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my drugged cousin(this is a fictional story)

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this is how my cousin become my rape victim(this is a fictional story)

As each of my family members fell into the grip of sleep, I went into my sister’s room where Denise shared the bed with Katie. She was beautiful as she slept. He silky blonde hair and the spray of freckles that embellished the bridge of her nose, gave her the appearance of a little angel.

I carried her off in my arms and took her to the backyard where my parents kept our Southwind RV parked.
It hadn’t been used in months. I thought, since my own bed was already filled, I would use the RV for MY recreation.

I pulled the covers back and undressed my unconscious ten year-old cousin until she lie perfectly still and naked. She was everything that I had hoped for. The softness of her body was intoxicating as I stroked all of her delicate features. My fingers traced the smooth curves of her tender vagina, parting them gently- letting my soft digits tenderly work her clitoris. My cock swelled painfully within my pants as I knew I could no longer contain the intensity of my erection.

I removed every article of clothing until I stood over her just as naked as she was.

I parted her lovely legs and buried my face in her groin, letting my tongue taste the softness of her pussy-feeling her lips as I slid the length of it into her. My lips massaged and worked the opening of her sex without interruption as I slid my finger into her ass- gently sodomizing her as I lapped at her cunt.
Denise began to moan as I mounted her, pressing my engorged cock against her pussy, applying pressure until the head of my penis plunged in. She opened her eyes and looked at me.

“Shhh,” I whispered. “Fucking is what dreams are made of.”

“No,” she said in a weak voice.

“Yes,” I said. “By morning, you’ll be pregnant.”

I thrust my cock into her deep and hard until I could feel the thin barrier I had come to know as the girls
Hymen. I jabbed into it. Denise cried out as I pushed my flesh deeper, then fell silent; claimed once more by the drugs.

I began to thrust in and out, panting, gasping-laboring for breath as my cock drilled into her tight crack. I moaned and exhaled sexual endearments as I began to ram into her faster and harder, showing no mercy. Beads of sweat which had begun to form on the crown of my head were now showering my little cousin, with each violent thrust. The power of my lust and the wicked pleasure that I derived from entering a young virgin sent shock waves through me like the surging tides of the sea, sending shivers of delight-coursing through my cock.

The RV rocked from side to side as I unleashed the full strength of my need, letting my cock pound and hammer into the center of her body. My lungs pleaded for dear breath as I felt the onset of my climax, billowing like towering clouds, except rain would not flow, but the warmth of my seed.

My balls released its cargo, flooding Denise’s pussy full of sperm. I hammered until the globs of cum subsided to streamlets, diminishing to a final squirt.


I took the young girl into my arms and held her while I rested. I was incredibly happy to be alive. I had what
I wanted the most. I gave thanks, to whomever was responsible for my joy, by kissing Denise. My lips bonded and melted to hers. Every kiss was pleasing. Her lips were as soft as rose pedals and nothing could befuddle the moment. The hunger my heart felt for this young girl’s mouth outweighed the tremendous fire that burned between my legs.

After all I had been through, all the cocks I had sucked, the pussies I licked and fucked-there was no way for me to return to the realm of innocence. I had been baptized into a domain of pleasure where my manhood had free reign to conquer any boy or girl I chose to rape. They were all mine.
I continued to rest and kiss Denise until my arms once again regained their strength.

I sat over Denise’s chest letting the tip of my dick press gently against her lips. Denise opened her eyes again watching me as I slid my cock into her mouth. She tried to protest the invasion of her mouth, but the size of my penis and the magnitude of the drugs that flowed through her veins made her my victim for the night. I was not concerned that she awoke to see me molesting her. The drug, Versed would eliminate any memory and I would again have scored another notch on the post of my young thirteen year-old life. As long as the drugs held out and the victims were plentiful, I would continue with my nocturnal activities.

I slid my cock in and out of Denise’s warm mouth, thrusting gently at first until my lust took control and soon found I was no longer thrusting gently, but stabbing my cock into her soft throat. I pounded as fast and as deep as I could until the rich, warm milky seed drenched her stomach. This time, the power of my orgasm was more than I could bare. I continued humping her face in rhythmic motions granting more of my juice to fill the center of her belly. The more I pushed into her, the more sperm flowed-the more of me she would carry. I had experienced the longest cum of my life, which lasted almost five minutes.


By morning, I had left Denise’s belly filled with sperm, her pussy violated and flooded as well. I had enjoyed every moment of my night adventure and I looked forward to the coming evening. I would contemplate fucking my aunt Ruth later, but my heart longed for the body of my cousin Scotty. The day would be long.
In the meantime, I would get a little rest, then head to David’s house and let him fuck me, let him have his way with me while I made the decision whether to fuck my aunt or her son. I hated to decided, but I guess whatever fate chose for me, I would be content with just getting laid.

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