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Part 2 Pete and Jenny

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The trio are continuing and at the end, come up with a plan to help Matt, get his wife out her sexual shell

Pete pulled Jenny away from Matt’s lap, positioning her sideways, so Matt could see what was going to happen next. Jenny was left kneeling at this point, because of the restraints being used on her: a leather belt, with wrist restraints. Pete then opened the velvet pouch and removed 4 stainless steel items, all looking like meat hooks, just various sizes of tips. One had a tiny ball, the next a bigger ball, another had a rounded spear shape to it, with varying levels.

And then there was the fourth one. A huge ball for it’s tip, 2 1/2″ in diameter. Pete chose the third and fourth hooks. Matt sat, his eyes bulged from their sockets, watching as Pete lubricated Jenny’s anus and the hooks. Jenny trembled, even though she enjoyed the anal hooks and how Pete used them. But, she also knew how uncomfortable the largest one was and that it had been quite awhile, since it was used on her. The uncomfortable feeling, the pain of how it was going to feel…. Made her tremble.

Pete guided her forward, her head tilted onto the floor and the only thing supporting her upper body. Much to her relief, Pete indicated that he would start with the smallest of the two hooks he chose, but before he began any insertion, he wanted to tenderize the meat. He stood up and began using a long handled riding crop on Jenny’s beautiful, full round, greek ass. Whack!, whack!, whack!. Matt couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He felt sorry for Jenny, as red marks began to appear and she cried out in pain.

Pete stopped with the crop and began using a feather. He gently stroked the feather up and down the back of her thighs, between her ass crack and swirled around her lower back, which wasn’t covered by her teddy. Matt’s cock was stiff as a pipe and with the exception of Pete’s earlier hand job, he had not be serviced yet. Matt so wanted to cum and he wanted it to go inside Jenny, regardless of the hole he might be able to inject it into. Then Pete put down the feather and resumed with the crop, this time on the back of Jenny’s thighs. She just knelt there. Leaning forward. Tears flowing. Crying loudly and whelping.

Pete’s smacks were hard. Relentless. Soon, her thighs had red welts that matched the ones on her ass cheeks. Pete suddenly stopped, gave Jenny some water and then picked up the hook. He slowly unsnapped her teddy’s crotch, put some more lube on her anus and pushed some inside her rectum. Soon, the ball of the hook was to be pressed, then pushed, deep inside her rectum. Pete began his assault on Jenny’s butthole. Matt sat quietly, taking in what was occuring, dreaming of being able to fuck Jenny and wishing it was his cock inside her, instead of that hook.

Matt also dreamt of getting his own wife, Melinda, to concede to this and everything else he had seen, felt and was soon to enjoy himself. Jenny continued to cry and whelp, her body shuddered as Pete inserted the hook farther inside her ass, jiggling it as he did. Once he had it maxed into the curve, he began pushing and pulling on it, with a clenched fist. Jenny raised her body upwards, her head tilted back. Pete grabbed the rope tied to her ponytail he had made and applied even more pressure. Jenny, Matt thought, was doomed.

Pete quickly ran the ends of the rope through the hole in the long end of the hook, running the ends upwards and tied them to the other end of the rope, creating a perfect fisherman’s knot. The hook, jammed neatly inside Jenny’s ass, was set. Her back was straight, but any movement forward from her head, or neck, would cause the hook to press farther inside her rectum.

Pete slowly rotated Jenny back into position, in front of Matt. “Suck, bitch! Suck our toys cock. Do it now!”. And with that, Jenny’s mouth was finally on Matt’s cock, eagerly, yet uncomfortably, sucking away. With each downward motion of Jenny’s head, the hook and ball, entered further inside her, causing her to grunt and groan. Matt, at this point, didn’t care one bit about Jenny’s predicament. Her big full lips, were finally wrapped around his cock. And it felt great.

Jenny sucked and sucked, but Matt held his orgasm. He was getting off more by watching how uncomfortable Jenny was, than wanting to unleash his semen inside her mouth and throat. Jenny was, in reality, very much in pain and discomfort. But, she was enjoying it at the same time. She thoroughly enjoyed BDSM, especially with Pete at the helm. Jenny continued sucking Matt’s cock, as if there was hidden treasure inside his ballsack. Finally, Matt released his pearly spray inside her mouth. It was so much cum, she had difficulty sucking, swallowing and retaining it in her mouth, so it wouldn’t spill out.

