I keep them. If Dean does them first, he keeps them. Wanna see my collection”. And with that, he pulled a bag out of backpack and poured out 23 pairs of panties, women and small girl sizes. “My trophy’s. Now your’s, they go on top”.

Jane put her shorts on and ran as fast she could, back to her house. She snuck through the hole in vacant house fence and crept into her backyard. Her mom wasn’t home, but Pauline and Macy we’re. “Where have you been? We’ve looked everywhere”. Then they saw the semi dried blood down her legs. “Please, help me into the house and shower. Those guy’s from earlier, nextdoor, grabbed me and, well, made me do bad things. You guy’s can’t say a word to anyone. Please. Promise?”.

Pauline and Macy promised, helped her into the shower and then prepared to run interference, if her mom came home before she got out. “Shit! Macy, Pauline, the ball and my hair tie. They’re nextdoor. Go get them”. Pauline and Macy left and headed over to retrieve the items. As they entered the side gate nextdoor, the gate crashed behind them. Both girls looked at each other and said, “it’ll only take a minute. Right?”.

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  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    My god brought back a school memory when me and my girl friend hooked school and were under a porch facing the woods, as the two of us pulled our school tights down fingering and sucking each others pussy, when a old homeless guy came in and quickly took advantage of the two of us by sticking his cock in each of our pussies and ran off, as we screamed ,we never did that again and we were afraid we were pregnant by him, me and my friend were 11 at the time, good story .

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    Being raped by two hardened big dicked criminals – a dream for any young slut!