As much as she tried, she couldn’t keep up with the flow and swallowing ratio. Some, along with her saliva, flowed down Matt’s shaft, onto his balls and then onto the chair. “You sloppy, little, fucking whore! You spilt it”, Pete growled as he whacked her ass with the crop several times. “Now, clean it up!”. Poor Jenny, anal hook inside her and now she was having to lean even further over, licking up everything she let drool from her mouth.

Pete lifted Jenny to her feet, motioned for her to walk to the bed and ordered her to stand there. “Don’t move from that position, slut wife. He’ll let you know what he wants you to do”. And with that, Pete helped Matt to his feet, releasing him from the restraints he had worn. “She’s all yours! Take whatever, have her do whatever. You’ve earned it, my friend”. And with that, Pete sat down and watched as Matt began touching Jenny’s body, feeling her round, full ass and then groping her her hips.

Matt said nothing. He was in a euphoric state. He processed everything that had happened up until this point. Matt didn’t want to disappoint his host’s, so he cycled every kinky scenario he ever thought about doing. His 9″+ cock was fully erect and still draining a small amount of seed. He wanted that inside Jenny. He also began thinking about his wife, Melinda, and how he wanted to see Pete and Jenny work her over a bit.

Matt grabbed all the pillows from the bed and stacked them up in front of Jenny, who, still in her waist and wrist restraints, was going to need some support. Without hesitation, Matt pushed her forward, bending her body at the waist, her upper body now laid over the pillows. The new position caused the anal hook to press inward and apply pressure to the extreme, inside her rectum. Jenny let out a scream, followed by a loud “Oh, fuck. You son of a bitch!”. Matt wasn’t even phased. Over his shoulder, he heard Pete say “spank the tramp. Don’t let her talk to you that way! “.

Matt grabbed the short riding crop, pushed down hard onto Jenny’s upper back and began whacking not only her ass, but the back of her thighs. And hard. Harder than both Pete and Jenny thought he would. Regardless, they would have been painful anyway, due to the welts already made by Pete earlier. Jenny cried out, “Please, stop. I am so fucking sorry”. Matt threw down the crop, kicked apart Jenny’s legs and began exploring her snatch with his fingers.

He found her pussy to be so wet. And not just a water type of wet, but a slick type of wet. Then he remembered how he always wanted to try fist fucking Melinda. His ‘vanilla’ wife wouldn’t let him put more than two fingers inside her. Matt put one finger inside Jenny, then another and then another. “Gawd, Jenny’s snatch is so fucking tight”, he said to Pete, “my knuckles can roll across the anal hook. Fuck”.

Jenny felt it as well. As Matt jammed in a fourth finger, Jenny began to beg. “Matt, Matt, Matt.. please, don’t fist fuck me with the hook up my ass. Please, I am serious”. Matt apologized. “Oh, I’m sorry. Just started to, well, get into the mood”. “It’s okay”, Jenny said and allowed him to proceed to finger fuck her, with four digits he had inside her. Jenny was loving the pressure in her holes, but really wanted to feel Matt’s cock. His 9″+ thin shaft, with a golf ball sized head, really intrigued her.

“You just going to finger fuck me all night, or you going attempt to fuck me with that stick of yours?”. Matt yanked his fingers and shoved his cock inside her. No hesitation. No restraint whatsoever. Just positioned the head and shoved. Jenny, taken by surprise, lurch her back up and let out a scream. “Fuck, fuck, fuck”, she said. Matt began pounding away and with every thrust, he pack the anal hook deeper Jenny didn’t, or couldn’t, even protest. Everytime he thrusted, she couldn’t catch her breath long enough to say anything. His pumping was wild, fast and immediate. She could only moan. Loudly.

Pete sat, jacking off. He was enjoying the show way too much and wasn’t about to interrupt. Even though the pressure in her ass was uncomfortable, she knew it wasn’t causing damage and it was just the ball, being in so deep, was impacting her bowels and the contents. She knew for the next day or two, trying to poop was going to be difficult. But, she was enjoying Matt’s ‘golf ball’ sized head. Every thrust, she could feel it spread everything in front of it, out of the way and as it past, it would collapse and she’d feel his thin shaft glide behind. “Amazing. Just amazing”, Jenny thought.

As Matt fucked away, Pete came over and undid the knot securing the hook in place. “Matt, keep fucking this tramp, but slowly pull the hook out”, Pete said. As Matt did this, he felt his head pass back and forth, across the hooks ball, only separated by the wall of the vagina and anal canal. It felt awesome. Not only for him, but Jenny. “Hold it right there, baby. Don’t move it any further out”, Jenny softly spoke.

Pete stuffed his thick cock into Jenny’s mouth and as the threesome fucked and sucked, the intensity of the situation grew. Jenny was the first. Her orgasm was intense as wave after wave, of cream flowed out of her pussy. Matt’s pounding sounded wetter and wetter. The ‘slopping’ sound, along with Jenny’s loud, cock muffled moans and trembling body, gave away she was having in intense orgasm.

Matt was next. He removed the hook all the way and was now able to use both hands, to grab Jenny’s waist, thrusting and jamming his long cock deep inside her. He looked down, saw her butthole puckering and knew what he wanted. Quickly, he removed his rigid member from her snatch and entered her ass. Pete watched as Matt methodically inserted that huge head of his inside, popping the balloon knot wide open and then watching it tightly shrink around his narrow shaft. Jenny, again, let out an “Oh, fucking gawd!”, and continued to yell that for the next several minutes, non-stop.

Matt buried his cock all the way up her ass and didn’t even pump. He just jerked his hips rapidly, until, finally, he ejaculated his cum 9″+ inside her rectum. Matt collapsed on top of Jenny and didn’t moved. Jenny, unable to even barely move, wound up taking Pete’s cum on her face and mouth. Pete jacked off like never before, as he watched his wife get buttfucked by his co-worker. He and Jenny had a lot of threesomes, always with other women. Jenny was that way. She liked her pussy. This was Pete’s idea, to have another man fuck her. Pete’s load was left all over her face and dripped onto the pillows.

Matt pulled his limp cock out and ran to the bathroom, as if embarrassed. Pete followed, got a couple of warm wet wash clothes and went back to Jenny. Rough in bed, brutal during a BDSM session, he was gentle and loving afterwards. Always treated Jenny like a queen. He would clean her of any juices, along with massaging her shoulders and back afterwards. And, when necessary, placed ice packs on any welts.

Matt came back to the room and got dressed, without saying a word. “You ok, Matt”, Pete asked. “Ya, just a little embarrassed, I suppose”. “Why?”, Jenny retorted. “Never done this before. Only fantasized about it. I mean, Jenny is awesome. Sexy, very tight holes. But, I wish I could get Melinda out of her shell. I love my wife, she’s just boring in the sack”. Jenny then asked the question, Matt feared the most: “So, have you, in your fantasies, ever dreamed of having another man’s cock in your mouth. And, let him finish?”.

Matt turned bright red with embarrassment. “Yes, and it played out exactly as I had hoped. I’m not gay, or Bi, so having been restrained and Pete’s cock forced in my mouth, well, I can live with that”. The three laughed, with Pete saying, “I promise, my friend, I’ll never do that again. Jenny wanted to see how far we could press you”. Matt’s response, “Well, if it happens, it happens”.

The trio then discussed plans to get Matt’s wife, Melinda, out of her shell. Jenny said, “We all need to go out a few times, some place neutral like a bar and grill. Then, you, Matt, have US over to you guy’s place a couple times. Then we’ll have you guy’s here, a few times. It’ll make her comfortable”. Matt and Pete we’re in on that plan.” Sounds great, definitely will take some time”, Matt interjected. Pete was like, “Then Jenny can, here n’ there, bring up casual women sex talk. Plant some seeds, if you will. Eventually, she can ‘Accidently’ show her the room and toys. It’s worked before”.

Matt left, thinking about their plan that was to unfold. And couldn’t wait to get it going.

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    Great story . I hope Matt brings Melinda along to a few meets between you , and then the cremè de la cremè . She comes out of her shell and gets the same treatment as Melinda